The best offshore software development services are usually located in developing regions since they offer qualified IT staff at far lower costs compared to the rest. These regions include Vietnam, India, the Philippines, and Eastern Europe.

While India accounted for an estimated $200 billion, establishing itself as a huge player in the ODC market, Vietnam is a rising star in providing offshore development services, thanks to high potential in the workforce and attractive policies. The IT outsourcing industry alone is projected to grow 13.47% by the year 2027 with growing numbers of IT engineers in Vietnam. Ukraine has made a name for itself as a convenient ODC provider, as this country is located quite near their clients, mostly from European countries, and the US.   

Each region has its pros and cons when it comes to your decision for the best offshore software development companies. This article will give you the right nudge to help you choose a suitable ODC. Alright, let’s dive in!

1. What is Offshore Software Development?

best offshore software development company

best offshore software development company

Before diving into Best Offshore Software Development Companies, it is important to know what offshore software development really is. Basically, offshore software development means hiring an offshore team from a company in a different country to create software for you. This way, your company can enjoy support from a dedicated development team while paying lower labor costs. 

You may wonder how paying less still maintains good quality and project completion. This is because hiring international talent pools gives you access to a diverse range of workers with flexible skill sets. When clients pay in their own currency, usually dollars or euros, these IT staff from developing countries enjoy a higher salary than that when working for their countries. 

Offshoring companies support any type of business, from the ones within software industries to others that need to outsource their software so that they can focus on core functions. Offshore services encompass various aspects of IT and software development. The four most popular services are usually custom software development, mobile app development, web app development, and SaaS Application development. 

2. Best offshore software development companies in the world

Vietnam, India, the Philippines, and Eastern Europe are the top destinations for the best offshore software development centers. Alright, let’s dive into the top ODCs in the world.

2. 1 Best offshore software development companies in Vietnam

Vietnam offers the best offshore software development services to the software industry. Why? Here’s a few statistics.

Based on Statista Market Insights in March 2023, revenue in the software market in Vietnam is projected to reach US$527.20m in 2023. Revenue is expected to show an annual growth rate of 10.79%, resulting in a market volume of US$880.00m by 2028. 

Statista Market Insights

Statista Market Insights

In addition, a 2022 report by Accelerance says software development rates are around 30-60% lower than in developed regions like Australia, the US, and Western Europe. This cost advantage enables you to enjoy lower costs.

Accelerance Analysis 2021

Accelerance Analysis 2021

 Also, according to Salary Expert, the average hourly rates of developers in metropolitan areas like Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam usually are around $12 while Indian developers in New Delhi earn around $13. This is not much, but definitely worth considering if you intend to hire a full team of dedicated developers. Alright, these numbers are pretty enough to impress you, right? Now let’s go into details!

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InApps Technology – Best Offshore Software Development Companies

One of the best offshore software development companies is InApps Technology. Founded in 2016, InApps Technology is younger than the above-mentioned companies; however, with 7 years of experience, this firm has made a name for itself as a rising software development company in Vietnam. It is currently ranking 1st in Vietnam and 5th in Southeast Asia for Application Development on Clutch by getting great ratings and reviews from our clients. 

Besides Mobile, Web, and Custom App Development, InApps Technology also offers world-beating services in

  • Offshore Software Development Center
  • IT Staff Augmentation
  • MVP App Development
  • DevOps Solutions

Here are a few impressive numbers:

  • 200+ successful projects
  • 60+ global clients
  • 70% customer retention
  • 98% Customer satisfaction

FPT Software

 FPT Software is a pioneering offshore software development company with 35 years since its establishment, 42.408 employees, and has provided software services to 29 countries around the world. 

This offshore software development firm has established itself as a prominent player in the software development industry, providing a wide range of services, including software development, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and digital transformation solutions. It has now catered to clients from various industries, including finance, healthcare, and e-commerce.

Orient Software

Orient Software stands in second place as the top offshore software development firm in Vietnam. Founded in 2005, Orient Software offers first-class software solutions for hundreds of global customers. Currently, this firm has 350+ staff and 8 branches around the world with more than 200 successful projects and 100 clients worldwide. 

Orient Software specializes in custom software development, mobile app development, web app development, dedicated development teams, offshore development centers, UI/UX Design, and software testing, serving a diverse clientele across the globe.

Saigon Technology

Last but not least, the fourth place belongs to the Global Agile offshore software development firm Saigon Technology. Ranked among the 15 best Agile offshore development companies in Vietnam by The Vietnam Software Association in 2019 and 2020, Saigon Technology is capable of delivering top offshore Agile software development to clients in a wide range of areas. 

About the company’s history, it was founded in 2012 with only 3 software engineers. Now, this offshore software development firm has grown to 400 staff worldwide with offices in Vietnam, the USA, Singapore, and Switzerland. 

To summarize, to choose the best offshore software development companies in Vietnam, it really depends on your budget as well as project requirements. FPT Software and Orient Software are top software development companies with several years of experience, while Saigon Technology is best for agile software outsourcing. InApps Technology, on the other hand, is a young but super promising player who established a decent amount of trust, quality, and prestige with clients all over the globe. 

2.2 Best offshore software development companies in India


ValueCoders, is a prominent offshore software development firm in India. It stands out for its ability to fuse domain expertise with cutting-edge technologies, delivering innovative solutions on a global scale. The company promotes health, wellness, and a collaborative learning approach, making sure that their people have a healthy work-life balance. 

With 18+ years of experience, this offshore software development firm boasts 4,200 projects launched, more than 2.500 customers, and up to 97% old clients coming back. They deliver top-notch technology solutions for top businesses in every industry, from startups and SMBs to Fortune 500 companies. 

eLuminous Technologies

Founded in 2002, eLuminous Technologies has successfully provided Highly Skilled Talent to develop Digital Transformation Solutions For Digital Agencies and enterprises around the world. The firm has been awarded the best UI and Top 100 IT-rated company. eLuminous Technologies currently has more than 100 certified developers and 75% repeat clients. 

Their services can range from web and mobile app development to hiring a dedicated development team, front-end development, web portal development, and offshore software development. 

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Unified Infotech

Unified Infotech, with over 12 years of experience, is a seasoned player in the world of offshore development companies. They’ve delivered more than 100 solutions worldwide and with a team of 150+ global digital experts. From crafting eye-catching website designs to developing versatile mobile apps and SaaS platforms, Unified Infotech’s solutions are like turbochargers for their clients’ businesses. Their impressive track record, with over $50 million in business delivered, showcases their commitment to making digital dreams a reality.

Trigent Software

Trigent Software is an early pioneer in IT outsourcing and offshore software development company – an early pioneer in IT outsourcing and offshore software development. It provides complete consulting, design, development, and management services for various tech areas like cloud, mobile, data, and AI. They have made over 400 products, quickly deploying them in big and small companies. Their motto is to treat every project with equal care and attention, ensuring they all succeed, no matter the size.

2.3 Top Best Offshore Software Development Companies in the Philippines


Based in Cebu City, Philippines, Lanex Corporation has a track record of delivering top-notch custom website and web app development solutions. Their client base spans from startups to Fortune 500 giants, catering to local Milwaukee organizations as well as national and international companies. Their services are website design, application development, ongoing website support, effective SEO, and specialized industry solutions.


Lanex is a skilled and well-coordinated agile team from the Philippines with years of experience. Their team includes full-stack developers, front-end developers, quality engineers, product owners, UI/UX designers, and AWS-certified system administrators. They have been collaborating for almost twenty years and have a track record of smoothly working across different locations. Currently, they have two offices in Denver, USA, and Cebu, Philippines.

EACOMM Corporation

Established in 2001, EACOMM team consists of over 50 skilled professionals. These include system architects, software engineers, QA experts, and multimedia developers in the Philippines, all well-equipped to tackle projects of all sizes and complexities.

The firm has served a diverse clientele that includes Fortune 500 companies, government agencies from around the globe, leading educational institutions, and international non-profit organizations.


Located in Mandaue City, Philippines, Hireplicity provides workforce solutions that are scalable and impactful to forward-thinking start-ups and small to medium-tech businesses. 

Their services encompass Software Development, Dedicated Development Teams, and Software QA and support.

2.4 Eastern Europe’s Best Offshore Software Development Companies


N-iX is a global offshore software development company that helps leading organizations worldwide. With over 2,000 experts in 25 countries, they offer solutions in cloud, data analytics, IoT, AI, and more. With 20+ years of experience, we’ve worked with Fortune 500 companies across various sectors, driving business growth and efficiency through modern technology.


Since 1998, Itransition has been a reliable technology partner for over 800 clients, including SMBs, enterprises, and startups. Leveraging specialized knowledge and skills in different domains, Itransition’s team of 3,000+ professionals in the US and Europe can deliver tangible business value through technology.

Software Mind

Software Mind’s journey began humbly in 1999 when two determined developers, still in their university years, founded WebSoft. Today, it has evolved into a global software development company with teams spread across Europe and the Americas. Their impressive roster includes 1,200 talented experts who have dedicated over 20 years to fostering innovation and delivering success. With a remarkable track record of over 1,000 completed projects, Software Mind continues to make its mark in the world of technology.

Sigma Software Group

Started in 2002, Sigma Software Group is a Ukrainian offshore development company. It has become a trusted IT partner, empowering enterprises, startups, and ISVs across Poland, Ukraine, Hungary, Bulgaria, and many more. They offer a wide range of services. These include software development, integration, support and maintenance, managed services, and IT and digital transformation consulting. 

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3. How to set up an offshore development center in Vietnam

Setting up an offshore development center is not as hard as you may think. Here’s a standard checklist for setting up offshore development services in Vietnam.


Choosing the right location is crucial to meet all your requirements and expectations. Ho Chi Minh City emerges as one of the best destinations to set up your Vietnam offshore software development center. Being the largest city in Vietnam, it boasts a vast pool of IT talent, seamless transportation and logistics, cost-effective living, abundant resources, and well-established infrastructure.


Establishing an offshore development center shows that you’re committed to long-term investment. Carefully consider all potential costs and select the most suitable solutions. You can rely on a trusted outsourcing partner for a reasonable price without any hidden charges.

Outsourcing Partner

The right IT outsourcing company will assist you with scouting talented developers, setting up the office to manage the team and security risks, doing all the legwork and legal paperwork, etc. So choose the right one!

Offshore Team

The offshore development team should have relevant experience & skill sets, motivation, dedication, as well as commitment in the long run. Also, make sure that your offshore development team can manage themselves and track their progress. A perfect offshore team is a combination of senior developers and potentially a project manager to get things done right and on time.


Your outsourcing partner must adhere to your company’s guidelines, regulations, and culture. Why? This allows you to effectively monitor their activities and ensure they are performing correctly. Also, control your budget, and understand your requirements as well as associated costs. Anticipate any unforeseen expenses that may arise, and adjust accordingly.

Set KPIs for quality assurance

First, define your goals, and let your ODC know about your KPIs. Then, set up a meeting to discuss how they can meet your goals, budget, expectations, and quality assurance KPI. Train them about your products and services, and let them present if they can realize your ideas.


The language barrier is no joke. Make sure your offshore team has decent language skills for a better understanding of your intentions and plan execution. In most schools and universities in Vietnam, English has become the second language. Additionally, languages such as Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and French are also widely spoken. Another major challenge when hiring offshore development teams is time zone differences. It is important to select a team that is flexible and accommodating towards these differences. This allows us to have sufficient time for daily meetings, scrum sessions, and Q&A sessions.

Technical Support

Make sure that the Vietnam ODC services you select take full responsibility for technical support before, during, and after the project.

Testing & Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance ensures the quality of the application, making the resulting product comply with the original requirements. A successful product is fast and easy. So to make this happen, QA provides valuable insights into end-user impressions of the product, so you can make data-driven decisions.

Security Prevent data leakage.

In this digital age, data security is of utmost importance. Pick a trusted offshore development company that keeps your company’s information safe and confidential. If there’s data loss, do they have any recovery methods and solutions?

Alright, here comes the most important part: choosing the best best offshore software development companies for you.

It is vital to consider several key factors before making a decision. First, look for a company with the expertise and technologies you need. If you need NFT technology, find an offshore software development firm that has experience in this field. Besides, make sure you assess their portfolios, and client reviews to have a better grasp of their work. 

Second, after you narrow down to 2-3 offshore development companies, reach out to them. Evaluate their flexibility, and adaptability to changes while communicating with them. Also, ask whether they have any guarantee policies to ensure quality and compliance. 

Last but not least, explore their pricing models to ensure they align with your budget. Check whether there are any hidden costs added and whether the pay will be flexible or fixed according to stages.

Ultimately, the best offshore development companies will be one that shares your vision, understands your goals, and has the expertise to realize your projects. Choose a company that offers a partnership built on trust, clear communication, and a commitment to your success. 

Check out InApps Technology. About InApps Technology, we’re currently ranking 1st in Vietnam and 5th in Southeast Asia for Application Development on Clutch by getting great ratings and reviews from our clients. We are the best offshore software development company. Let’s connect!

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