Offshore Development Center in Vietnam – Ways to test their capability

Hiring an Offshore Development Center in Vietnam might be difficult to foreign companies. To avoid wasting money, it needs to confirm that offshore development center has a good understanding of how to write code that is modular, reusable, efficient and easy to understand and maintain. Firstly, there should be a technical test to define their skills and experience. However, an ability to follow directions and complete all aspects of the software developer lifecycle is also necessary. 1. Technical test source […]

Offshore Development – 4 Advantages of Vietnam’s Engineering Workforce

Keep going with the ideas in my last post  – 3 Reasons to hire Offshore Development Company in Vietnam. We here give you some more key factors, which reviewed by Accelerance – a foreign IT Agencies. They recently went to Vietnam to assessing future partners and the development landscape. Below are 4 advantages of  offshore developement in Vietnam that they noticed 1. Vietnam Young Population Vietnam has 91 million people and about 64% are young (from 18 – 32 years old).  This […]

3 Reasons to hire Offshore Development Company in Vietnam

Is it a good idea to choose Offshore Development Company in Vietnam? Have you ever ask yourself this question? If yes, please view below some reasonable advantages of Offshore Development Company in Vietnam and give us your feedback: 1. Lower cost First of all, the average salary of Offshore Development Company in Vietnam is relatively cheaper compared with the world and adjacent countries, including India, Thailand, and China. In china, worker’s salary is double to Vietnam and contract to US, Canada […]

How to choose the right offshore service in Vietnam?

How to make the right decision of choosing a Vietnam Offshore Service Provider? Nowadays, in the software industry including offshore service and outsourcing service, there are hundreds of Offshore Service in Vietnam, which are familiar to software development and always be ready to develop any project for your business. The chosen is wide. Just pick one but who? Who can make you a happy client? Who can be a part of your business and can go along with you for a long time […]