Chatbots vs Mobile Apps

As technology comes to new advancements in AI (Artificial Intelligence), Chatbots are subsequently on the rise further than they have been in previous years. The Chatbots gradually become smarter by collecting more information about their target audiences and figuring out exactly what people want or need to hear. In the progress of human life, we are getting closer to the science fiction future of ordering the computer what we want through voice sound. For some people, Apps have already phased […]

What business risks can fail your software development outsourcing project?

Software development outsourcing is a strategy known to all IT departments and embraced by many companies to accomplish their business goals. Regardless of industry size, lots of companies struggle to outsource software development successfully. The root issues were neither systemic to the process of choosing the right outsourcing firm nor caused by the outsourcing partner, but rather due to internal factors of the company which ultimately prevented success. Defining and mitigating business risks will help company proactively remove barriers to […]

How to choose the right Outsourcing Software Company in Vietnam?

Vietnam, a new Asian high tech hub, is developing and defining credible potential in software outsourcing market. As the second largest partner in Japan’s software outsourcing market just after China, Vietnam is winning over global investment and partnership due to quality resources, competitive cost and low attrition.   Ho Chi Minh city is in Top Outsourcing Cities in 6 consecutive years since 2009 according to TSGI (Tholons Services Globalization Index) which is a large talent pool for software industry. Many […]

Why hire a Software Outsourcing Company from Vietnam?

The cost and expenses are one of the biggest factors running a business. Every business owner wants to keep their operating cost to the minimal level as much as possible. This is why ‘outsourcing’ has become a renowned culture in the past couple of decades. When you want to get your business work done at a reduced price and have someone who can do that (irrespective of their location), you outsource the project and task to them. The most beneficial […]