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At DockerCon, Chris Dawson presented the research we did about the popular open source project, Docker. In this first part of our two-hour podcast, Chris presented what he discovered from the data, what it reflects and how the lightweight container technology is being used by the community.

Hosts: We were joined by Michael Cote, an analyst at 451 Research, Donnie Berkholz of RedMonk  and Chris, a regular contributor to InApps.

Guests: Paul Showalter of New Relic and James Turnbull of Docker, the author of The Docker Book.

#5: Docker Contributor Analysis

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Chris had a few questions he wanted answered:

  • Who is using Docker?
  • What is the correlation to other projects contributors are working on in other public communities.
  • What organizations are using Docker?
  • What languages are developers using with their Docker projects?
  • What are the popular bases images Docker users are making?

The research drew on the data Chris pulled from GitHub and other sources.

Our analysis will follow in a later post. But this show does get into the results and includes commentary by our hosts and guests.

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