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The ultimate guide to evaluating and selecting
the best vendor

Selecting a vendor is a long and exhausting process, but since the alliance between the chosen vendor and the company has an immense effect on a company’s success, it is well worth the effort.

To begin, you need to understand clearly:

  • What is a software project proposal?
  • Why do companies need a proposal?
  • What should a proposal include?

The Ebook will look at key criteria you should follow to evaluate the vendor’s proposal and choose the right “best deal”.

    Fintech App Trends 2022


    By reading this Ebook, you will have an overview of the Global Mobile App Market and a prediction of the future change in the Mobile App Market in the next five years.

    Besides, this Ebook provides a Forecast of Revenue and Downloads on AppStore and Google Play to evaluate the market size. In addition, the Ebook spotlights Fintech industry insights and Fintech trends statistics, including app installs, retention rate, user behavior, etc.

    Moreover, you will also find the best proof of concept for your next Fintech app in this Ebook. Finally, you will take the key takeaways to improve your strategy and take your app to the next level.

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