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Smartphones become smarter than before. This is not just a word picture! Both Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) have made it possible. These futuristic technologies can be integrated into customized mobile apps to give more immersive and interactive experience. Today, many smartphones are using at least an app or two that with AI and ML features.

These days, competition is at its peak across all the industry sectors and entrepreneurs strive to meet the ever-changing demands of the customers.

In such a challenging scenario, both AI and ML can lend a helping hand to attract and retain more customers toward your business through apps. This is the reason why AI and ML are among the top trends that are going to decide the direction of mobile app development in 2019 and beyond.

Though mobile app development companies can give you a detailed information about the role of AI and ML in developing the next-gen apps, here we give a brief outline of their importance.

1. Personalized User Experience

What does it take to thrive in growing competition? Well, secure and personalized user experience is certainly an answer to this question. The machine learning technology is categorically designed to continue a learning process from the data related to the user’s behavior. After analyzing the data carefully through algorithms, your AI-based app can send personalized notifications and recommendations straight to the user’s devices.

AI integration helps you get answers to the questions like:

> Which region does your customer belong to?
> Which class or gender does attract to your business the most?
> What are the preferences, hobbies, and questions of your prospective customers?

AI and ML can make the most of big data. Apps like Taco Bell, Uber, and Optimize Fitness have smartly utilized ML to provide a personalized user experience.

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2. User Behavior Analysis

How about getting a real-time information about age, gender, location, search request, spent time, and frequency of app visit for your app users? AI can make it possible for you. It gives you information related to your app users’ preferences and shopping or searching patterns.

How this data can help your business?
You can classify users in different groups and find out the impact of your app in various age groups globally or locally. For example, you own a gym and a fitness app. Now, the ML algorithm shows that most of your app users are males in their thirties. So, you can focus more on this group while promoting your app and decide the future course of action to attract other male or female members of the same age group.

3. Marketing Benefit

A mobile app itself is a powerful marketing tool. You can utilize iPhone app development services to promote your business through a robust iPhone or iPad app. But, here we discuss the role of AI and ML in promoting your products and services.

Today, the battle is on between the brands for gaining popularity in the market. Personalization and individualization hold the key to success in such a challenging scenario.

With an AI-powered business app, you can readily send the most relevant and useful content to the user’s devices. As per the report by the Relevancy Group, almost 38 percent of professionals use ML for advertising. Both AI and ML also help you stay away from sending irrelevant and unnecessary push notifications.

What’s more, you can learn about how your products are doing in the social media using ML and think of the policy on the basis of this information. Coca-Coal is an epitome of it.

4. Search Enhancement

These days, people tend to use mobile devices for searching on the Internet. AI can offer the app users an advanced search function as it works on the basis of data regarding the user’s search preferences. For example, machine learning algorithms can get data about the user’s queries and show the most relevant search results.

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This cognitive technology also combines various forms of content like DIY videos, FAQs, and blogs into a more meaningful knowledge base. In a way, it promotes the self-service approach for having answers to the queries almost instantly.

Also, you can provide the app users a facility to search by their voice. In return, you can get the valuable customer data like search history and their actions.

5. More Engagement

AI chatbots have started gaining ground in the web world. A few corporate mobile apps also come with chatbots. Apart from this, the mobile app development company can integrate a few machine learning-based tools to enable you to offer excellent customer support. The online retail giant Amazon uses this technology to provide more engaging and interactive experience.

From request handling to follow up, everything is possible with the help of AI. You can provide entertainment with the chatty AI assistants through your app as well.

Features like a built-in translator and currency converter also help your app users get what they want. Airbnb app uses cloud-based translation API for facilitating users across the world.

Also, you can save good bucks by eliminating the requirements of hiring customer service executives on a 24/7 basis. If you are in the on-demand services business, the AI-based support can take your business to the next level.

6. Next Level Security

Whether you are in online retail business or any B2C business where you need to deal with transactions, you have to provide the utmost security to the customers. As they share valuable personal and financial information in your app, it is necessary to protect this information for enhancing their confidence.

Both AI and ML can play a vital role in ensuring safety through streamlining app authentication. AI enables you to facilitate the app users to access your app by using their biometric data. Just like Apple’s fingerprint and face recognition feature, you can make the app access more secure with face and fingerprint recognition using the AI technology. This futuristic technology also assists you to determine access rights for customers and stakeholders.

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Also, machine learning can detect any suspicious activities in your app. Traditional mobile apps can protect their users from any known threats. Whereas machine learning tools can protect users from any unidentified malware attacks also.

7. Competitive Edge

Is it necessary to mention that AI and ML can give your business a competitive edge? With the user-friendly features and excellent performance of your business mobile app, you can spread your business beyond boundaries. You can make your business more intelligent and manage the operations with insightful information thanks to AI.

It is obvious that your company will stay ahead of those who still sit on the fence for integrating AI and ML in their customized mobile apps.

In a nutshell, Artificial Intelligence (AI) together with ML can make your business app advanced and empower it for offering improved customer services. From a search mechanism to real-time assistance and interactive UX to higher security- an AI-integrated app can do it all. Just hire iPhone app programmers to get a user-friendly, AI-driven enterprise app for your business.

Do you want to leverage AI and ML in your next business app? Let’s discuss to figure out the best possible app solutions for your company. At Solution Analysts, our in-house team of app developers integrates the emerging technologies to offer the next-gen mobile app development solution. Just contact us at with your requirements and our executives will keep the ball rolling!

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