Companies looking for a software testing outsourcing company may find it difficult to select one that best meets their specific needs, provides the highest level of software quality assurance services, and can quickly provide them with the right experts.

However, the need to find one looms as the demand for software testing specialists grows, and many companies are experiencing a severe shortage of them.

With such fierce competition, many businesses in Europe and the United States feel compelled to outsource their software testing. But how do you find a reliable partner who understands your business requirements and has the necessary expertise to assist you in meeting them?

As a company that provides software testing services to over 50 clients in industries such as finance, enterprise software, education, high-tech, and others, InApps decided to create this guide to assist you in finding the right company for your software testing outsourcing.

Why do companies choose Outsourcing Software Testing?

One of the most cost-effective methods is to test the performance and output of a unique software through an external firm. Simultaneously, outsourcing software testing saves time and massive resources.

In today’s world, there is a growing demand for the incorporation of high-quality software. Furthermore, this forces businesses worldwide to conduct proper software testing.

Outsourcing software testing appears to be the ultimate strategy that most companies worldwide are employing to maximize profit. If the outsourcing process is carried out correctly, the results will benefit operations. Instead, it would give the company an advantage in decimating the competition.

Some businesses believe that outsourcing is all about cutting costs. However, the fundamental unit of outsourcing is that it adds new skills. On the other hand, you may have the opportunity to work with some of the most talented people globally, which will provide you with a fresh perspective.

5 Things to consider when choosing a Software Testing Outsourcing Company

Here are some key factors to consider before deciding on the best vendor to outsource software testing.

1. Have a Thorough Knowledge of the Portfolio

It is critical to comprehend the entirety of a company, including its goals, vision, perspective, and current clients. When an organization becomes a part of the outsourcing world, it must have compatibility across several industry verticals. To gain an understanding of a company’s capabilities, you must adhere to three essential factors:

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References: You must make the necessary effort to examine the service provider’s recommendations in store for you. Here, you must be astute and double-check a few things.

Industry expertise: Because each industry has its business processes, you must understand the professional backgrounds of testers unfamiliar with your vertical. Furthermore, this would halt the testing momentum and cause negative ripples.

On the other hand, some testers do not consider proficiency when testing. Instead, they bring top-tier endeavors that will assist your company in becoming more sustainable.

Strong technical skills: Capable software testers have excellent testing administration because they incorporate a specific engagement while curating software. It is critical to consider various levels of development so that they can remain aware of multiple subtleties. The most capable software testers have a diverse set of skills to test the software.


Software testing outsourcing projects

2. Engaging Models

When considering a software testing outsourcing company, several vital decisions must be made. An engagement model is one of the most important tasks to complete before engaging the services of a software tester. 

Do you require manual or automated testing? What should the size of your team be? What is the project’s duration? All of these questions will assist you in developing the criteria that will help you select the best vendor. What kind of services do you require? How many experts do you want to hire? Do you anticipate them working full-time? You will be able to find the best form of collaboration by answering these questions.

Here are a few examples of popular engagement models:

Dedicated QA expert

A test engineer is employed full-time (160 hrs per month). Full-time involvement and a long-term cooperation assignment (6+ months) will assist you in lowering your overall monthly cost.

Dedicated QA team

The team is wholly dedicated to a testing project and holds itself accountable for the testing process. The team is scalable, and its size can be adjusted to meet your current requirements. A dedicated QA team is more efficient for long-term projects because the costs can be predicted.

On-demand testing services

On-demand testers participate in the testing process in part and work on projects with other testers and testing teams. The collaboration model aids in the division of the project into smaller pieces. The on-demand testers model is more adaptable in terms of the time specialists spend on your project.


Availing hands software testing

3. Adaptability and security

When you use software testing projects outsourcing, you must find an outsourced team that will examine changes in plans. They would also keep track of the necessary changes, records of missing testing, and regression errors required for reproduction. You must look for a capable service provider who possesses an unfathomable skill set and best practices for facilitating working in an ever-changing environment.


Furthermore, the outsourcing service providers must be adaptable enough to meet your requirements’ underlying fundamentals and procedures. The testing system should also be flexible in addressing issues that require manual, automated, and testing endeavors to be adjusted. Automation and reduced testing time are two notable examples.

Outsourcing companies typically have many security strategies to keep sensitive data secure. Furthermore, data security is critical from a business standpoint.

4. Quality Improvement

As a client, your primary requirement is to achieve significant quality improvement through a software testing outsourcing company. When a contract matures, the working methods and process improve significantly. You must comprehend the enhancement of the final product. It is pointless to include mediocre testing when you can get the best software testing by outsourcing.

It is also critical to keep the outsourcing team together. When you choose to outsource, you must ensure that the outsourcing team is solely focused on improving the product’s quality through testing. If the outsourcing testing team collaborates with the development team, things could get out of hand.

5. Selecting the right people

A team of leaders, engineers, technical staff, and managers must be highly productive. Furthermore, the outsourcing team should be knowledgeable and experienced in management and software testing. It is your fundamental right and duty to know that the work is done correctly and efficiently. If you are new to outsourcing, you have the authority to conduct interviews at regular intervals.

When communicating with the offshore outsourcing software testing company, you must be completely transparent. Proper communication between the two parties will result in the betterment of both parties.

Where to find the best Software Testing Outsourcing company

Where are the best IT outsourcing destinations, with the most vibrant IT market, a large talent pool, and the high-quality services provided?

Asian countries have been known as outsourcing hotspots for more than two decades. Of course, India has the most tech talent, but other countries in the region, like Vietnam, also have many QA professionals.


Outsourcing software testing to Asia

The A.T. Kearney GSLI has also recognized countries in this region for their resource availability and financial attractiveness. The 2020 Tholons Global Innovation Index ranks India, the Philippines, and Vietnam highly. However, this region ranks relatively low in the World Bank’s Doing Business ranking and receives almost no recognition in the Topcoder and SkillValue rankings.

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Overall, this region offers lower labor costs if you’re looking for highly qualified experts and an excellent business climate.


Availing hands software testing

Advantages of Outsourcing Software Testing with InApps


Delegate time-consuming tasks to highly skilled QA engineers to free up your time and internal resources.

>> InApps Technology can perform high-quality software testing while you and your team concentrate on core business activities or other projects. You can multiply your business success by leveraging the effort of the offshore QA team.


When you outsource your product quality assurance process, you can multiply the effort of your software development team and cut testing time in half.

>> InApps Technology employs the most effective testing techniques and intelligent automation tools to make software testing more effective and efficient. It enables us to address all technical issues with the product and meet the client’s objectives.


When you choose offshore QA software testing, your company gains access to more global resources, a more extensive knowledge base, and new professional talent.

>> If product quality is your primary business goal, our QA engineers are ready to assist you in improving it and ensuring your product’s market success.


One of the most significant advantages of offshore QA outsourcing, as is well known, is lower costs. It enables you to increase ROI without sacrificing the quality of the software product.

>> InApps Technology provides cost-effective solutions for launching, supporting, managing, and testing digital products to offer our clients the highest quality and success.

Wrapping Up

Software testing has become a common occurrence in the majority of projects. In general, your main task is to make proper contact with significant software testing outsourcing companies before completing the task in a single turn. The primary concern with software testing outsourcing is achieving improved product quality at a significantly lower cost.

Furthermore, this would allow the company to focus on the requirements of its traditional business models. There are numerous software development outsourcing companies on the market, and they specialize in providing services ranging from full software development to software testing. Before delegating the necessary work to the new hands, you must give it careful thought and consideration. 

InApps Technology is at the cutting edge of software development and testing solutions in Vietnam and worldwide. Clutch rated our company as the Top Software Development Company in Vietnam.

Learn more about our software testing services HERE or explore our website for more services. Don’t hesitate to fill in the contact form below if you need a consultation from our experts.

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