As an entrepreneur or project manager, you might find it challenging to choose software testing outsourcing companies to meet your specific needs. You need a partner that not only ensures the highest quality of software quality assurance services but also quickly provides you with the right experts.

As the demand for software testing specialists grows, many companies are experiencing a severe shortage of them. With such fierce competition, many businesses in Europe and the United States feel compelled to outsource their software testing. But how do you find a reliable partner who understands your business requirements and has the necessary expertise to assist you in meeting them? This blog will show you.

1. Why do companies choose Outsourcing Software Testing?


Outsourcing software testing is a cost-effective method for assessing the performance and quality of software. By leveraging outsourced software testing companies, businesses can significantly reduce expenses related to maintaining an in-house testing team, including training, salaries, and infrastructure costs, allowing for more efficient allocation of resources.

Time and Resource Saving

Hiring software testing outsourcing companies saves substantial time and resources. Companies can focus on their core development activities while software testing outsourcing companies handle the complexities of testing. This division of labor streamlines project timelines, as testing can occur in parallel with development, speeding up the go-to-market process.

Access to Expertise

Software testing outsourcing companies often possess a depth of testing knowledge and specialized expertise that may not be available in-house. This expertise can range from the latest testing tools and technologies to specialized knowledge in testing various types of software, including mobile and web applications. Working with these experts can improve the quality of software, reduce time to market, and help companies stay competitive.

Competitive Advantage

Properly outsourced quality assurance (QA) testing can provide companies with a significant competitive advantage. It ensures that products are of the highest quality and reliability, positioning the company as a leader in its market. High-quality products lead to customer satisfaction and loyalty, which are critical in outpacing competitors.

2. 5 Considerations For Choosing Software Testing Outsourcing Companies

Here are some key factors to consider before deciding on the best QA outsourcing companies.

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2.1. Assess Their Portfolios

Choosing the right software testing outsourcing companies involves understanding a company’s ambitions, vision, approach, and existing client base. It’s key to check these aspects:

References and Quality Assurance

Review the recommendations provided by software testing service providers is essential. Verify their claims to ensure they align with your quality and service expectations. This scrutiny helps in assessing the provider’s ability to meet your software testing requirements.

Industry-Specific Testing Experience

Your outsourced software testing companies need to possess expertise in your specific industry. Lack of familiarity can slow down the testing process and potentially disrupt project flow. However, some testers prioritize delivering high-quality results that enhance your project’s sustainability, despite not specializing in your industry. So do look for experience, but also keep an open mind!

Strong Technical Skills in Software Testing

Capable software testing outsourcing companies have excellent testing administration because they incorporate a specific engagement while curating software. It is critical to consider various levels of development so that they can remain aware of multiple subtleties. The most capable software testers have a diverse set of skills to test the software.

software testing outsourcing companies

2.2. Engaging Models

Deciding to outsource QA testing involves making crucial choices, including selecting the right engagement model before hiring a software testing company. Consider whether you need manual or automated testing, the ideal team size, and the project’s timeframe. Clarifying these requirements, along with the types of services needed, the number of experts required, and whether they’ll work full-time, will guide you in choosing the most suitable vendor for effective collaboration.

Here are 3 popular engagement models provided by software testing outsourcing companies.

Dedicated QA expert

A test engineer is employed full-time (160 hrs per month). Full-time involvement and a long-term cooperation assignment (6+ months) will assist you in lowering your overall monthly cost.

Dedicated QA team

The team is wholly dedicated to a testing project and holds itself accountable for the testing process. The team is scalable, and its size can be adjusted to meet your current requirements. A dedicated QA team is more efficient for long-term projects because the costs can be predicted.

On-demand testing services

On-demand testers participate in the testing process in part and work on projects with other testers and testing teams. The collaboration model aids in the division of the project into smaller pieces. The on-demand testers model is more adaptable in terms of the time specialists spend on your project.

software testing outsourcing companies

Engagement models of software testing outsourcing

2.3. Adaptability and security

Choosing to outsource software testing projects requires partnering with a team adept at adjusting to plan changes. This team should efficiently manage updates, track untested areas, and document errors for fixes. Look for a software testing outsourcing company with a comprehensive skill set and practices tailored for dynamic project landscapes.

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Moreover, your chosen software testing outsourcing companies must align with your specific testing needs, whether that involves manual, automated, or a mix of testing strategies. Flexibility in tackling diverse testing challenges and the ability to streamline processes for quicker results are crucial. Also, security is paramount; software testing outsourcing companies often employ robust strategies to protect sensitive information, a vital aspect from a business perspective.

2.4. Quality Improvement

When partnering with a software testing outsourcing company, the primary goal is to see a marked improvement in quality. As the relationship with the QA testing outsourcing partner matures, their methodologies and processes tend to evolve, leading to significant enhancements in the final product. Opting for anything less than top-tier software testing services is counterproductive when the potential for excellence exists through outsourcing.

Maintaining cohesion within the outsourced testing team is crucial. Ensuring that this team is dedicated to elevating the quality of the product through rigorous testing is essential. However, it’s important to manage the collaboration between the outsourcing testing team and the development team effectively to prevent potential complications.

2.5. Selecting the right people

A team of leaders, engineers, technical staff, and managers must be highly productive. This team should not only be skilled in software testing but also experienced in effective management practices. As a client, it’s both your right and responsibility to ensure the work is conducted correctly and efficiently. For those new to outsourcing, conducting regular interviews with the outsourcing team can help maintain quality control.

Clear and transparent communication with your offshore outsourcing software testing companies is essential. Open dialogue facilitates mutual improvement, benefiting both your team and the outsourcing partner by aligning goals and expectations.

3. 5 Best Software Testing Outsourcing Companies

3.1 InApps Technology 

Location: Headquartered in Vietnam, with a global presence.

Services: InApps Technology specializes in providing software testing outsourcing services, including functionality, performance, and security testing for mobile, web apps, and enterprise solutions.

Client Base: InApps Technology has collaborated with over 70 global clients, completing more than 200 projects.

Client Satisfaction: Boasts a remarkable 98% client satisfaction rate and a high retention rate of 70%.

Key Strengths: Known for adaptability, scalability, and a talent pool of over 500 top-tier experts, ensuring projects meet the highest standards.

Why Choose InApps Technology: Prioritizes transparent communication for smooth collaboration and on-time delivery. Offers cost-effectiveness with an average hourly rate for a quality assurance tester at $18, providing superior software testing services at a fraction of the cost.

3.2 QualityLogic – US-Based On-Shore Software Testing Company

Location: Headquartered in the United States, with a global reach.

Services: QualityLogic offers end-to-end QA services, including test automation, performance testing, security testing, and QA consulting.

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Industries Served: Serves industries such as telecommunications, energy, media & entertainment, and technology.

Why Choose QualityLogic: Renowned for its commitment to excellence, innovative testing solutions, and seamless integration into clients’ development processes. Maintains high client satisfaction levels and fosters long-term partnerships.

3.3 BetterQA  –  Passionate Software Testing Outsourcing Company

Location: Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Services: Specializes in providing manual and automated testing services, ensuring comprehensive testing coverage and accurate results.

Key Strengths: Focuses on leveraging the latest technologies and methodologies to deliver efficient and effective testing solutions.

Why Choose BetterQA: Prioritizes client satisfaction and strives to exceed expectations through dedication to quality and professionalism.

3.4 ILoveMyQA – Quality Assurance Testing for Bootstrapping

Location: Vancouver, Canada 

Services: Offers a diverse range of software testing services, including functional testing, usability testing, and compatibility testing.

Key Strengths: Customer-centric approach, personalized services, and attention to detail.

Why Choose ILoveMyQA: Aims to build long-term relationships with clients based on trust and reliability.

3.5 QA Mentor, Inc. – Independent Software Testing Company

Location: Headquartered in the United States, with a global presence.

Services: Offers a comprehensive range of QA services, including manual testing, automation testing, performance testing, and QA consulting.

Industries Served: Caters to industries such as fintech, healthcare, e-commerce, and technology.

Why Choose QA Mentor: Known for its client-focused approach, value-driven solutions, and expertise in leveraging disruptive technologies. Maintains high levels of client satisfaction and retention.

4. Why Outsourcing Software Testing with InApps

InApps - software testing outsourcing companies

As a company that provides software testing services to over 50 clients in industries such as finance, enterprise software, education, high-tech, and others, InApps takes pride in how our software testing service benefits you:


InApps Technology can perform high-quality software testing while you and your team concentrate on core business activities or other projects. You can multiply your business success by leveraging the effort of the offshore QA team.


InApps Technology employs the most effective testing techniques and intelligent automation tools to make software testing more effective and efficient. It enables us to address all technical issues with the product and meet the client’s objectives.


When you choose to hire software testing outsourcing companies, your business gains access to more global resources, a more extensive knowledge base, and new professional talent. If product quality is your primary business goal, our QA engineers are ready to assist you in improving it and ensuring your product’s market success.


InApps Technology provides cost-effective solutions for launching, supporting, managing, and testing digital products to offer our clients the highest quality and success.

Hire our software testing team or explore our website for more services.

5. Wrapping Up

Software testing has become a common occurrence in the majority of projects. In general, your main task is to make proper contact with significant software testing outsourcing companies before completing the task in a single turn. The primary concern with software testing outsourcing is achieving improved product quality at a significantly lower cost.

There are numerous software development outsourcing companies on the market, and they specialize in providing services ranging from full software development to software testing. Before delegating the necessary work to the new hands, you must give it careful thought and consideration. 

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