Hiring freelance developers to work on your growing startup is akin to fishing in a vast ocean; you never know if you’ll catch the right fish for dinner. The cost of skilled software programmers, engineers, and developers is rising due to the developer shortage and increasing demand for software developers in the United States.

Where can you find highly experienced yet affordable software developers in this sea of people and dozens of job ad sites? Here’s how.

How to find a good software developer

How to find a good software developer

1. 5 Steps to Hiring a Freelance Developer

Understanding what your job entails is critical before hiring a skilled developer. Many developers have varying skill sets—some are coders, while others are engineers. Finding a good developer will necessitate understanding the differences between developers to understand their skill sets better. Fortunately, independent professionals are available, so finding a qualified developer for your project shouldn’t be too difficult.

1.1 Determine which tasks require the assistance of a developer

The most crucial step is to determine which tasks necessitate the use of a developer. These tasks can range from simple design to more complex web code or security solutions. The following are some everyday tasks that necessitate the use of a developer.

  • Simple to complex web design.
  • Create and maintain WordPress websites.
  • Application development and upkeep
  • Create applications for analyzing large amounts of data.
  • Check security and system on the backend.
  • Put new technology in place and integrate it.
  • Database creation and upkeep

1.2 Determine the type of developer you require

The second critical step is determining the type of developer you require. Developers are unique individuals, and their skill sets reflect this. The following are some of the most common types of developers.

Firstly, you need determine the type of software developer who you want find

Firstly, you need determine the type of software developer who you want find

Front-End Freelance Developers

A front-end developer specializes in creating visual user interfaces, such as the aesthetics and layouts of a program or browser. This developer requires a high-level understanding of design principles more than computer science. They spend a significant amount of time fine-tuning the visual presentation of user interfaces and dealing with browser compatibility issues.

A front-end developer assists in determining how a website appears to the user and troubleshooting common issues such as the browser not loading correctly, incorrect font resolution, cache load, and incorrect stack ordering.

Backend Freelance Developers

A backend developer focuses on implementing functional core logic and the performance and scalability of software for end-users. This developer uses Python, C++, Scala, Ruby, Perl, and other programming languages to create web applications that integrate various services such as database creation, database storage, caching systems, information logging, and email systems.

Finally, a backend developer ensures that a website functions correctly. Fixing a site or browser if any aspect of it breaks or stops working is a common issue that a backend developer will resolve.

Full-Stack Freelance Developers

A full-stack developer is a cross between a backend developer and a front-end developer. This developer is skilled at working with databases, creating user-friendly websites, and collaborating with clients during any project planning phase. A full-stack developer is a developer who can complete tasks and solve problems on both the front-end and backend of a website or application.


Web Freelance Developers

A web developer is a software engineer who specializes in website development. This developer possesses varying levels of expertise in front-end and backend development. The primary responsibility of a web developer is to create and maintain websites. These developers typically have limited HTML and CSS knowledge and are not as specialized as a backend or front-end developers.

WordPress Freelance Developer

A WordPress developer is a type of web developer who only works with WordPress. WordPress is an online content management system, and WordPress developers design and build web applications using the site’s plugins and interface. These developers are not the same as traditional web developers who build a website using WordPress themes and scripts to generate content from the ground up.

Mobile Freelance Developers

A mobile developer creates code that runs on consumer mobile devices and tablets. This developer only works with mobile systems and is well-versed in framework software such as Java, Swift, and Objective-C. A mobile developer can help with launching and maintaining a mobile application.

Graphic Freelance Developers

A graphic developer creates software for rendering, lighting, shadowing, shading, and scene management. These developers are essential for integrating technologies in gaming and video production. A graphic developer must have advanced math and computer science skills and knowledge of framework systems.

Data Scientist Freelance Developers

A data scientist developer creates software programs that aid in analyzing data sets to assist organizations. These programs sift through analytics and statistics to provide future comparison and predictive modeling. A data scientist, in essence, uses data and statistics to visualize growth, assist with machine learning, or predict trends.

Freelance DevOps Engineer

A DevOps engineer is an IT professional in charge of code releases. DevOps is a software development strategy that connects developers and IT personnel. The goal is to release small features as soon as possible and incorporate feedback as soon as received. A DevOps engineer understands the system fundamentally and collaborates with other developers to build, integrate, and manage backend software and distributed systems.

CRM and MarTech Developers

A CRM developer works on systems that collect user and consumer data. These developers have the task of increasing customer satisfaction and sales through representatives, account managers, and sales representatives.

The goal of Customer Relations Management is to improve the customer experience through the use of data. CRM developers are an excellent resource for small businesses looking to adapt quickly and learn how to implement changes to serve their customers better.

Security Developers

A security developer creates systems to test the security of software systems to find exploits and fix security flaws. This developer generally acts as an ethical hacker, penetrating systems to identify vulnerabilities.

Security developers must be fluent in C and C++ code and use scripting languages such as Python and Ruby. Security developers are critical to any company that handles sensitive data because they protect the company and its customers from harm.

Quality Assurance (QA Engineer)

A QA engineer is an engineer or developer specializing in determining whether a product works. QA engineers must understand computer code such as C, C++, and other scripting languages. Websites and regulations are always bugged or have flaws when being developed. These flaws, if left unresolved, can lead to more severe problems in the future, so a QA engineer tests the website or software to identify the issues so that the developers can fix them.

1.3 Interview your Freelance developer

It is best to understand your immediate needs when looking for a developer. As an employer, you want to pay attention to a developer’s communication skills. An ideal developer should be transparent in their work and have the skillset for your current job and the flexibility to work on other projects.

software developer interview questions

Questions for a software developer interview

  • Skillset: It is critical to understand a developer’s skill set. You can better understand their abilities and limitations by asking questions about their field. And if their capabilities are limited, perhaps you can assist or train them. 
  • Communication: In any industry, clear communication is essential. Your company’s growth must ask questions that assess a professional’s communication ability.
  • Transparency: Inquiring about an independent professional’s transparency and communication skills is an excellent place to start. To create a healthy work environment, all employees must be transparent.
  • Ask for references: As previously stated, recommendations and references are the lifeblood of any industry. Speaking with an independent talent’s references allows you to understand that person from various angles better. A company may extol its abilities or point out problematic behavior. When interviewing candidates, references can help you determine if they fit you well.
  • Ask for previous jobs: Previous job experience is another excellent resource. Understanding an independent’s previous job experience allows you to make an educated decision about their abilities. Any talented individual can boast about their accomplishments and skills, but job titles and references provide hard evidence of their actual abilities and skills.

1.4 Choosing a freelance developer

It would help if you had a better idea of your potential hire after your interview. Before hiring this person, you should carefully consider how they fit into your company. To accomplish this, you must balance their skill set and expertise against your budget and the time constraints of the job.

  • Skillset: Is their expertise relevant to your job or company? There are numerous developers to choose from, and it is critical to understand your immediate requirements. While hiring an overqualified developer may appear appealing, hiring the skill set and expertise you require is best.
  • Interview: The interview should provide insight into the abilities of the independent professional. How did they fare in their interview? Do you see yourself working with this person in the future? These are the questions to which the discussion should provide a more detailed answer.
  • Budget: How well does this person fit into your financial situation? Before hiring anyone, find out if they will work within your budget in the future.
  • Time to complete: As previously stated, understanding limitations is critical. Many projects have strict time constraints, and additional assistance is required to finish a project on time. Your independent talent must assist you with this as soon as possible.

1.5 Welcome your developer.

Onboarding is a critical last step in the hiring process that should not be overlooked. A detailed and organized onboarding process will help you make an excellent first impression and get the new hire up and running quickly.

Poor onboarding is frequently the source of software developers’ isolation. Everyone benefits from a good orientation, regardless of how experienced or technically proficient your new employee is. Please make sure that they receive all of the assistance they require. Give them consistent and precise feedback, and keep the lines of communication open at all times.

  • Describe your workflows.
  • Ascertain that the new software developer is aware of their responsibilities.
  • Give them all of the necessary documentation.
  • Have someone review their code and provide detailed feedback as soon as possible.

2. Where can I hire freelance developers?

Places to help you find the best software developers

Places to help you find the best software developers

2.1 Look for a Local Software Developer

When you hire locals, you get a lot of benefits in terms of communication, culture, geography, and time.

When you hire a local engineer, there is little to no miscommunication. Because the applicant is local, they avoid the cultural stumbling blocks many offshore employees face. Communication is also instant because they don’t need to hold conference calls and the like, common in offshore teams.

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Hiring in-house provides the benefit of hands-on management. Because your developers work in the same building as you, you can keep an eye on them at all times. When necessary, you can easily convey messages, demands, and changes.

However, before you dive in, try to test the waters. Hiring a Local Software Developer is the best option if your area is brimming with skilled software engineering professionals. Examine the salary rates of local engineers and compare them to your current budget.

Is it worthwhile? Is your budget sufficient to cover the duration of their work? If not, there is no need to panic. You can hire freelancers or a development firm of your choice.

2.2 Job boards on the internet

If you can’t find top software developer talent locally, it’s time to broaden your horizons and look elsewhere.

Most businesses use the internet to recruit employees by hosting job postings and advertisements on websites. When most companies look for the best software developers and engineers to join their teams, they turn to such sites for leads.

Here are a few popular job posting websites that many businesses, employees, and freelancers use.

2.3 Hire freelance developers on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the internet’s most popular social media job posting site. It is the home of both company job listings and job seekers. 

Because there are so many prospective applicants to choose from, LinkedIn is the preferred go-to place for recruitment. You can evaluate each of them by viewing their profiles. There, you can view their work history and portfolio.

2.4 Hire freelance developers on Toptal

Toptal is the largest globally distributed network of world-class talent, according to the company. They screen the best candidates by accepting only the top 3% in each field.

Toptal’s talent pool consists primarily of developers, designers, finance experts, project managers, and product managers.

2.5 Hire freelance developers on Hired

Hired’s primary goal is to connect employers and employees. Users, like Toptal, submit profiles that include their skills and work experience. The system matches the applicant with a company that requires the same skill sets as the applicant. That is why it is critical to define your goal to find the exact software developer professional you need.

Hired takes pride in its recruitment transparency. When a company matches an applicant, the company can contact the prospect developer for an interview and a salary offer upfront.

2.6 Hire freelance developers on Github Jobs

Consider Github Jobs if you’re looking for a job posting platform that caters to the tech industry or developers. Github is a popular platform for developers worldwide, so Github Jobs is a safe bet for developers, particularly freelancers.

Create a detailed post on Github Jobs to attract low-cost software talent. You must pay a fee for your listing to appear on the website.

3. Should you hire freelance developers or developers from offshore company?

Perhaps you’ve heard a lot of good things about hiring freelance developers. Freelancers are adaptable, cost-effective, and talented. All of this is correct. Freelancers are experts in their fields and charge less than full-time employees. On the other hand, freelance software developers or engineers are not always the answer to your prayers.

A freelancer may be a good option if you only need one developer to work on your project. Communication will be relatively simple because you will only be contacting one person. 

Finding a developer team is not as simple as counting from one to ten. If things don’t go as planned, you may need to find different freelancers one at a time. But how will the team be productive if they aren’t working as a unit? Who will be in charge of the team?

Instead of concentrating on your business, you will be preoccupied with bringing your software engineers together. An affordable but globally skilled offshore software development firm is your best bet if this is the case.

When you work with an offshore development company, you are guaranteed skilled developers who are solely focused on achieving your goal. One company is well-known for assisting startups in gaining the necessary technical leverage. That is InApps.

4. Hire Freelance Developers with InApps

InApps is committed to assisting early-stage businesses in growing from the ground up by helping you hire freelance developers and leveraging technology. The company provides everything you need, including skilled developers of all specializations, creative graphic designers, compelling content writers, dedicated project managers, and successful entrepreneur leaders.

With our tried-and-true development process, you can lead your development team despite geographical distance. Your developers will listen to what you create and then carry it out. Tell us what you require and take the next step toward startup success by hiring the right freelance software developer!

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