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How to find a good offshore development team in Vietnam?


Why Vietnam for outsourcing software development?

In recent years, Vietnam has been emerging as an alternative software outsourcing destination other than already known countries such as China, Ukraine, Poland, the Philippines, and India thanks to its high-quality yet low-cost pool of IT talents, stable politics, and fast-growing economy. Outsourcing to Vietnam is a lot cheaper than developing software in the United States of America or other developing countries. While being compared to India or China, developing software in Vietnam costs just as equal or even cheaper but the quality outcomes are guaranteed with satisfaction.

How to find a good offshore development team in Vietnam?

A good offshore development team is a dedicated team with at least one senior developer a project leader with experience and profound knowledge to lead the project smoothly. Your Vietnamese development team is not only good with just professional skills but also their personalities and soft skills, especially English skills that enable them to communicate with you better.

Have a complete plan

It is always good to have a complete plan for your project that includes business problems, business goals, specific requirements, and deadlines so that you can find the team of developers that meets your objectives and requirements perfectly.

Set up location

Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Danang City are among the popular cities in Vietnam with good-quality developers, convenient logistics and infrastructure. Decide which one is suitable for you in terms of communication, costs, and transportation.

Evaluate your development team

If you hire a company, tell them to let you evaluate your own team of developers with their backgrounds, skill levels, and portfolio. For the company, look for strong capabilities and credibility: Do they have partner certifications relevant to the solutions you are looking to implement? Do they focus on product/solution quality and development?

Check for reviews and references

For both the company you hire and your development team, ask if they have references or reviews if possible. Ask your friends/co-workers/LinkedIn network for a recommendation.

Ensure reliability and honesty

Let them know your requirements and what you expect from them, if they’re honest they will consider and see if they are a good fit. Reliability is something that is very important to make sure they don’t mess up your projects and leave without any responsibilities. In this case, a reliable firm is better than a team of freelancers.

Expect long-term commitment

Make sure you find the best offshore development company/team available, offering to support even long -term projects.

Negotiate for the fixed bid (if possible)

A fixed bid occurs when you deliver the partner a detailed project spec and they commit to complete it for a fixed price. This setup can work with smaller and highly specified projects (e.g. developing a mobile app or MVP). However, it is not well suited to agile development processes since larger projects tend to be defined as they progress.

About InApps Technology

Located in Vietnam and Australia, InApps Technology provides offshore software development services to help clients increase their software development capacity and efficiently turn their ideas into working products. Dedicated Software Development Team of experienced engineers is at your service to design and develop high-quality technical solutions of any level of complexity.

Here are some reasons why clients choose us as their offshore software development company in Vietnam:

  • Competitive Hourly Cost
  • Clear delivery management and visibility to service metrics
  • Transparency and Predictability. 
  • Close Collaboration. 
  • Flexible Team Structure.
  • Latest Development Methodologies: Agile, Scrum, Extreme Programming (XP) and Test-Driven Development (TDD)

Learn more here: https://www.inapps.net/services/offshore-development-center/

InApps Technology
Offshore Development Center
A leading software development outsourcing company in Vietnam and a trusted technology partner of every customer.



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