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22.4 million and growing! This whopping number denotes the consumers who annually spend over $57.6 billion. Yes, we are talking about the ever-growing on-demand economy that attracts startups, investors, and enterprises alike. It is easy to implement creative ideas, form a startup, and provide on-demand services through a feature-rich mobile app. Perhaps, this is the reason why we see a sudden surge in the number for on-demand mobile apps in the app stores.

In such a scenario, it is necessary for the on-demand app owners to deal with growing competition. We are going to discuss measures to increase demand of on-demand applications. But before that, it is interesting to see how on demand app development services can help companies to face the most obvious challenges.

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Which challenges do startups and SMEs face and how on-demand app solutions can help?
Top three challenges for every startup include- fundraising, staff selection, and business monetization. Now, the on-demand app development company can assist startups to deal with fundraising and monetization aspects. If you have a brilliant and innovative idea, many VCs (Venture Capitalists) are ready to help startups with an innovative concept and appealing app. Similarly, monetization is easy with on-demand apps.

Uber, Ola, Zopper, Urban Clap, and Task Rabbit are such startups that have written their success stories on the basis of seamlessly-performing apps. On-demand application services are designed to meet the customer’s demands and enhance their convenience. However, as the on-demand economy is booming, it is necessary for entrepreneurs to make their apps ready to withstand the increasing competition.

Let’s go through nine ways to boost the demand of your on-demand apps.

An on-demand app with seamless performance is not sufficient to deal with ever-changing user requirements. You need to take assistance from on-demand application services to update the existing app regularly. It is always beneficial to pay regular attention to UI and UX design of your app in line with the business model. The interface of your app should be user-friendly and appealing to provide a rich experience to the app users.

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Many companies keep some amount reserved for periodic maintenance and modification of apps. The mobile application development company can help you retain the desired quality of your on-demand business app.

  • Ensure Value Chain Optimization

Features and functionality play a significant role in making your app a big hit. These aspects are capable to attract end-users and retain them for a long time by optimizing the value chain.

Features of your on-demand app largely depend on the market trends and the end user’s needs. They are integrated to enhance the customer’s convenience and improve accuracy. Let’s take an example of a cab-hailing app. Awaiting schedules and estimation of charges are additional features of a customized cab-hailing app. The awaiting schedule can enable the rider to find the driver’s arrival time, and the charge estimate feature shows the cost of the ride in advance.

Such features can improve the rider’s convenience significantly.

Flexibility in just everything is the secret sauce for the on-demand business. Be it a pricing strategy or order booking, promotional activity or delivery schedule- flexibility is necessary to cope with increasing competition. It can attract more and more people toward your business.

You can hire mobile app developers for bringing a high level of flexibility. Your on-demand mobile app should be capable of handling orders for on-demand services and offers flexibility to the end-users in scheduling, pricing, and other aspects.

  • Grow WAN (Wide Area Network) Delivery

The on-demand services are designed in a way that the customers can get the services or products right at their doorstep. The Wide Area Network delivery model can make it possible, and therefore, you need to focus on this model continuously along with the app’s performance. Your WAN delivery should be robust enough to deliver products or services at multiple locations to enable the users to get them wherever they want.

What’s more, your on-demand app should be shifted to the cloud servers for ensuring a seamless performance even when traffic is high. Traditionally, mobile apps do not operate through cloud servers, which result in performance hiccups.

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Caching enables you to store frequently used data. In other words, caching makes it easy to retrieve the frequently used data from the storage. It eliminates the need to generate the new data every time thereby reducing the load on the servers.

The app users can readily access the data even when they have not stored the same in their browser’s cache. Caching of data also enables your app to reduce the load time. The end-users usually prefer the apps that load speedily, and this is specifically necessary for the on-demand apps. Caching can bring the data nearer to the users and they can access the data as and when necessary.

The target audience can ensure the success for your on-demand app. This is the reason why an on-demand mobile app development company emphasis on the demands of the target audience. You can initiate and maintain interaction with the target audience to stay competitive amid growing competition. It can enhance the brand reputation that plays a vital role in having a loyal customer base.

When it comes to on-demand application services, a regular interaction can enhance the customer’s experience that ultimately results in higher popularity of the on-demand app and services.

Small ones are better than a biggie! This holds true in the case of servers you use for the on-demand app. Numerous small servers can improve the performance greatly as compared to a single big server. The reason is simple- in the big server, the data takes more time to process than that in small servers. As a result, the response time increases and the app’s load time also increases.

Small servers, along with a load balancer, can reduce the response time to a great extent while ensuring easy flow of data. The data can rapidly distribute to the right server and the users can see the data in a short time.

You need to monitor your app continuously for performance to maintain its user-friendliness. It can also help you to identify the features necessary to target a specific audience. The on-demand economy is evolving and changing rapidly. Therefore, monitoring of app from the viewpoint of performance and user engagement is necessary to meet the ever-changing demands of the end- users.

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On-demand app solutions also need constant monitoring to find technical glitches and remove them quickly. When it comes to on-demand services, several options are available in the app store. In such a scenario, if you can manage the app properly, it increases the user’s confidence in your app and you can get more downloads.

Data compression contributes to improving your on-demand app’s performance. You should utilize this feature to store necessary data in fewer bits as compared to the raw or uncompressed version. Data compression is considered as a first step to increase speed and improve the app’s performance.

Data compression also helps you reduce the app’s size and enables the app users to download it swiftly. Your on-demand app also occupies less space in the user’s device as compared to other apps, and the users can retain it for a long time.

That’s not all. A reliable on-demand mobile app development company can cast light on this aspect. It is better to consult the app development company before initiating the app project because you spend a sizeable amount of money and efforts in developing an on-demand app. The on-demand app development cost is also a bit more than that for a traditional mobile app, and you need to come up with an updated version of the app regularly.

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Parting Shots
There is no exaggeration in mentioning that on-demand apps hold a key to success irrespective of business size and scale. However, it is necessary to optimize your app to get the desired results. These top tips can help you manage the on-demand app effectively and keep it ready for future challenges.

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