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Offshore software development is a hot potato in the corporate sector. On one hand, many entrepreneurs count the merits of outsourcing development overseas, and on the other hand, some of them strongly believe in building an in-house team of developers. The only major issue you need to address is quality. At times, it is difficult to make precise judgments about the overseas software developer and you may not remain assured of the quality of your app’s code.

However, the Internet has made it possible to research the offshore development company extensively. Entrepreneurs can check the company’s portfolio, testimonials, and other necessary information online. But, here is the catch- many development firms tend to show generic projects in their portfolio. It sounds scary for entrepreneurs because they cannot get the assurance of an end product.

This blog intends to shed light on major things to consider before hiring developers from an offshore development company along with the benefits of offshoring for your business.

Let’s start from scratch and go through brief information on the importance of offshore developers for your software project.

Why to Hire Offshore Developers?

The offshore development company usually based in the country with talent-rich resources. It can offer high-quality IT services at a much lower rate as compared to the local development company. Custom design, enterprise software development, web, and mobile app development, and software maintenance or upgrade are the major domains in which entrepreneurs can get services from an offshore development company.

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Every offshore IT solution provider has engagement models and follows specific SDLC (Software Development Lifecycle). It is better to hire a company that provides end-to-end services for software development.

Whether you build an in-house team of developers or hire developers from metros like London, Sydney, and Los Angeles, you need to pay a small fortune for your software project. What’s more, there is fierce competition for talent in these metros, and you may find it extremely difficult to retain a talented workforce for a long time. There, an offshore development company comes into the picture.

If you look for a cost-effective way of developing customized software for your enterprise, the offshore software development model is a perfect fit. However, you need to keep the following aspects in mind while selecting the right offshore development partner.

Aspects to Consider while Hiring Offshore Developers

Hiring a broader talent pool at affordable rates is one of the major objectives of offshore software development. As an entrepreneur, when you hire dedicated app developers from a reputed offshore software development company, you can easily save your time, effort, and money. But then, you need to consider the factors like-

Performance Matters

At the end of the day, performance of your enterprise software matters the most! It is not possible that you can get high-quality software at cheap rates and in a short time. Simply put, if you opt for a blend of fast and cheap services from an offshore development company, you may have to compromise on the quality or performance of the product. Down the line, this will become more problematic for your company and brand.

It is fair to mention that when you hire offshore developers, you need to emphasize on the quality. You should get to know all the options regarding hourly rates and then select the most suitable team of developers for your project.

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Take Time in Selection

Finding the right offshore development company is like looking for a needle in a haystack. If you want to add value in your business through a seamlessly performing IT solution, then it is beneficial for you to spend extra time before hiring a company.

You can do enough research on the shortlisted offshore development companies’ previous work, client reviews, technologies they use, and overall performance. Some entrepreneurs also prefer to meet the company’s previous or existing clients to know more about the company’s methodology and overall approach.

Here, if you take enough time to select the right offshore development partner, it is rewarding for your business.

Proper Communication

Communication holds a key to success for offshore projects. Whenever you hire a mobile app development company from overseas, the language barrier can act as a major obstacle in making your project successful.

Some entrepreneurs focus on MVP (Minimum Viable Product) and fate of their companies depends on the success of MVP. In such a scenario, it is necessary to bring clarity in communication for making a successful MVP with necessary features and optimum performance.

Before hiring a team of offshore developers, it is necessary to go through multiple conversations through various methods of communication.

Powerful Leadership

When you hire offshore developers, there is an entire team works on your project. Therefore, it is necessary to see whether the project manager is capable of handling the team so efficiently that it can meet the deadlines without compromising on the quality of software.

As an entrepreneur, you can also opt for interviewing the team members. There is no exaggeration in mentioning that the offshore developing team can make or mar your project and poor leadership can bring chaos and confusion all the way!

After seeing these important factors, let’s go through the key benefits of offshore software development.

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Major Benefits of Hiring Offshore Developers

Reduced Development Cost

This is the biggest benefit of assigning your project to the offshore development partner. The reduced labor costs can make the project highly cost-effective. Also, a talented pool of developers from various countries including India can be hired to accomplish the most critical tasks. They have a better domain insight and more understanding of the company’s values while working on the client’s projects.

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Also, many countries offer tax incentives to the companies that hire offshore developers that make the process even more cost-effective.

Talent Acquisition and Retention

It is easier to hire and retain talent in the overseas countries for the US and Europe-based companies because of less competition and abundance of talented resources. This is a reason why such companies prefer to hire a mobile app development company from countries like India.

High Quality

Renowned offshore development companies have talented in-house teams and cutting-edge tools for working on highly complex projects. Though outsourcing has a sense of ambiguity, a reliable and reputed offshore developer can always make their promises.

Excellent Management

Offshore developers follow all the industry standards and work in companies that have proper management. All you can get is complete peace of mind with a seamlessly-performing product.

Concluding Lines

Hiring offshore developers is a tricky task and you need to take various aspects into account. On finding the right offshore development company, you can open up a new world of possibilities and new horizons of opportunities. Thanks to advancing technology, geographical borders are blurred and it is relatively easy to find the most suitable software development partner. In a way, you can leverage the benefits of offshore development.

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