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Apple released the 5th and the latest iteration of the iOS 10 beta and for macOS, watchOS 3 and tvOS. Thus, we inch closer to the final release as September arrives, with maybe another beta release.

The first few betas gave us glimpses of exciting new features and the bugs that were present in the first few betas are clearing as Apple fixes issues with subsequent beta releases.

In the iOS beta 5, iOS’ interaction issues with Apple TV, Bluetooth, iMEssage, Phone, Wallet apps, in-app purchases on App Store and accessories issues have been fixed. So, users can comfortably use the iPhone 6s Smart Battery Case without fearing any device panic.

The new features on iOS 10 with beta 5 are –

A new lock sound has been added which sounds like a closing door

Facial recognition data will be reprocessed, thus all the named, favourite and merged face data in the Photo app will be reset

A new Output icon can be viewed in the Control Center, Music app and other locations of iOS. The headphones icon has been replaced with a triangle with sound waves

The widgets panel is accessible by swiping to the right and displays dates on all devices, it also has a darker background

A new clock sound has been added

Home section has been removed from the Settings app from the iPhone but is retained on the iPad

Today view has date and day

Swift Playground, the “learn to code” app for kids arrives as parts 1 and 2 on the beta 5. There are a few more additional challenges than the ones introduced at the WWDC 2016. Users can create their own playgrounds using blank templates, create a blank playground or open playgrounds in Xcode.

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There is new Graphing, Answers, Blank and Shapes templates

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New Voicemail transcription is available for iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, and iPhone SE
WatchOS 3 receives a major update with redesigned user interface and faster app launches. Even the Siri issues have been fixed

Fixes still required

There are some issues yet, which will probably be fixed in the next beta version, notable ones include the FaceTime calls between iOS 10 5th beta and macOS beta being broken and the “Recently Played” in “For You” in Apple Music is not refreshing instantly. There are some problems with Notes and other minor bug issues.

Solution Analysts are already working designs for applications using latest iOS 10 features and the WatchOS 3. As September arrives, we hope to be geared for some early app updates and new app releases. Stay posted to find out more!

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