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There is continued curiosity in how monitoring tools will advance in their capabilities to take advantage of all the application and infrastructure data that is collected, used and stored. In today’s episode of InApps Technology Makers podcast, New Relic chief product officer Jim Gochee highlighted what developers and enterprises alike can expect in their progress toward a future of next generation operations environments that use machine learning and other techniques to build scale out infrastructure that will increasingly require the use of automation and monitoring services. The interview was recorded for the New Relic’s FutureStack16 conference, kicking off Wednesday in San Francisco, California.

How New Relic is Exploring the Evolution of Monitoring

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There can be no doubt that monitoring technology has evolved over the eight years since New Relic first began.

“Every businesses is becoming a software business. Every company wants to connect digitally with their customers through mobile applications or a web interface. That digital experience becomes so important. Industries of all types are being transformed, and software is driving that, but software is hard. You need tooling and visibility across all of the software experience for customers,” said Gochee.

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In time for FutureStack, New Relic has added a variety of improvements to its core platform, including crash analysis for its mobile offering, and dynamic baseline alerts that allow users to better view their historical data trends.

One hot topic of discussion around FutureStack will surely be how AI and machine learning could aid in monitoring.

“Why not code an algorithm to sort through that data looking for the insights and actionable things we can pull out, and hand that directly to developers, IT operations, and DevOps folks so they can get that part of job done quickly,” said Gochee, adding that, “We’re getting to that stage where we might be another year or two out, where that is the next evolution. People stop looking at the data, and now machines are looking at it. It’s very liberating and freeing. It’s sustainable. It’s created a layer of abstraction that allows you to take the next leap forward.”

The continued evolution of containers and microservices is something that many will also be discussing during the event.

“I think microservices is a really interesting concept. It allows you to create the smallest code component you can, so that’s good, but it also creates challenges in that it has a complexity factor in that all of the things have to integrate flawlessly with each other,” said Gochee.

As the podcast drew to a close, Gochee highlighted a crucial fact: The digital revolution is upon us due in no small part thanks to continued interest in open source technologies. “Open source has been a huge part of the success of this digital revolution that’s going on right now. It’s created building blocks companies can extend and build on to do the things they want to do as a business.”

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