BidBid is a dating platform where people can get matches to each other not only for dating but also for friends and even
career networks.

project highlights

Through the auction mechanism, your Meet & Greet will increase the accuracy identity of a person as well as the value that the the meet brings. As a Biddee, you can also make money from auctioning your own meetups to affirm your worth and increase the excitement of your first meeting with that person.


• Starting from just the initial rudimentary ideas that a dating platform combines an auction mechanism, together with our Client, InApps consulted and gradually established a specific plan for application development.
• The client's tight schedule leading to difficulty in milestone confirmation.
• The client was meticulous and usually changed their requirements, both small and large.
• The client did not have an in-house IT team to consult technical terms, InApps dedicatedly provided step-by-step consultation.


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