About the app

This is an online dating app that lets people discover and meet interesting people nearby.


More than just a chatting platform, this mobile app benefits potential matches from restaurant rewards and event information, if they’d like to meet

Design Conceptualization

Our UI/UX experts started the project by researching the trends among dating apps and found out that the users can use the app comfortably.


Then the team outlined several features and functionality that aligned with the industry standard. Some core UX features are the only things needed further enhancement.


Since our clients did not have a clear vision of the app, we help them in the ideation process and come up with a few outstanding features. Especially, those features have not commonly found on other dating apps.

Innovative profile and match screen

Although keeping the UI similar to the industry standard, we also added fun elements to the profile and match screen to enhance the experience and provide an edge.

View online friends and rewards

In order to enhance the UX, we added a list of matches that are online so users can easily chat with the one they want by tapping on the photos. We also added rewards and offers icons so users can quickly access them.

Snapchat like built-in camera

Another outstanding feature was to integrate of a Snapchat-like filter in the app which is very trendy amongst the youth. Our team suggested the client add all these features to make his app different than that of competitors.

Our Task

Our young client wanted to differentiate this app from other dating apps out there. The common experience around such apps is to swipe right and chat with people. However, the idea behind this dating platform was to improve the experience of online and offline meetings.


We were handed the task of designing an attractive and innovative UI for the dating app that outstands its competitors in terms of theme, look, feel, and functionality.

Visual Design

Next, we continue with the dating app’s interface and visual design. Determine the target audience is young people and millennials, client had a clear vision for the designs. They want to give the app a modern and simple look, theme, and feel.

We also integrated line icons and other elements in the app to enhance the overall look. Keeping in my the core concept of the app, we minimize the information and try to place them correctly.

This helps the app design seems clean and clutter-free. We also provide the client with various versions to choose.

View events nearby

Another feature that was added to the platform is searching for nearby events. Users can see detailed information and people who are interested in the event.

Get rewards for meeting matches

One of the top features of the app was rewards and offers at restaurants and cafes if they met there. To make it look aesthetically pleasing we added fun elements by using icons and logos.

Final Takeaway

Among several competitors in the market, the client choose InApps to realize a product that would stand out from the current market expectations.

InApps were happy to bring these marverlous product designs to life just as the client had expected.

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