Project Highlights

BidBid aims to relieve the pressure of meeting new people online. Structured schedules and public settings take the pressure off of introductions, and with high-profile customization, you can choose when and how you’d like to auction. Coupled with the free will to donate as much of a bid as you choose to charity, BidBid is helping you make your social life purposeful and intentional.<br>

Give yourself the freedom to create meaningful connections with people all over the world. Whether you are looking to connect with someone romantically, platonically, or even professionally, BidBid wants to ensure that you are getting the most out of your time with your connections.


• Regular communication with the client
• Idea confirmation through each milestone
• Gave a more detailed explanation of operating principles of some features to the client
• Replaced and supplemented human resources following the project as well as meet the expectations of the Client


• Login via Facebook, Google
• Phone verification
• Create a profile
• Matching mechanism
• Create auction & bidding
• Invite & set up a “Meet & Greet”
• Live map
• Virtual meeting
• Online payment
• Search and Filter
• One-to-one chat
• Share photos & videos
• Notifications
• Blocking


• Starting from just the initial rudimentary idea that a dating platform combines an auction mechanism, together with our Client, InApps consulted and gradually established a specific plan for application development.
• The client’s tight schedule leads to difficulty in milestone confirmation.
• The client was meticulous and usually changed their small and large requirements.
• The client did not have an in-house IT team to consult technical terms. InApps dedicatedly provided step-by-step consultation.


• The client showed satisfaction and proceeded to sign a Phase II contract with a whole dedicated team
• The app was successfully launched across platforms
• User Interface and User Experience (UI/UX) are appealing to end-users
• Promises to compete with other well-known dating platforms in the market


• React Native
• NodeJS
• Postgres
• Google Storage – Google Cloud
• Google Firebase
• Google Map

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