Defining the Problem

Many mainstream Trip Planner App platforms in the market cater to tourists, but very few inspire and enable travelers to share their experiences.


Our client’s objective aims to solve this problem and provide a platform for avid travelers worldwide.

Shaping the idea

After ruling in our client’s passion and laying out the scope of the project, we went on to further enhance the idea as per her expectation.


Our team wanted to make this app become a Social App for Travelers. Besides, was enhance travel experiences. The app will allow its users to document their entire travel journeys in one place.


Users can create their profiles based on their interests and travel styles. We aim to make the planning process become easier by designing it in a way that seems inspiring to liked-mined travelers.

Conceptualization of design

We understand that to realize any idea into something functional and useful, our team needs to go beyond all requirements while staying consistent with the scope and vision of the project.


So we heavily involved our clients in the design process and were not afraid to work that extra mile to get better results.


The idea of wireframing was very appealing to the client, as she was excited to see the skeleton of her actual product being framed.


It also helped broaden her perspective on the idea and give real-time inputs and feedback during the process.

Document your detailed experiences

Next, we curated a dairy option for travelers to document their entire trip detail.


The dairy can be maintained daily as per the trip itinerary on the app’s exclusive calendar. We wanted the dairy to look and feel like a real one,  and even better since travelers can upload pictures from their trip.

View your TraX on the map

We integrate a built-in map so travelers can get a clustered view of places they’ve been to right on the app.


They can go back in time and view all their footprint on the world map. This not only enhances the UX but also gives a thematic look and feel to the app.

The backstory

Our client is two Australian sisters who are passionate about traveling and have been documenting their trips for years.


However, they didn’t have tools to keep detailed track of the trips they did. Their friends who also have a great love for travel also ask them to share their trip itineraries.


This is when the need to design an app that simplifies and enhances travel plans for everyone emerges.


They came to InApps with the brief of designing an app for travelers and to receive help from our IT experts and expert UI/UX designers.


to brainstorm and develop an app that was functional, easy to use, and provided a great user experience to travelers alike.

Target audience

The client stated that her target audience is millennials and younger people. She clearly said that she wanted to change the world around travel inspirations.

Different from some applications in the market that aim at tourists, we aimed to create a social media platform for travel enthusiasts, backpackers, and globetrotters.


Our biggest challenge is to identify how we were going to separate travelers from tourists.


To get a modern, friendly, and fun app we first created user flows to simply map out the user journey.


To design a highly interactive app we also analyze the level of knowledge users had about the service they are using and what they want to achieve.

Filter by interest

What made the UX so incredible was that a user could filter a trip by their Interests. We used this feature to bring in the “fun element” of the app.


We added line icons to represent each interest which appeared in several places throughout the app.


By adding this feature we even prioritized what information is more important for like-minded travelers and what they should first see based on their preferences.

Share inspiration with friends

The idea was to not only create trip dairies but also be able to share them with other friends on the app.


We also introduced features that enable users to share their dairies directly on Facebook or export them into PDF files. We wanted to keep the app minimal yet user-friendly.

The Final Takeaway

In the competitive market scenarios where the online event booking industry is exploding, we challenged ourselves to design a go-to platform, that would be top-notch in terms of user experience and functionality.


Our UI/UX designers have successfully met our client’s expectations to create a leading platform.

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