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About project

The client is a passionate traveler who heavily uses navigation systems while traveling. However, one of the barriers that the client meets is he finds it difficult to remember the addresses of all of his friends. Moreover, finding the addresses in the contact list is very inconvenient which requires him to enter the addresses back into the navigation systems and then allow the navigation.


The client has met many places or locations that fascinated him and he want to save and share with his friends. For example, a good restaurant, an affordable hotel, a magnificent architecture. If we save these locations by traditional method, it would be an arduous task.

Our Strategy

InApps’ technology experts came up with a product that enables users to automatically see the personal and business location of other users in their contact lists. The navigation app solution was just a ‘one-touch’ navigation system in that users will be guided through a detailed map with step-by-step directions. Besides, a function for calling Uber cabs was also integrated in case users would not like to use their own vehicles.


After having worked on a ‘one-touch’ navigation application to specific contacts and addresses, storing and sharing locations and places were of major concern. The idea of ‘Folders’ would be the solution. The users can store any location in a particular Folder and it can be easily shared with other app users.


The users can create unlimited Folders. Each Folder can be made public or private. If users would like to make their Folders searchable, those have to save as “public” status. The users can also assign ‘hashtags’ to each of them to make them easily searchable.

Technologies Used

  • iOS
  • Android
  • PHP
  • angular


The client seeked a handy solution to update and share the addresses on mobile devices. The main goal is to replace the complex process of traditional searching into with hassle-free updating and sharing of the addresses.


The idea was adopted and the app is predicted to be an impeccable mobile app for addresses and location sharing. The folders in the application would contain unique places and their information.

Made For

All users for whom traveling has been an integral part of life, either for leisure or for business


The final work turned out to be a big boom in the geo-location app category. After launching for a few weeks, the app received thousands of downloads. Furthermore, the client has partnered with car makers to have the app integrated with their navigation ecosystem.


Due to being easy-to-use, hassle free, unique, the client has successfully gained a significant position in the mobile app markets. The client also come up with a detailed roadmap for the app and prepare more advanced versions to launch in the near future.

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