About project

Our client expected to build a platform that allows students across campuses to share relevant study materials and information.


Since the web portal was in a primitive stage, the client hope InApps to not only came up with a full-fledged working portal but also reached more users by embracing mobility.

Our Strategy

The old web portal is very simplified with basic features hence InApps team planned to redesign the entire portal with all-new web services. Wireframes were made keeping the best user experience in mind and features on the portal were enhanced.


To bring the app to the next level, all of the latest features in social media were carefully anatomized and integrated to augment.


 Accordingly, the web services and web portal were beautified.

Technologies Used





The project aims to build an attractive web portal and an easy-to-use mobile application. This app is ambitious to be a social media for college students from all over the world.


The platform attempt to help students with their assignments, study tips, knowledge sharing, etc on their subject at the university. Then gathering all of this information to create events for different groups of students living in the same city.

Made For

Students within the age group of 14- 24 years


The carefully designed app interface combined with a seamless web service experience made the project successfully meet the client’s objectives.


As a result of attractive UI and improved user experience, the app received an increasing number of registered users from both desktop and mobile devices.




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