Project highlights

SwiftEngine is a highly resilient and scalable server-side platform using Swift language. It is a completely autonomous solution that required no manual compilation and configuration.


• Readily worked outside office hour to fulfill client’s need
• Allocated two key members to go onsite in the client’s USA office
• Willingly worked overtime especially during demo and launching stages


• Modern language Swift to develop backend server.
• Solve the problems of server crash and transcends the lifetime of the server.
• Supercharge endpoints to save power.
• Increase productivity without changing the workflow.
• No more mundane build and DevOps related tasks.
• No more dealing with shell log dumps.
• Simply save a file and request the URL, SwiftEngine will automatically compile, cache, and serve the requested results.


• The USA 12-hour difference in time zone calling for our flexibility and agility
• The client required direct support
• With the client’s limited budget, InApps’ engineers worked harder to match the intense workload of each milestone


• InApps successfully gained the client’s trust and proceeded to sign a two-year agreement
• Client’s demo product launching was successful and well-received


• Languages: Swift, Golang
• Tools and frameworks
• Docker
• Nginx
• Amazon Web Service – Amazon Elastic Cloud 2 ( EC2 )
• Development process: Agile SCRUM

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