Programming has become mainstream in the last decade in comparison with other fields. With the rise in the number of mobile phones around the world, companies have begun to move their business model towards the online mode.

The most successful way to achieve this is by developing software or apps and for this, companies hire developers that are comfortable with app development.

When we talk about app development, the most common name that comes in our mind is Java. It is the basic language used when developing software. But what we don’t know is that we have another competitor to Java which is known as Dot Net.

Java and Dot NET frequently clash in the programming scene. Indeed, Microsoft discharged .NET (C#, explicitly) to contend with Java, which has a firm hang on numerous stage advancement ventures.

Dot net is also quite famous in software development and used a lot these days. So in this article, we are going to discuss the reasons that make Dot net better than Java.

But before that, let us discuss Java and Dot net briefly to understand better-


Java is a general-purpose programming language that is class-based, object-oriented, and designed to have as few implementation dependencies as possible.

Java applications are typically compiled to byte code that can run on any Java virtual machine (JVM), regardless of the underlying computer architecture. The syntax of Java is similar to C and C++, but it has fewer low-level facilities than either of them.

Java is one of the most commonly used programming languages as per GitHub in 2019, mostly for client-server side applications with more than 9 million registered developers.

Java was released back in 1995 and since then, it has become the go-to option when we have to develop an application or software. It is used to design the applications for Embedded systems, Middleware products, Scientific applications, and Web servers.

Advantages of Java

Advantages of using Java for software development are mentioned below

  1. Simple – Java is straightforward to use, write, compile, debug, and learn than alternative programming languages. It is much simpler than other Object-oriented languages because it uses automatic memory and garbage collection.
  2. Object-Oriented – Object-oriented languages are those languages that are associated with classes, objects, abstraction, inheritance, polymorphism, etc. which allows us to create modular programs and reuse the code.
  3. Secure – Java is one of the few programming languages which include security as an integral part of their design. Its compiler, interpreter, and runtime environment were each developed with security in mind.
  4. Distributed computing – Java has great networking capability. It is designed such that distributed computing is easy with the networking capability that is inherently integrated into it.
  5. Platform-Independent – Java offers the comfort of write program once and run on any hardware and software platform and any Java-compatible browser. This gives the ability to move easily from one computer system to another.
  6. Robust – It is one of the most robust programming languages, that is, more reliable. Its compilers can detect errors in the coding. There are also other features like exception handling and garbage collection which makes Java more robust.
  7. Multithreaded – Java is capable of performing multiple tasks at a single time.

Disadvantages of Java

  1. Performance – Although Java is simple to use, that doesn’t reflect in its performance. It is memory consuming and significantly slower than natively compiled languages like C or C++.
  2. Single Paradigm language – Static imports were added in Java 5.0. The procedural paradigm is better accommodated than in earlier versions of Java.
  3. Memory Management – In Java, memory is managed through garbage collection, whenever the garbage collector runs, it affects the performance of the application. This is because all other threads have to be stopped to allow the garbage collector thread to work.
  4. Look and feel – The default look of the GUI applications written in Java is very different from the native look.
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Dot Net

Dot NET Core is a free and open-source managed computer software framework for Windows, Linux, and mac-OS operating systems. It is a cross-platform successor to the Dot NET Framework. This project is primarily developed by Microsoft Corporations.

Dot NET Core Framework can be used to build different types of applications such as mobile, desktop, web, cloud, IoT, machine learning, micro services, game, etc.

Dot NET Core includes all the features that are required to run a basic Dot NET Core app. Other features are provided as NuGet packages, which you can add in your application as needed.

In this way, the Dot NET Core application speed up the performance, reduce the memory footprint and becomes easy to maintain.

Advantages of Dot NET

  1. Improved Performance – One of the key talking points of Dot NET is its great performance. With the new upgrades and enhancements, the optimization of code improves which increases the performance. The most significant part is that you don’t actually require to change the code.
  2. Cross-Platform – Dot NET supports cross-platform app development which allows the user to create applications that run on Windows, Linux, and Mac.  In much simpler terms, the entire backend will be using the same C# code.
  3. Lesser Code – The latest technology means that it uses less coding, making it easy for the coders to optimize the code as it has fewer statements.
  4. Maintenance – Since the code written in Dot NET is usually small, it is easier to maintain it. While it might be difficult for a new developer, an experienced developer can easily optimize it with fewer statements.

Disadvantages of Dot NET

  1. Documentation of Dot NET available on the internet isn’t much as compared to other languages. So if you want to learn about Dot NET, there are very limited resources right now.
  2. Tooling is difficult in Dot NET. Although it is being regularly updated by Microsoft, it is still very tricky. When trying to develop an application and trying to find the root cause for the exception, it could be a little tricky because there is a constant update in the documentation and in the framework.

Now, that we are done with the discussion regarding Dot NET and Java, let us see the comparison of .net Vs Java.

.NET Vs Java

The comparison between Java and Dot NET is mentioned below

  1. Target Platforms – Although both of these languages support Linux and Windows, it’s a general principle guideline that Java developers target Linux stages while Dot NET software engineers target Windows conditions.
  2. LINQ – LINQ permits C# developers to compose inquiries legitimately inside the code as opposed to utilizing put away strategies on the database server. Java has no LINQ equal.
  3. Switch & Strings – C# characteristically gives you a chance to utilize a switch proclamation on a string variable. Java 7 was the main discharge that permitted this idea, so more established Java frameworks won’t work with the current switch articulation sentence structure.
  4. Integrated Development Environment – The IDE in Java provides a compiler, code editor, and debugger to ease the process of code building. The platforms are user-friendly and beginners can easily start with them. In the case of Dot NET, Visual Studio is integrated into it which includes many language-specific features. The IDE acts as a multiple workspace interface which helps in development activities. like editing and compiling.

Reasons Why Dot NET is Better Than Java

After going through both of them individually and having a small comparison between them, let us see the reasons why Dot NET is better than Java.

Secure Platform

Dot NET is monitored by Microsoft’s Asp.NET as a closed platform. Therefore, security-related issues are handled professionally and use the latest technologies. For an open-source language like Java, it is a thing out of reach due to the lack of resources and professional supports. Therefore, frequent updates during runtime can spoil the user experience and annoy many users. Dot NET doesn’t face such problems.

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Mature Runtime as CLR

Common Language Runtime(CLR) is superior in many technical parameters than JRE or JVM. It is because JVM is a compiler and it simply translates Java Byte Code into comprehensive instruction for or underlying operating systems, not directly for computing machines. Therefore, it is always slow and needs frequent updates for supports of more operating systems. Whereas, it is not the case with CLR of Dot Net.

Mature Programming Languages

When we talk about languages, Java is a programming language whereas Dot NET is a framework that uses C# for writing codes. Java is an easy-to-learn programming language with strict conventions whereas C# is flexible even though it is a high-level language with nice Object-Oriented Programming properties. Therefore, beginners usually start by working with Java and then dive into C#.

Powerful IDE

Since Dot NET uses Visual Studio, it has all the tools and features present in it. With those tools, developers can develop applications with any scale of intricacies. It allows developers to design, program, test, and debug any sort of application targeted at ASP.NET.


To conclude .net Vs Java comparison, we can say that those who are starting from scratch and want to learn a language whose information is easily available on the internet can opt for Java.

For those who have mastered Java and want to move towards something that is mature and provides good security can opt for Dot NET.


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