Vietnam’s IT outsourcing market is on the brink of an exciting surge, with revenues expected to hit US$698.90 million in 2024. This upward trajectory isn’t slowing down anytime soon; we’re looking at an impressive annual growth rate of 16.38% from 2024 to 2028, propelling the market volume to a staggering US$1,282.00 million by the end of the period. This growth paints a promising picture for software outsourcing companies in Vietnam.

The IT outsourcing market specializes in software development, digital content, and business process outsourcing. Strategically located in Southeast Asia, Vietnam has become a magnet for IT outsourcing due to its young, talented workforce, affordable labor, and government support. Additionally, Vietnam’s location in Southeast Asia makes it an attractive outsourcing destination for companies in the region and beyond.

Let’s dive into our curated list of the ‘Top 13 Trusted Software Outsourcing Companies in Vietnam”, and discover your ideal software outsourcing partner today.

1. What is software outsourcing?

Software outsourcing refers to the practice of hiring third-party service providers to handle various software development tasks. These tasks can range from full project development to specific components such as application development, testing, system integration, or even maintenance and support. The primary aim is to leverage external expertise to enhance quality, accelerate time-to-market, and optimize costs.

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2. Why Choose Software Outsourcing Companies in Vietnam?

Why should you hire IT software companies in this competitive market? The benefit of outsourcing in Vietnam is a long list, but there are a few key reasons below:

2.1 Talented Developers

Vietnam has seen an increase in talented developers entering the labor force. It has prioritized training its workforce for the tech sector, so it has been actively opening engineering schools. Vietnam developers are expected to continue to improve their IT skills in the coming years, thanks to government investment and a concerted effort to grow the country’s tech sector.

2.2 Excellent English Skills

Developers from Vietnam have extensive knowledge of the English language. Because most of the software engineers you hire are college graduates, they will have taken English classes over the years and will most likely be proficient in English.

It is much easier to outsource to other countries when you have good communication skills in English. If you want to work in software engineering or business process outsourcing, you should have excellent communication skills.

2.3 Good Hourly Rates

Vietnam’s software outsourcing market is one of the most cost-effective options available. The cost of developing in Vietnam is very appealing and reasonable when you consider the talent that you will receive in return. You will receive high-quality talent at a reasonable price, whether you are looking for software development or business process outsourcing.

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2.4 Modern Business Hubs

If you decide to outsource your software project to Vietnam, you may want to visit the developer’s office to check on the project’s progress and meet your team. Vietnam is a simple country to visit with direct flights from the United States to Ho Chi Minh City.

The country’s software development centers are primarily located in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, the country’s capital. The talent search becomes more focused because the brightest of Vietnam’s workers are concentrated in these few cities.

3. Top 13 software outsourcing companies in Vietnam

Now, let’s take a look at some of the most prominent software outsourcing companies in Vietnam. We decided to dig into the top 10 software outsourcing services companies in Vietnam based on client ratings and reviews.

3.1 InApps Technology – Best IT software outsourcing companies in Vietnam

InApps Technology - top software outsourcing companies

With a customer-centric approach, InApps has become a trusted technology partner with clients from the USA, UK, and Europe to Australia and Singapore. The company helps startups and SMEs disruptively enhance their business growth with the latest technologies and innovations. 

As a leader in the offshore software development field since 2016, this software outsourcing company is targeting the niche market of mobile solutions and high-performance development teams to expand a business model for its clients.

The company’s technology stacks include Flutter, React Native, Swift, Android, NodeJS, PHP, .Net, Python, etc., in various industries such as eCommerce, SaaSPlatform, Marketplace, Blockchain, NFT, Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics, EdTech, FinTech.

Despite humble beginnings, InApps has several times secured Top #1 Mobile App Development in Vietnam and Top #90 Global B2B
Software Development Firm. Throughout the years, we have supported and earned:

  • 200+ Successful Projects
  • 60+ Global Clients
  • 70% Customer Retention
  • 96% Customer Satisfaction

3.2 FPT Software

Established in 1994, FPT Software is the largest IT company compared to other best software outsourcing companies in Vietnam with over 36,000 employees. It’s part of FPT Corporation, the biggest IT group in Vietnam. They work in many areas, like healthcare, cars, finance, and more, using new tech like AI and cloud computing. They offer a wide range of software development services, including custom software development, mobile app development, and cloud computing.

FPT software outsourcing companies

With a global presence spanning 27 countries, FPT Software has the resources and expertise to support your needs regardless of location. Recognized by multiple industry bodies like IAOP and Clutch, FPT Software has a strong reputation for delivering quality work and exceeding client expectations.

3.3 KMS solutions

KMS Technology, founded in 2009, is a US-based engineering and services firm with software development outsourcing centers in Vietnam. International clients trust KMS Technology due to the high quality of its products and the expertise of its Vietnamese engineers.

KMS solutions

The company regularly collaborates with universities in Vietnam, participates in IT training activities and specialized events, and sponsors scholarship programs.

They mainly offer advice on digital tech, help build apps and platforms, test digital products, add team members for projects, and analyze data. They focus on updating bank systems, creating new digital services for shopping, and using AI to check customer identities online.

3.4 Saigon Technology

Saigon Technology

Saigon Technology Solutions is one of the top Vietnam software outsourcing companies that focuses on providing clients with cost-effective solutions. Customers are located in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, and the Netherlands.

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Custom software development, web application development, and mobile application development are among their offerings. .NET Core, Java, PHP, ReactJS, Angular, Azure, AWS, microservices, and machine learning are also available from Saigon Technology Team.

3.5 TMA Solutions

TMA Solutions, a leading name among software outsourcing companies, was established in Vietnam in 1997. This company specializes in custom software development for various industries, including telecom, healthcare, and education. Leveraging cutting-edge technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), TMA Solutions helps businesses improve their operations and achieve greater efficiency.

TMA solutions - software outsourcing companies in Vietnam

With over 4,000 experienced professionals, they prioritize understanding each client’s unique needs and delivering optimal solutions. TMA Solutions is trusted around the world because it focuses on quality and new ideas. They help companies solve tough tech problems and make their systems better. They work with clients not just in Vietnam but also from other places, thanks to their offices in different countries.

3.6 SotaTek software

SotaTek is a highly regarded software development company with a global presence, including Vietnam, the US, Australia, Japan, and Korea. They have completed over 500 projects and boast a large team of more than 700 experienced developers. Their expertise spans various industries, including Banking & Finance, Automotive, Retail, Health Care, Education, Media & Entertainment, showcasing their ability to cater to diverse market needs in Vietnam but also from other places, thanks to their offices in different countries.

SotaTek software

With Software Development and Blockchain Technology as its main expertise, the company provides an advanced web app, cloud-based solutions for various industries; blockchain apps, cryptocurrency exchange, smart contracts, and IDO, allowing your enterprises to leverage the latest technology with ease, gaining competitive advantages and becoming the industry leader.

3.7 NashTech

NashTech is a global software outsourcing company that helps other businesses with technology. They work on creating software, figuring out IT strategies, and moving companies’ systems to the cloud. NashTech is known for making sure their clients get what they need, using the latest tech trends. They have a big team that works all over the world to solve tech problems for companies in finance, government, and retail. They’re good at helping businesses keep up with new technologies and improve how they work.

Nashtech software outsourcing companies in Vietnam

NashTech has offices in several countries around the world, including the UK (London), Germany (Cologne), Poland (Warsaw), Sweden (Stockholm), the Netherlands (Maarssen), Australia (Sydney), Japan (Tokyo), and Singapore. This wide network allows them to support companies in various locations, providing technology help and services globally.

3.8 Power Gate Software

PowerGate Software is a worldwide software company with a decade of work across sectors like health and finance. They focus on turning the fresh ideas of their clients into solutions that benefit everyone. With over 200 projects under their belt globally, they boast a 96% happiness rate from their diverse client base, which includes everything from new startups to huge international companies.

Around 200 projects have been completed by PowerGate Software for clients worldwide. Their teams of hundreds of hand-selected in-house engineers are specifically chosen for their modern approach to producing your unique software solutions, led by seasoned technology executives. They’ve created, developed, delivered, and supported projects from start to finish, transforming them into worldwide recognized market-leading products.

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3.9 Enlab software

Enlab is a Vietnam-based offshore software outsourcing company. ASP.NET, Python/Django, PHP, Laravel, StreamInsight, T-SQL Programming, SQL Server, MongoDB, DevExpress, Telerik, Kendo UI, Angular, VueJS, HTML5, CSS3, Xamarin, Flutter, Azure, AWS are among the company’s technology stacks.

The company has worked in various industries and domains, including real estate, construction, education, data management, procurement, marketing, recruitment, and ERP.

3.10 Beetsoft

Founded in BEETSOFT is a young software business in the IT outsourcing and consulting industry. With a dedicated team of over 500 members, BEETSOFT specializes in a wide range of services, including IT Outsourcing and Consulting, Annotation, Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), and innovative solutions in Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Mixed Reality (MR), and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

They have over 400 developers worldwide. Their developers are well-versed in various programming languages and development environments, showcasing the depth and breadth of their technical expertise.

3.11 LinxHQ

 LinxHQ - Software Outsourcing Companies

LinxHQ, established in 2008 in Singapore and Vietnam, specializes in software outsourcing services. They guide their clients through the entire process of design, development, deployment, and ongoing maintenance for web-based and native mobile apps. Celebrated for their commitment to building user-friendly software, LinxHQ has a strong presence in both Singapore and Vietnam, catering to a wide client base. With a core team of 25 staff and a network of over 80 developers and vendors, they continue to offer robust outsourcing solutions

3.12 ICTS Custom software

ICTS Custom software - Software Outsourcing Companies

ICTS, another Vietnam-based company recognized among leading software outsourcing companies, was established in 2016. They have collaborated with clients across nine countries, offering development and consulting services to software houses, digital agencies, SMEs, and startups. The company develops applications for SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) and startups, assisting them in increasing revenues or visualizing their ideas into minimum viable products.

ICTS values simple yet effective solutions, emphasizing cost-effective and efficient outcomes. Their expertise has earned them recognition as one of the top 3 Software Development Companies in Vietnam in 2023. They prioritize transparency, reliability, timely delivery, and security in their projects.

3.13 Adamo software

Adamo software - software outsourcing companies

Adamo, distinguished among software outsourcing companies, is based in Hanoi. This company excels in web development, mobile app development, UI/UX design, DevOps, and Big Data projects. With an ever-expanding team that now numbers close to 250 professionals, Adamo boasts extensive experience across various sectors including travel and hospitality, food and beverage, healthcare, and social networking industries

Boasting a team of dedicated and meticulous professionals, Adamo is committed to excellence. They emphasize a caring approach towards both colleagues and customers, ensuring a personal touch in every project undertaken.

4. Wrapping Up

Vietnam is a great place to find software outsourcing companies for your business or project. This list of software development outsourcing companies in Vietnam helps you look for the right outsourcing partners who can meet your specific tech needs and project goals. Each company has its advantages and things to improve, so the best choice depends on what you need.

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5. Need to find a Reliable Software Outsourcing Company?

software outsourcing companies

InApps developers are at the epicenter of the IT industry in Vietnam. Our skilled and experienced teams can work on any software development project that you might need, as proven by their high customer retention rate. Feel free to explore our offshore software development to learn more about our offerings and technology solutions.

We’ll advise you on the best approaches to the development process as well as roughly estimate your software project concept cost.

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