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The Kubernetes landscape has been altered slightly, so we talked to the movers behind the change. In this episode of InApps Makers podcast, we spoke with Sebastien Goasguen, the founder of Skippbox, a start-up that specialized in applications for managing the Kubernetes container orchestration engine. Today, cloud software package manager Bitnami announced that it is acquiring Skippbox, so our discussion ranged from the acquisition to also include Sebastien’s experience with customers using Kubernetes.

In this episode, we talk about Bitnami’s motivations for the acquisition, and what it will change for how they approach the Kubernetes ecosystem. We also ask Sebastien about his experience building on top of Kubernetes, including solutions such as Kompose and Kubeless. He shares the experiences of some customers, as well as what he sees as forthcoming topics of interest for the Kubernetes community:

Skippbox Brings Expertise Building On Top of Kubernetes to Bitnami

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2:14: Skippbox projects Kompose and Kubeless.
3:49: Bitnami acquires Skippbox.
6:10: How the acquisition impacts Bitnami’s Kubernetes skills.
8:18: Bitnami contributes many of the Kubernetes charts.
9:10: Developing on top of Kubernetes.
11:10: Broad range of companies using Kubernetes.
13:30: Many are adopting containers for the first time.
19:50: Kubernetes and big data.
22:30: Kubernetes and serverless.

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