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Structure an offshore team

When nearshore and onshore outsourcing solutions fail your software development project in terms of cost-efficiency and project quality, structuring an offshore team will become the answer key. However, is it truly the best solution for software development outsourcing? Let me analyse some pros and cons when structuring an offshore team for you.


What is Offshore Outsourcing?

Outsourcing — When your company designates another company to undertake any part of your business.

Offshoring — Outsourcing to an organisation located in a different country.

Offshore Outsourcing is desired by numerous companies considering the premiere factors like quality, access to resources & tools, time, cost etc.

What is Offshore team?

Offshore team — A development team located in a different country, will implement your software development project.

Structuring an offshore team is how you build a desired team with great qualification and experience to meet your requirement for the project. Hence, offshore team will be your own dedicated team under your overall control.

Here are some Pros and Cons of structuring an offshore team you should know before you outsource.

Pros of outsourcing an offshore team:

  1. Diminished Cost
  2. Financial Savings
  3. High proficient and systemic team accessibility
  4. Rapid delivery time
  5. Excellent concentration
  6. Quality acquirement
  7. Risk mitigation

Cons of outsourcing an offshore team:

  1. Language, time zone & cultural barriers
  2. Anticipated Quality (vs.) Huge Cost
  3. Delivery delays
  4. Disclosing confidential elements
  5. Slipping control over operations

Initially, before heading to an in-depth analysis towards advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing an offshore team, you need to analyse your company’s current position.

Why should you outsource an offshore team?

List out your company’s business activities and divide them into primary and secondary tasks according to priority level.

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Outsourcing your secondary tasks to other companies who are expertise in those tasks will allow you to focus constantly on your foremost business mission. Therefore, it increases your productivity when you are completely focusing on your core missions.

As far as outsourcing is concerned, structuring an offshore team plays a significant role as it can deliver first-rate quality at low cost within fixed time.

InApps offshore team is preferred by top organisations in different industries belonging to different niches like e-commerce, financial, retail, logistics, healthcare, education & e-learning, online platform etc.

inapps meeting for growth hacking model

How can InApps offshore team tackle cons to create a win-win state for them and their clients?

Owning a Tech Talent Hub with 5–10 year-experienced developers and engineers, tackling the cons is how InApps Technology give 100% satisfaction and trust to clients on their projects.

Here is InApps tackling cons of outsourcing an offshore team model:

InApps tackling cons of outsourcing an offshore team model

InApps tackling cons of outsourcing an offshore team model

Whenever you prefer outsourcing an offshore team, make sure that they are able to by-pass these barriers well enough to bring a win-win situation.

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If you are interested in growth hacking your business with spending as little money as possible, contact us for free consultation. We are glad to be at your best assistance.

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