Developers and businesses are continually searching for solutions to make life easier as software development gains momentum and popularity throughout the market. The appropriate tools can help you get the most out of every day swiftly, but selecting your armory of the best software development tools isn’t easy. In this article, you will learn which software tools developers use to create the most up-to-date and feature-rich applications.

A Software Development Tool, also known as a Software Programming Tool, is a computer program used by software developers to create, edit, manage, support, and debug other applications, frameworks, and programs.

Linkers, compilers, code editors, GUI designers, assemblers, debuggers, and performance analysis tools are examples of development tools. Depending on the project type, different things must be considered when picking the appropriate development tool.

Let’s have a look at the software development tools we have compiled for you!

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Best Software Development Tools For Developers

1. Atom

Atom is an open-source integrated development environment (IDE) that runs on all popular operating systems. Atom is well-known for its vast list of third-party integrations and rich level of customization.


Autocomplete is one of Atom’s great attributes, as it makes writing code quicker and easier. Furthermore, its browser function simplifies project file management by enabling you to divide the Atom interface into numerous panes to view, edit, and compare files at the same time. Atom is the best option for everyone who loves to code and wants simple stuff, as it supports every Popular Programming Language and Framework.

2. GitHub

GitHub is without a question the most widely used software development platform. It’s a web-based Git repository hosting service that acts as a Google Drive for people looking for code. You can submit (public or private) your work to the site to keep them safe or share them with others.


The project foundation is excellent, and the community is quite large. It’s a terrific spot to go if you’re searching for a spot to work on a project together. GitHub is not really a software development tool, although it can assist you in the process.

3. Chrome DevTools

Chrome DevTools is a collection of web authoring and debugging tools integrated directly into the Google Chrome browser for web developers. DevTools enables you to debug Javascript in the browser, experiment with CSS on your website pages, and analyze the front-end effectiveness of your application.

Chrome DevTools

You can effortlessly examine and alter the DOM, assess a website’s assets, load, and efficiency, take account of the page’s memory use, and so much more with Chrome DevTools. Anyone functioning in the web domain should have this tool. Chrome DevTools is a set of free tools that can be accessed through the Chrome browser.

4. Buddy

Buddy is a web developer’s software development tool. To deploy, test, and develop applications, the tool makes use of delivery pipelines. The pipelines are simple to use because to a one-of-a-kind action system that allows you to combine them in whatever way you choose. When it comes to deployments, it strikes the mark. The configuration should take no more than 15 minutes.


It covers a vast range of frameworks, task managers, and languages and executes builds in separate containers. The integration function is the cherry on top. It integrates with WordPress, Google, and AWS, among other platforms.

5. IntelliJ IDEA

IntelliJ IDEA is a Java-based IDE for developing Java applications. As a consequence, it’s one of the most often used by Java programmers. Built-in version control, an integrated terminal, debuggers, and other developer tools are all included in this JVM-centered IDE.

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IntelliJ IDEA logo(Software Development Tools)

It offers components like intelligent code completion and framework-specific support, as well as comprehensive perspectives into your code, such as error analysis, rapid navigation, and in-depth coding aid, in addition to focusing on developer ergonomics. Nevertheless, IntelliJ IDEA is a paid tool, with the first year pricing around $499 per user.

6. HTML5 Builder

HTML5 Builder, which is used to create mobile and online apps, has a lot to offer. It’s adaptable and one of the quickest software development tools available.

It makes it simple to create cross-platform programs and is quite effective in collaborating. Because of the built-in features, many developers utilize it to build apps that necessitate geolocation.

7. Azure

For many programmers who want to develop, administer, and build web apps, Azure is the way to go. It is very quick and enables a wide number of programming languages, devices, frameworks, and operating systems.


The system’s capacity to identify and eliminate risks is our favorite Azure feature. It’s believed to be ideal for apps that demand personal information, such as banking apps as Azure makes use of a cloud system.

8. Vim

Vim is a command-line program that comes in-built with Unix operating systems. With it’s flawless user experience, Vim is a favored tool for many developers. Vim is a text editor that does not have a graphical user interface (GUI). It’s only available by keyboard navigation, so it’s quick and easy to use.


Vim has a rather steep learning curve and, because of its total lack of UI, might make a bad first impression. Vim can boost your development efficiency and give a flawless cross-platform experience if you take the time to learn it.

9. Visual Code Studio

Among the most prevalent code, editors among software developers is Visual Studio Code (commonly known as VS Code). It’s a robust open-source code editor with features like code completion (IntelliSense), syntax highlighting, auto-indentation, and an in-built command-line interface, among others.

Visual Studio Code

Using extensions, plugins, and templates from the Extensions Marketplace, you can effortlessly personalize VS Code. It has a nice user interface and has Git integration. A vast array of programming languages and frameworks are supported by the tool. VSCode is a one-stop solution for practically all software development operations thanks to its built-in numerous terminal access.

10. Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow is a developer-focused community where users can ask and answer questions. Stack assists in the debugging and resolution of problems. There’s a good probability that the other developer has run into the same issue you have. Stack Overflow offers an excellent way to address it and find a solution.

Logo - Stacks

Numerous individuals monitor and review the content on this site, but if you have any doubts about a post’s legitimacy, you can always leave a remark for more information. With over 10 million developers participating, Stack Overflow is among the largest communities.

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11. Zoho Creator

Zoho Creator is a low-code platform that helps you build strong enterprise software applications 10x quicker by enabling quick development and implementation of online and mobile apps. To create an application, you no more need to write countless lines of code.

Zoho Creator(Software Development Tools)

Artificial Intelligence, JavaScript, Cloud functionalities, third-party integrations, multi-language assistance, offline mobile services, payment gateway integration, and more are all included. The platform boosts corporate efficiency with over 4 million users worldwide and 60+ apps.

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12. Docker

Docker is a framework for developing programs that operate in containers, which are compact execution environments that share a kernel but execute in isolation. Docker is an open-source containerization strategy that has aided in the widespread adoption of the technology.


Docker is well-known for its compatibility with continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD). Containerized apps may be easily moved from on-premises to cloud environments or from a developer’s computer to a server. This adds to the deployment process’s simplicity.

13. LXC

Linux Containers is a means of executing independent Linux containers in a unified Linux kernel hosted by a single host. Kernel cgroups in LXC enable users to restrict and prioritize resources without having to actively manage the virtual machine. By offering different process IDs, networks, and user groups, LXC separates containers from the kernel.

Linux Containers (Software Development Tools)

LXC is among the most user-friendly tools for setting up Linux containers. It’s open-source, which implies it’s under active and rapid development. For administering your containers via your apps, LXC provides a powerful API. In the end, LXC has been shown to be less expensive than virtualization.

14. JIRA

Jira is a project management tool that is compatible with the agile methodology. It allows you to keep track of the project backlog, release status, and adjust the workflow for unique use-cases like bug resolution and patching.


Jira provides tools for DevOps teams that encompass all phases of the software deployment process, as well as specifications and testing management. To provide a smooth hands-on experience for software teams, the tool features remote APIs and can interact with most third-party apps. It offers a free subscription for up to 10 members, beyond which it charges $7 per person.

15. Raygun

Raygun enables you to keep track on application performance from a single location. Crash reports, real-time user tracking, and finding application performance bottlenecks are all made easier with it. It mostly monitors.NET and Ruby on Rails apps. It’s also compatible with Jira and Github.

Raygun(Software Development Tools)

You may limit the amount of cacophony in your alerts using Raygun by customising them by machine name, IP address, hostname, programme version, and other factors. Raygun provides code-level insight on bugs and works well with your source code to highlight problematic lines. Overall, Raygun is a great option for people who want total power over their traces and alarms.

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16. Axure

Axure makes creating documentation, prototypes, and wireframes simple. It’s most commonly used by IT consultants, product managers, and business analytics professionals, but it can also be valuable for developers, that’s why it’s included on this list.


The platform makes creating and managing widget libraries a breeze. The software includes some useful sharing factors that allow it to be a useful collaboration tool.

17. Cloud9 IDE

Are you having difficulties with programming languages? Here you will find solutions to your difficulties. Users can replicate complete environments with ease using this online integrated environment application. Python, Perk, Ruby, PHP, C, and JavaScript are among the languages supported by Cloud9 IDE.

Cloud9(Software Development Tools)

It’s simple to use and can be used to save time by setting breakpoints. The Code Completion part is the cherry on top, as it provides solid ideas for coding faster. Unlike the majority of other alternatives, this one is designed for beginning users and has a built-in terminal with a command-line wizard.

18. Linx

Linx is a low-code tool for creating and automating backend and web applications. The tool makes it easier to create, build, and automate unique business processes, as well as to integrate applications, systems, and databases. It is quite east to use since you can make use of drag and drop.

Linx | Low-Code Developer Platform

For rapid development, there are over 100 pre-built plugins with programming functions and services. You can even d eploy to any local or cloud server with a single click. Almost any SQL and NoSQL database, as well as a variety of file types (text and binary) and REST and SOAP Web services, can be used as inputs and outputs.


AWS ECS is a container orchestration service that makes running, stopping, and managing containers in a cluster a delight. Your containers are operated in AWS EC2 instances (Elastic Cloud Computing) that come pre-installed with Docker. It uses an API and the AWS Management Console to keep track of the containers, expand them, and administer the instances.

Amazon ECS(Software Development Tools)

AWS ECS works with AWS Copilot, a command-line tool for building, deploying, and managing production-ready apps on ECS and Fargate. AWS ECS may deploy applications from any Docker image repository. It works independently with a variety of third-party solutions to assist teams in turning their attention from deployment to development.

20. Bitbucket

Bitbucket is a distributed, web-based version control system that allows software development teams to collaborate (code and code review). It is used as a source code and development project repository.

Bitbucket(Software Development Tools)

Flexible deployment formats, limitless private repositories, code collaboration, and other aspects of Bitbucket make it an excellent tool. It  offers a number of features, including code search, issue tracking, Git big file storage, Bitbucket pipelines, integrations, and smart mirroring, among others. Bitbucket allows users to arrange their repositories into projects, allowing them to focus on their objective, process, or product more easily.

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In A Nutshell…

The Best Software tools for developing applications in 2021 and beyond are discussed in this article. All of the tools were categorised according to their use in the software development process. To assist you in making an informed decision, we have reviewed the advantages and disadvantages of each platform.

It all boils down to selecting the finest tools for your company. It varies depending on the needs and considerations such as pricing, value for money, and customer service, among others. We want you to be in charge of your decisions so you can get the most out of your tools.

Keep reading Codersera to stay on the top of your game and not miss out on the ongoing market trends!

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