Creating your first HTML Projects is always thrilling and enjoyable for anyone who has even a slightest bit of interest in programming. Newbies to coding always wonder what kind of projects they can work on to impress their employers or start their own development business or impress upon college mates.

When it comes to joining the coding world, most folks tend to begin with the simplest way to do so i.e. HTML and CSS. Each beginner’s programming path in the front-end begins with these two basic elements, so when it comes to creating a creative app or website, you will have to be innovative to stand out among fellow competitors. And that is how you can come up with creative HTML Projects!

Getting the right ideas is not easy, so we’d like to give you a short series with ideas of projects for front-end developers, you can do for practicing and save in your GitHub account as your coding portfolio.

When students are just starting to learn HTML, they tend to enjoy creating buttons, adding hyperlinks, adding photos, playing around with layouts, and lots of fun web design elements. However, when it comes to designing a website using just HTML and CSS, they get lost and frustrated about what they should do to become better at all these things. Their awareness is restricted to HTML and CSS.

What is HTML?

HTML is a markup language designed to allow the development of websites. Anyone who has access to the Internet can view these websites. It’s relatively simple to master if you already happen to have an understanding of the basics. You can develop static websites and with the help of CSS, you can also come up with creative designs.

After going through all the concepts, you will know that it is essential to learn HTML and CSS skills to create a project.

HTML Projects for Beginners

To build an elegant front end app you have to test how HTML and CSS work together. So, the question is what are some super friendly HTML projects that you can create to practice what you have learned.

Let’s go ahead and learn more about this:

1. A Restaurant Website Project

A Restaurant Website Project

Display your strong HTML and CSS skills, building a lovely diner webpage. By using a CSS layout grid, you can align the food products and beverages. You can add rates, photos while giving the page an aesthetic look and feel. You will have to use the right mix of colors, font-style, and visual graphics.

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For various types of food, you can introduce a photo gallery along with sliding photos for a better look and ease of usability. Add links to internal pages so that the user can be easily redirected. Make it easy to access and beautiful to look at as people are attracted to the visuals more.

2. A Landing Page

One successful project you can build using HTML and CSS is a landing page. You will need plenty of imagination when you try to come up with a landing page. However, it will need an extensive understanding of these key components.

One can exercise adding footer and header, building columns, align-items, creating a navigation menu and many other things will follow.

You will need to selectively use CSS, bearing in mind that various components of the design portion do not overlap with one another. Color combinations, padding, margin, spacing, paragraphs, menus, and boxes should also be taken care of. Lastly, make sure that all the colors and themes go well with each other.

3. Photography Website

Photography Website

If you happen to have extensive knowledge of HTML5 and CSS3, you can create a photography website where you can post all the pictures. Add the business name at the top with a picture describing the intent of your website. Then, you can highlight multiple images including your work.

Add the photographer’s contact information at the bottom of the page (footer). Add a specific link that people click to have a look at your previous work. This click will lead them directly to the section of photos. The margin, padding, color selection, font size, font style, picture size, and button styling should be given extra priority.

4. A Personal Portfolio Website

You can build your own unique portfolio by making use of HTML5 and CSS3, where you can display samples of your work and contributions with your name, social media handles, and images in this portfolio.

The idea is to add a navigation menu and add buttons like contact, services, a job in the header area. Attach one of your pictures at the top and write a self-introduction so that people get to know you.

Below that add several samples of the projects you have completed and add contact details or social media page in the footer.

5. Technical Document

Technical Document

If you happen to have a slight understanding of Javascript then you can develop a technical documentation site. This project will include  HTML, CSS, and Basic Javascript skills.

You can segment the entire web page into 2 parts. The left-hand side will have a list of all the categories mentioned from top to bottom. The right side is the report or explanation for the topics that need to be discussed.

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The purpose is to launch the information that is uploaded on the right after you tap on one of the categories in the left portion.  Just work on aesthetics on the page and make it look a bit professional.

6. An Event or Meeting Webpage

You may create a web page where an activity or meeting is held. Create a register option for  Individuals planning to attend the event. Mention various connections at the header of the main page for presenter, location, and timetable.

Define the meeting intent or category of people who can profit from this event. Insert an introduction and pictures of the presenter, details of the venue, and the event’s main objective on this webpage.

Split the page into parts, and add the menu header and footer. Using the correct color palette for various parts so that they go well with each other. Select a good font style and font color that fits your web page design.

7. A Survey Page

A Survey Page

Surveys are also an important part of a project and in most projects, you will be dealing with a ton of forms and surveys so you must have an idea of how to go about them.

Once you are acquainted with the basic tags in HTML, you will be able to create an amazing project. You will learn how to add various text fields, checkboxes, radio buttons, dates, and other essential components. You’ll understand how to give a webpage a proper structure while coming up with a survey form.

However, you are expected to have basic HTML knowledge and a little bit of CSS to create a good looking HTML project.

8. A Tribute Page

As a fresher, the best website you can create is a tribute page of someone who inspires you in your life. It just involves a basic understanding of both HTML and CSS.

Create a web page talking about this particular person and add a few pictures of him/her. To give this page a nice and clean look, you can use paragraphs, lists, links, CSS images. Align all the text and images to make it look aesthetically beautiful. Take extra care of the font, styling, and colors you are using.

To Sum Up

HTML and CSS are the highlights of these projects. We would highly recommend learning and understanding HTML and CSS completely, before you switch to more complex languages like JavaScript, PHP, or Python.

Before moving into building complex development projects, get highly comfortable with HTML Projects. That’s because it is extremely important to keep your basics clear before heading out for tougher terrains.

HTML and CSS are some of the easier languages and are also quite useful to create a static webpage. Students can simply design a front-end of a website by using just these two languages. However, if you are a business and are looking out to hire someone who can do it for you, then that’s pretty feasible too.

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But if you don’t do the regular practice, you will forget almost everything you have learnt. Keep working on your skills and practice as this is where the many project ideas come in. Projects are a good way to put your learning into practice. You can use these projects to highlight them in your CV or get better job opportunities.

You can easily hire an HTML Developer from Codersera who will help you create well-made HTML projects. Codersera specializes in providing expert developers where you can easily hire a developer or designer and vice versa. Not only can you find HTML and CSS developer but they specializes in React, React-native, Node, Angular and other useful app development technologies.

Which HTML Project did you like the best and will be working on? Let us know in the comments section below!

Indeed, you can master HTML without going to university or coaching classes. You canliterally practice HTML at the ease of your own home. Nevertheless, you will need resources for learning to help you to learn better. Luckily, there are plenty of online courses and blogs that you can follow which will help you understand the basics to advanced concepts of HTML.

No, if you start from the basics, HTML is incredibly easy to understand. While it requires having to code, and while it may seem hard to grasp to you at beginning, you need not have any programming skills whatsoever. HTML isn’t as hard as you would imagine, to understand. Just keep practicing and you will start to get better at it.

Sure, it can be mastered in single a week if you really want to. If you have a little knowledge of how coding works, you’ll find learning HTML very easy. If, on the other hand, you are trying to write the first lines of code, it may take a little bit more effort or time to get it right.

HTML mostly won’t take a lot of time to understand. It will take you about a week or less if you can give it 3–4 hours a day. CSS is going to take longer than HTML but not more than a month. Yet there is a lot to know in css because it is completely logical and different project have different css of their own.


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