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Tour and Flight App Development

In Russian regions, Pegas Touristik has over 50 offices of tourism. Moreover, Pegas Touristik is represented in Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia and Kazakhstan. The company has its offices of accepting tourists in Turkey, Egypt (suspended since November 2015), Thailand, Vietnam, China, UAE and Israel.


1,000,000+ Downloads

Tour and Flight App Booking & Management

4 Stars Rating



Team size

10 People



Project Highlight


• Time zone differences
• There were many modifications compared to the plan
• Integration into complex existing systems


• Allocate Technical Lead to participate in the architectural design of the project.
• Enhance communication with customers and stakeholders.
• Provide QA service to test thoroughly before sending to customers


• Launched products on time
• Customers were satisfied and want to continue phase 2
• Successfully integrated into the systems of Customers and Partners

Key Features

• Booking excursions
• Booking tour services
• View flight information
• Booking drivers
• Booking real estate


• PHP, Laravel
• React Native
• Figma
• Postman
• Firebase

App ScreenShots

Lovely Customers

"We'll definitely continue to work with them. They were easy to work with and always responsive and provided regular updates."

Glen Pearce
Co-founder, RedFOX Labs

“Great experiences with InApps in mobile app project. Recommend looking for a good outsource development firm for mobile game development or web development project to InApps team."

Si Bui
Head of Business Development, Phunware

"I really don’t look at it as I’m dealing with vendor but a partner. InApps satisfied our requirements we expected our outsourcing company to be: culture, communication, skillsets and dedication."

Spartak Buniatyan
CEO, Swiftengine

"I have been very impressed with InApps professionalism and unique customer service. They have always provided me with quality work at a very reasonable cost and always within the given time frame."

Vinh Nguyen
Digital Manager, Neovia Asia

“I have been really impressed with the team at InApps. They are professional, work ahead of schedule and are technically strong across a range of fields."

David Liem
CEO, Ripples

“Great website/UX design capabilities. A great experience designing the front end of our website, responsive team and good end product."

Toby Scregg
CEO, Eve

Frequently Asked Questions


Typically, booking or tourism apps can take between 3-9 months to develop, depending on the structure of your project, complexity, quality, and depth.

There are 4 main phases in the development process:

• Researching and finalizing ideas (2-3 weeks)

• Planning and wireframing the entire app (1 month)

•  Actual development (6 weeks)

• Continuous testing after development to ensure smooth functioning.

However, with our efficient MVP package, you can have a demo product within 3 weeks to pitch to stakeholders.

The development cost of any mobile app can vary depends on the features and specs you add to your app.

On average, it would usually cost around $25,000 to $55,000 or higher for a single platform.

Sometimes it can go beyond the estimated quotation based on complex features and technology used in mobile app development.

With our optimal MVP app development package, we offer available templates for $5,000 and other special full packages starting as low as $20,000, and reduce launching time down to 3 weeks!

You should have a clear understanding of your ideas, here are some steps to help:

First, work on your idea. Starting by choosing which type of booking platform you want (On-demand like Uber, Lyft, or In-advance like, Skyscanner, etc.), which industry you want to jump in (Hospitality services, Taxi services, etc.), and so on.

Next, list out possible features you would like to add to your booking platform.

Thirdly, decide which technology to use (PHP, MYSql, HTML5, CSS3, Ajax, Java, etc.). Most of our clients enjoy HTML5 thanks to its cost effectiveness!

Fourthly, think of what platforms to use. Should you focus solely on Android, or iOS, or even both?

Lastly, when you have written down all the essentials information (the more detail the better!), choose a reliable developer with deep industry knowledge to save your time and budget.

Simply reach out today and let's get your idea up and running!

We strive to ensure a consistent quality standard before handling final products to clients. Your satisfaction is our priorities, therefore, we provide 6-month free maintenance services.

This period can also vary depending on the type of project.

Want to know more, kindly leave us a message.

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