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The inspiration and lead-by-example approach to encourage women to never give up in their engineering careers seems critically needed in a technology market now mired by sexism and harassment.

In this episode of InApps Makers podcast, we spoke with Margaret Mayer, vice president of engineering at Capital One, and Ashley McNamara, principal technologist at Pivotal. Recorded at the OSCON open source conference in Austin in April, the conversation centered on mentoring and tips for women who may be shy or don’t want to speak up.

Women Engineers Who Inspire And Never Give Up

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1:29: The careers of  Margaret Mayer and Ashley McNamara.
6:02: How to be a mentor.
9:01: Overcoming institutional and unconscious biases.
13:53: Going beyond open, collaborative culture to something that is more meaningful and widespread.
21:46: Inspiring people who are shy or afraid of speaking up in the workplace.

Kiran Oliver produced this podcast.

Capital One sponsored this podcast.

Feature image left to right: Ashley McNamara and Margaret Mayer.

Source: InApps.net

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