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Staying in touch digitally while under lockdown will be the “new normal” for a while for about almost everybody, considering the seriousness of present lockdown situation and no external factors to get involved in.

During this Quarantine period, everyone has to follow the lockdown rules to fight against this global pandemic. Life under lockdown is tough but it is the need of the hour to save our resources and generations. Spending time in all of this, there are so many activities that make you happily keep in touch digitally under lockdown.

Most of the people are working remotely and keeping themselves productively occupied, while there are those people as well who are finding it difficult to cope up with this situation and struggling to find ways to spend their time.

Except for the essential services group, almost all other Govt.organisations, IT firms, schools, colleges are working digitally while under lockdown. And it is advisable too!

Due to lack of movement in society, it is advisable for all to keep doing something creative in their quarantine period and come out of this lockdown with a positive spirit and mind.

In this post, we are presenting 10 of the most useful, productive and creative ways for all age groups, to get involved into and spend their quarantine period without loosing motivation for life.

10 Ways to Keep in Touch Digitally while under Lockdown

1. Play games online

play online games

Playing games online or video games is an entertainment medium for all and right now it is trending during a lockdown situation. Online gaming options are definitely the best bet to keep oneself occupied and entertained during this isolation period.

Thanks to the power of technology, we can socialize digitally while playing games online and keep ourselves entertained as well as occupied!

Even the World Health Organization is urging everyone to stay at home, work remotely and play online games for entertainment.

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Games for PC such as Call of duty, Titanfall, Apex Legends, Fortnite, and PUBG are one of the most popular games from last year. Some of these are played on mobile phones also.

Go gaming!

2. Share Fitness goals

share fitness goals

During this quarantine period all the gyms, malls, stores, cinema halls and restaurants etc. are closed until the lockdown is over. While staying at home, the most important thing is that you should not miss exercising and stay active both mentally as well as physically.

As it is physical activities are very necessary for the betterment of health and increasing our immune system and now the World Health Organization (WHO) is also issuing health guidelines for lockdown period, to stay healthy and prevent the attack of any disease.

Most of the fitness experts are sharing daily fitness tutorials for quarantine, yoga classes, and exercise videos to motivate you to stay active and fit. So, you can join any one of these online fitness groups and be a part of that community fitness journey or you can share your own fitness journey by sharing trivia and stories online.

In addition, one can utilize this period by getting engaged in-home workouts or family yoga session together to stay fit and positive.

3. Join online classes or hub for learning new technologies

Join online classes or hub for learning new technologies

Across the World, all the teachers and other education professionals have followed many methods and how to use technologies to continue to teach their students online. And for this lockdown situation, online learning is proving to be the saviour of careers and educations.

Schools and colleges are using online platforms such as Google classrooms, Slack, Linkedin, Skillshare and many more to continue teaching without any loss of time and effort. These platforms are very helpful for better interaction between teachers and students and learn new technologies. Also, allows students to keep learning digitally while under lockdown.

From these online learning classes and video conferencing facilities like Skype and Zoom, students are keeping up with the proper curriculum without losing out on crucial time before next semester.

Also, one can get enrolled in learning new courses online, or by joining hubs for some technology learning, music lessons, painting classes etc.

Last week, one of the top universities of the world- Harvard university has announced 67 free online courses specially for this lockdown situation, to benefit millions of learners across the globe.

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Go grab one free course and be a winner in lock down!

4. Share online recipes

share food recipes

All under lockdown, this is really crucial time for everybody, but I believe that sharing delicious food recipes online is one of the best ways to show your skills on different social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, youtube, etc. This is a great way of earning money and spending quality time at our home.

5. Earning through share market

earning through share market

Share market offers huge opportunities for earning quick money and this is a suitable time to invest in online trading of shares, where you can recover losses and keep yourself occupied digitally while under lock down.

For this, you should invest in companies with low debt, good execution ability, dividend record and get earning. While these are available on its share fluctuations so take care of the risks too.

In this time the share market is a ray of hope for small businessman, housewives, young entrepreneurs to maintain their earning and recover losses.

6. Improve your communication skills

improve communication skills

If taken positively, this lockdown situation is actually a blessing in disguise, where we have enough time on our platter to learn and update ourselves on many new skills while keeping in touch digitally under lockdown.

If you always wanted to improve your communication, vocabulary, and pronunciation but never found time or inspiration, this is your time. You can also learn new languages like French, Italian, or so many which you really like the most/ suitable for career advancement as well.

Lockdown gives you plenty of time to devote to improve your communication skills.

So don’t get panic about lock down, this could be a great time to build your focus on your vocabulary with the help of online classes and social media.

7. Freelance or WFH


As world has moved to remote working during this pandemic, freelancing and WFH is on the rise. Freelancers usually make money on a per-task basis, charging hourly or daily rates for their work. So, if you have some special skill, you can apply as a freelancer in some of the remote platforms and earn quick money.

As the economy is decreasing this opportunity gives the rapid change to the crisis and moving towards success by lots of strategic positioning, hours of hard work and good timing.

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Many apps are also present which will help you the ultimate guide to going freelance and you’ll also find tips and tricks to set a proper mindset for freelancers and learning new technical skills you need to get started.

8. Start writing blogs

start writing blogs

This pandemic could be a very great time to build an online audience, as most of the population is spending active hours online looking for new interesting things.

If you have a hobby of writing on something interesting so the time is yours, go conquer the world by starting your own blog! It is the right time to create something new rather than getting caught up with isolation. Also, you can write a novel as well.

Today, we have the advantage of technology on our side to start wherever we want to and create a platform of our own to connect with a niche audience. Additionally, we have many available platforms ready to give us space by starting writing our thoughts.

9. Learn to Code

learn to code

As a dominating digital age, coding is a very important skill to master and usually it takes too much time to develop. If you are interested in programming then it is great time to develop your programming skills or learn how to code (if you are a novice to programming).

Gone are the days when it was believed that coding is only for absolute computer nerds. Now, anyone can participate in the process of writing code for their own creations, such as websites, mobile applications, and software.

Many online communities, you tubers are teaching free coding lessons for all, just get started with any one of these and master the skill of coding in quarantine time and stay empowered with knowledge.

10. Netflix and Chill Together

netflix and chill togther

Well, it’s a hard time for all of us to be mentally fit during this lockdown and for this several web series platforms like Netflix can play a vital role to keep us busy with all its spicy, twisting, thrilling, and comedy series available on it.

For today’s generation, the most trendy way of spending time is watching movies and web series in Netflix and amazon prime. So, this is the absolutely apt time to binge watch your favourite programmes on these platforms and enjoy your quarantine rather than sulking about lack of activity.

I hope you find these tips useful in your quarantine and by adopting one, two or all of these you can stay in touch digitally while under lockdown.

Source: InApps.net

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