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It’s a new year, and we leap into it with new beginnings and strengthened old associations. With great joy and fondness we look into the achievements and milestones covered in the past year.

Presenting Solution Analysts’ Review for Year 2015

Technology Solution Delivered in 2015

  • Web & eCommerce : 19 Web Projects successfully delivered.
  • Mobile Apps: 18 Mobile Apps Delivered Globally

Say Hello to Brand New website & Corporate Identity

We have launched a brand new website that echoes our corporate sensibilities and conveys our aim to stay up-to-date with the latest market trends. Our corporate identity has matured to adjust to the growing demands of the information technology market. We have adopted new techniques, upgraded to new technologies and adopted new work models that will suit our clients’ needs and our work ethics.

Growing with New Office premises

We have shifted base to a bigger and brighter office for the convenience and comfort of our employees and to create a pleasing and collaborative space for our clients.

Tech Programs & Trainings & Promotions

Since 2011 we have trained XYZ tech professionals based on emerging technologies like iOS Swift, Android, ionic, Angular JS, Node JS, Web and Cloud technologies among others. Training and development continues to be an area of focus as we hold regular sessions with employees to aid them in developing new skills.

  • 6896+ man hour training for employee productivity and to enhance personal skill sets.
  • 5 Members promoted to next level management.
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Focusing on Employee Growth

At Solution Analysts we believe that our employees must be updated in their knowledge of the latest technologies and its applications. Also, we believe it is important for them to have the requisite soft skills needed to translate their ideas into working models that they can communicate about effectively.

This year we have launched personalized weekly training sessions called Vivify for members’ productivity. These sessions are conducted by Vatsal Shah. It has fun activities that help team members refresh their mind and enhance their technical skills and balance their personal life.

Quality assurance and Client Satisfaction

Solution Analysts team has taken an oath to deliver quality assurance and client satisfaction with every service and product. We are aiming at reducing dependency; maintain professional approach and delivering cost-effective and time-efficient solutions.

Events & Cultural Activities

We have taken a pledge to perform one big event every month for the relief of our employees from their work routine. The events we have successfully hosted include –

  • Uttarayan with colorful kites
  • Holi event
  • Diwali celebration
  • Rangoli day
  • Christmas celebration
  • New year with Ethnic day
  • Fake injury day
  • Group theme day
  • Filmy day
  • Birthday Celebrations and much more

Important Achievements of Team Solution Analysts

  • 18 team members received appreciation for performance.
  • 4 members are promoted to senior position
  • 49 new member added in SA family
  • One member travelled to Singapore for exploring business opportunities.
  • 37+ Tech Solutions Delivered Globally

We’d like to use this space to sincerely thank our team Solution Analysts who have made the journey of the past year incredible and our clients for giving us the opportunity to serve them.

We look forward to providing an incredible service through the year 2016 and gaining model experiences that will enrich us professionally and personally.

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