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Internet of Things (IoT) technologies is being widely tested by companies and they are being used extensively in conjunction with smart devices and internet-enabled devices.

However, the industry is still widely fragmented and a system for deputation of the technology with common standards has to arise for it to gain unabated traction. Further, it is of the essence for the applications that enable smart operations of these technologies to be relevant to end customers.

Even of the innumerable mobile applications one finds in the smartphone, most are rarely used and not all features are found relevant for usage even within the applications that are used regularly.

Z-Wave technology in the IoT sphere is much spoken about and researched currently, especially where IoT technologies for residential homes are concerned.

Google Thread and Apple HomeKit are the leading examples in this matter; in fact, Apple HomeKit will be foraying soon on the iOS 10 update. We discuss 3 customer-centric applications of IoT that are being delved into heavily as viable avenues.

Parental Control on household appliances

Password encrypted parental control for television channels and mobile devices are a thing of the past. Children are erudite enough to break through these and there are loopholes to remembering passwords too.

The next-gen solution is to encrypt passwords with voice messages and other hands-free solutions that ensure parental monitoring. Parental control is not only being exercised where multimedia is concerned but also in the case of child locking rooms, kitchen appliances, plug points and switches among others.

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Voice-control driven application

Voice control is an essential aspect of IoT applications and a sophisticated system is needed to ensure appropriate actions. Standard voice recognition features offered by existing mobile device manufacturers including Google’s Voice Control and Apple’s Siri are yet to fully mature.

While they do capture standard instructions in a neutral accent, the technology is not nuanced to capture accents or different languages. This is a great hurdle in the global market capture. Of course, many IoT technology providers give the option for customers to pre-record instructions and set operations, but here the restricting factor will be the number of ways a single command can be rendered.

Protecting Customer’s residential data via the cloud

The cloud will be massively leveraged to perpetuate IoT in residential areas and to promote clean technology in living spaces. The home data is protected using anti-virus that is sent over the cloud and routers are also using the cloud to protect data.

Users can protect their data from guest networks by creating a firewall on their personal file systems and secure their private network within the home space.

IoT is set to change the way we live and small changes are arriving in a big way. It is touted to save a lot of resources and help us go easy on the bills, future trends definitely point in that direction.

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