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Packt Publishing studied the most popular programming languages that were currently reigning the market and revealed that JavaScript and Java rule the roost.

Further, the leading web development tools in the market remain AngularJS, followed by React.JS, Node.js, and Laravel. All four are JavaScript based tools and open source technologies with a strong developers’ team. We discuss these 4 most popular web development tools.


AngularJS leads the pack in popularity amongst developers since its arrival in 2009, especially for developing single page applications. AngularJS was developed by Google and receives extensive support from the company’s in-house team and members from Reddit and Google+ who contribute towards the platforms’ growth.

The MVC architecture, declarative user interface, and POJO data models make Angular an agile and dynamic development platform which lends to the speed in rapid development projects. Even the unit testing with AngularJS is highly functional in resolving issues and ensuring smooth product development.

Finally, the toolset on AngularJS makes it extensible and works well with other libraries, so developers get the necessary breadth for creating highly customizable solutions.


Node.JS is designed to build scalable network applications using event-driven JavaScript runtime. This platform works best for applications that work with extremely fast engines and has heavy data processing.

This platform uses Google’s V8 JavaScript engine which renders it highly capable of the kind of actions it performs. Node extends the event model using the event loop as runtime construct instead of a library. Node enters an event loop after executing input script and exits the event loop when no callbacks have to be performed.

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Laravel web development solutions are fast, elegant and composed of expressive syntax. Laravel is a PHP web framework with core features such as modular packaging system, dependency manager, multiple accesses to relational database and syntactic sugar.

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It has built-in support for user authentication and authorization and has some unique features such as Bundles for modular packaging, Eloquent ORM, Reverse Routing for defining the relationship between links and routes and IOC container for generating new objects.


ReactJS is the product of the joint association of Facebook and Instagram and is used mainly for web application user interface using components with specific HTML tags.

React concerns itself with the “view” aspect of the MVC model and it is used by web developers to create ReactJS components for composing performance-oriented applications.

React is a dynamic element of web development and its one-way data flow begins with properties that are a set of immutable values. Properties cannot be modified by the components directly and have to be passed as callback functions and hence, properties flow down and action flows up.

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