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Most software development companies in the US facing issues in the hiring of software developers. Due to the lack of local talented professionals.

Although the graph of technical graduates is in increasing order. Still, top-rank companies like google and apple with their high packages and perks find it challenging, hire well-skilled software developers.

It may be a difficult and expensive task to do. But, hire a top coder or developer is not something that is impossible.

things to consider before hiring a software developer

First of all, before hiring a software developer there are some things you should keep in mind.

Every software developer who walks around for an interview comes with a different skillset. And every employer searches various skills and attitudes. There are various factors that fill help you to find the right software developer for you.

Software developer

Analytical Thinking:-

As a software developer, a person should have an analytical approach. This gives you better thinking and observation power to understand things more deeply.

It makes you creative and productive. Before hiring a software developer, give it a sight to his/her analytical thinking.


If you are in one of who thinks communication skills are not important as a software developer. Then you are absolutely wrong. Most people think if a candidate has well technical skills then you can ignore his/her communication skills.

End of the day he/she is going to do coding designing. But what about sharing the idea? don’t forget development is teamwork. you have to share your idea with your respective team. And for them to understand you need to communicate with them well.


Obviously, coding is the key point if you going to hire a software developer. A software developer without the best coding skills is for no use.

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As a software developer, we have to work on the best programming languages that are not user-friendly. But highly demand technologies like Node.js, react native, react native web, AngularJS. so a software developer should have extreme knowledge of coding.


“Skill can learn not the attitude”. A positive attitude leads towards a positive end. If an employee with a negative attitude will impact on other employees.

Because of that indirectly the work going to suffer. So a software developer having a positive attitude toward their work is important.

Work ethics:-

Work ethics are very important for any employee. If an employee doesn’t have any work ethics he/she will go office late, will not complete his/her on time. That will impact on other employees too.

So for the sake of professional discipline and a proper workflow give it sight on employee’s work ethics.

how to hire a software developer

There are many alternatives approaches you can choose to hire a software developer. We will look upon it all one by one.

1- Traditional way

There was a time when for a software developer role you need a respective degree. But now the technology changes day by with laser light speed developer with current skillset are required.

To learn these skills no college degrees are needed. One can learn these skills from books or join some online courses. So it easy to update your self with the current skillset.

So according to the current trend if you are going to hire a software developer, give priority to experience and knowledge over some professional degrees.

Check Portfolio:-

hiring process

The best way to check your developer’s experience and skills are the portfolios. As everything is mention in the portfolio you can have knowledge about their past projects.

And the clients for whom they work for. You will get to know what technologies they used in their past projects and experienced them. Or what new skills they are learning and from where.

Then it easy to decide for you. whether the candidate is fulfilling your profile needs or not.

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Candidate availability:-

It’s not only developers look for a new opportunity you should also keep an eye on the pool of best developers. Just like if you want to buy any property that is not free now you will keep an on it till then its available for.

Its the same with software developers if you think for some developer that only he/she can get understand your project. And deliver you the best product to keep an eye on him/her. Some developers only available for new recruits when they get a finish from one place.

So if you will track them regularly you get to know when they are going to free and hire them for your project.

2-Hire Remote Developer

Hire a remote developer could be a great option for you. If you are also one of them who can break the geographical boundaries for the sake of technology and skills.

Then this is the best option for you. there are a lot of talented well-skilled developers in the world you just need to shift your eyes from the local talent to the global.

If your project is core technology-based then don’t compromise with the quality of your project just for the ease of hiring local talent. Increase your search area and find the best fit for your project.

pros and cons of hiring a remote developer

Pros of hiring a Remote developer:-

  • You can access to the global talent pool.
  • lots of resources you can get this way.
  • You don’t need to spend on infrastructure and benefit.
  • Costs are potentially lower here.

Cons of hiring a Remote developer:-

  • Chances of data leakage are more.
  • The deadline could be unmet.
  • Time differences could occur.
  • Communication barriers.
  • Unreliability is also an issue here.

So these were some cons and pros of hiring a remote developer. Consider it once if you are going to work with remote developers.

3-Outsourcing companies

If you want to hire a whole new team for your project. And you are not able to get talent what you required. Outsource companies are best for you.

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These days finding a skilled software developer is already a difficult task to do upon that you need a whole team to manage that. This could be the most time-consuming part. Outsourcing could help you with this.

You can save your money or not this depends on where you choose to outsource. But definitely, you are going to save a lot of time and resources. That you can use in your project.

pros and cons of outsourcing

Pros of outsourcing:-

  • You can hire multiple developers at once, rather than having to assemble a team one by one.
  • Possible cost saving(depending on the outsourcing location.

Cons of outsourcing:-

  • Loss of managerial control. And insight into the vendor’s process.
  • Low quality of work due to developers working on many projects.
  • Cost overages, as changes to the end product, are priced individually.

These were some pros and cons of outsourcing. Consider them before taking the help of outsourcing companies.

4-Your own development team

There two ways you can make your development team. First the traditional way of hiring second the remote way you can choose likewise.

If you are going to hire local talent for your development team then you have to spend a lot of time and money. Because you needed to hire a few employees then trained them.

Then you need a space where they will work and some other facilities. But if you choose to create a remote development team time and money will-less spend.

Offshoring works Best when:-

  • You need experienced engineers and engineers skilled in rare technologies. But you can’t find them locally.
  • You want to manage the development process directly but not ready to open your own office.
  • You are looking for an open and secure way to grow your development team.
pros and cons of offshore software development

Pros of Offshoring:-

  • Full involvement in the hiring process.
  • Full control over the development process.
  • Full-time developers exclusively working for you.
  • No need to spend on infrastructure.

Cons of offshoring:-

  • Require an inhouse tech specialist, capable of running a development team.
  • Not a good fit for short term projects.
  • 4-6 weeks to build a team.

So these are some methods of hiring software developers. Consider these methods and check which one is the best fit for you.

Source: InApps.net

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