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Although the article has highlighted all the major areas of IoT benefits, there is much more to learn. Every day a new innovation related to internet of things comes on the stage bringing new concepts that can be beneficial to people in the near future.

While we are still now aware of the large-scale adoption of the IoT in healthcare, one can not deny its popularity on the other industries such as education, fashion, travelling, communication, and more. Let’s see if it goes on successfully in improving the quality of lives.

What is Internet of Things?

Internet of things can be termed as inter-network connection of physical devices or connected devices such as buildings, vehicles, and more. These devices are embedded with software, electronics, sensors, network connectivity, and actuators that help them to collect and transmit data.


Simply said, IOT can also be said as “the infrastructure of the information society”. Internet of things allow the objects to be controlled or sensed by remote across existing network infrastructure.

This also create opportunities for direct integration of the world into computer-based technical systems to improve efficiency, economic benefit, and accuracy.

These days internet of things has also changed the face of healthcare by redefining the way devices, apps, and people interact with each other. Starting from personal fitness, implantable devices, and wellness sensors to surgical robots, IoT has come up with new and efficient tools that result in an integrated healthcare.

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It provides better patient care, reduces healthcare cost, and improves treatment outcomes. IoT offers large opportunities for hospitals to promote wellness through automated workflow and process excellence.

Advantage of IoT to Healthcare

Reduced Costs:

Connected healthcare solutions allow doctors to monitor patients on a real-time basis. This reduces unnecessary physician visits. Also, advanced homecare facilities prevents hospital stays.

Improved Treatment Outcomes:

Connected Health provide access to real-time information that allows evidence-based treatments resulting in data-driven and informed decisions.

Real-time Disease Management:

diseases can be cured easily before they worsen with continuous patient monitoring and real-time data access.

Minimizes Errors:

Automated workflows, data-driven decisions and actions, and accurate data collection reduces errors and system costs.

Improved Patient Experience:

Connected Health focuses on patient centricity. Procreative treatments, better accuracy in diagnosis, timely doctor intervention, lead to efficient care.

Internet of things has played a transformation role in healthcare. However, it is important for any organization to prepare themselves to manage digital disruption and integrate it with the overall care environment in order to build combined healthcare ecosystems.

IoT Wearables That has Changed the Face of Human Health Care

IoT has a significant impact on the medical field. In recent years, IoT has delivered modern and fully functional applications which were believed to be a concept in the past. Let’s talk about some IoT wearables that have changed the face of healthcare starting from diagnostics to monitoring.

Augmented Reality for Medical Inspection

A rise in digital technology has significant efforts on medical industry operations. In last five years, digitization of healthcare industry has induced integrity and modernity in traditional medical procedures.

medical realities

On the other hand patients have lost regular contact with doctors. Augmented reality app helps to overcome this problem. The app helps in improving connections between patients and doctors.

Doctors can treat patients virtually. A real life environment is created with the help of smart glasses that helps to transmit digital information.

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The app is conceptual in nature, although, the research work is in progress. It is believed that in years to come the app will change the face of medical industry. The app will reinvent the core of meeting the doctors regularly by bringing the gone solidarity in the digital medical industry.

Ingestible Sensors

One of the most interesting aspect of internet of things in the field of medical industry is a Swallowable sensor or ingestible sensors. They induce an entirely new possibilities of remotely monitoring patients.


These sensors are used to cloth medicines more precisely and to reflect lifestyle choices and entire medication-taking patterns. The application will be influential for precision during the dosage surety on patients and cut down the side effects caused by wrong prescription.

For instance, ingestible sensors may use stomach juices as a source of energy to cure schizophrenia, depressive disorders, and bipolar diseases. They will gauge diet obedience that is beneficial to cure depressive disorders.


Hearables are generally the devices for deaf, however the role id not confined to that much. It helps in exposing biometric data and fitness metrics with the help of ear buds.


The application can also track vitals including heart rate, blood pressure, and other internal factors. According to an independent survey, these days a large percentage of youngsters are suffering from partial and complete deafness.

Hearables helps avoid ear-related issues by simply obstructing or amplifying sounds.

Smart Glasses

Smart Glass is a nursing technology like artificial intelligence, influential in clarifying vision. It has a headset that is mounted on the lens and an HD camera that transfers a real-time image on the LED screen.


The other headset device makes it easy for the user to magnify the image and see an ideal picture. An audio instruction is also given according to the pitcher that is reflected on the LED screen.

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This also helps to direct the user and prevent all the possible obstacles. Although, curing visual disability is one of the key applications of these applications, research is being done to accelerate cure of Alzheimer’s disease.


Researchers say that moodables will be human’s best friend in the years to come. These devices will help in providing relaxation to people having stress disorders and ADD.

Moodables can study the brain waves and transmit low intensity currents to the brain accordingly. This device can be beneficial on both healthy and stressed brain. The device will also be beneficial to study human brains and elevation of mood swings. Although the idea is still under development, it has brought a huge steer.

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