Millions of people today depend on their mobile devices, laptops, and most importantly – Internet connection to find and purchase things online.

Knowing this, the quality of Website Design and its usability is very important to customers. As a designer, it is even more important to you if you want to attract those people, engage them, and turn them into leads.

5 Reasons For Good User Interface

At the end of the day, everyone will leave your design if it’s poorly created, if the pages load too slowly, or if they cannot find what they are looking for. This is why the user interface is crucial for the success of the design.

Understanding UX and UI design Process

User interface design or UI design is the connection between a website or design and its user. It includes every design element that has to be present for people to navigate through the site and take some actions. It refers to the relationship between the design and the user while they are using it.

Maze, a leading brand in user testing thoroughly explains the UI design process in their guide. According to this source, UI design is “about building interfaces with a focus on styling and interactivity”. They further proceed to explain the work of UI designers as follows: “to create a user interface which is easy to use and eye-catching”.

 UI and UX.

In Maze’s guide, you can also learn about the difference between two highly interchangeable, yet different terms – UI and UX design.

According to Forbes, good UI raises the site’s conversion rates by 200%, and UX design can increase them up to 400%. Neither can succeed without the other, and your design cannot be a success unless you implement the right strategies for quality design.

Generally speaking, user interfaces come in three different formats:

  • Graphical interfaces or GUIs such as the desktop of the computer or the phone screen. Users interact with the visual representation of the design.
  • Voice-controlled interfaces or VUIs such as smart assistants like Alexa and Siri. Users interact with the sound representation of the design.
  • Gesture-based interfaces. These are the most recent types of user interfaces and include 3D design spaces, VR games, etc.

Every feature of an app, a device, or a website that allows the users to interact with the design falls under the user interface.

Let’s say that the user has to fill out a contact form on a site. The user interface, or the website, will have drop-down lists, text boxes, radio buttons, and other elements of UI design.

Some of the key elements included in UI design include navigational components, input controls, containers, and informational components. It’s all about the details and things like icons, tags, lists, buttons, toggles, etc.

How well you handle the UI design will greatly impact the User Experience or UX.

 important points of Ux/Ui Support.

The job of a designer is to make sure that the user interface, the thing that people interact with, is easy to use, comprehensive, and of high quality.

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Is User Interface Really Important To Drive Traffic

Quality UI design is the top reason why a website enjoys high traffic. It means that the designer did a good job and their work draws people in, as well as keeps them engaged. Combine this with quality content and products or services, and you get the recipe for loyal, numerous customers.

good Ux/Ui Support.

UI design includes many elements and even the smallest changes can have a huge impact on its quality. Things that might sound silly such as the shape or size of a button on a page can determine if the user can find it easily or not.

Before we jump at the 5 reasons why you should be focusing on UI, we should establish what makes a good design.

If you create a good UI, you’ll be blending three main things: visual design, interaction design, and information architecture.

Visual design improves the appearance of the website and makes it more attractive to the user. The task of the designer is to strategically implement UI elements like images, fonts, colors, text, multimedia, etc. This part is all about appearance – and first impressions are key in design these days.

Information architecture is the structure of the site, designed to help the user find the information they need. This involves things like structuring, labeling, and organizing the web content. If done right, information architecture can affect both the user experience and the SEO performance of the content.

Interactive design includes the interactions of the users with the system. When they click on a button, something happens.

When they check a box, they make some kind of statement. Ideally, the designer should make this seamless for the user and make it so that they understand exactly how to interact with it.


Now that you know what should be done for good UI design, let’s take a look at the 5 reasons why this is vital to your success as a designer:

This image focuses on a benefit with Attracting and acquiring new customers through a good Ux/Ui Support.

1.     Attracting and acquiring new customers

Quality UI design contributes greatly to the positive user experience. In combination with smart UX Design Strategies, this can give you a big competitive advantage and help you attract more people toward your design or brand.

In the competitive, busy online world of today, chances are there are a lot of designers trying to attract the same audience you are working hard to impress. Good user interface can be a factor differentiator for your brand i.e. make it stand out and help you get people to find and use your pages.

2.     A boost in customer retention 

Ultimately, quality UI and UX will attract and convert more leads and result in more sales. This is just the beginning. As soon as your SEO ranking gets higher and your design is attractive and easy to use, word will spread around about your business, maximizing your opportunities for revenue.

This image focuses on a benefit with boost in customer retention through a good Ux/Ui Support.

An interface that is comfortable to navigate and gives the users the information they need when they need it will prompt them to continue their experience on the website. This reduces the bounce rates and increases the conversion rates, which are the two main goals of designers today.

People who like your site will be more loyal to your brand, too, which makes it one of the best customer retention strategies. UI Design is not just about getting new people to your pages, but also about keeping the ones you have returning for more.

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3.     Lower customer support expenses

Whenever the user comes across an issue with the website’s functionality or cannot find something, they’ll either leave it or look for support.

If your interface is intuitive, you won’t just get fewer bounce rates. You’ll also get fewer complaints with customer support, which can significantly reduce the expenses you have for it.

Thanks to a functional, simple interface, you can minimize doubts, errors, and unwanted actions, as well as bad word of mouth.

This image focuses on a benefit with lower customer support expenses through a good Ux/Ui Support.

If a site with Poor Design has hundreds of support agents to handle all the queries and issues, a site with a great design will have much fewer, which equals fewer expenses.

4.     Lower costs for development

Many problems can occur if you don’t do your design right from the start. This is why designers perform user testing on a regular basis – to eliminate and prevent mistakes that can cost a fortune.

With a well-planned design, you can correct the navigation errors before they cost you money and customers, eliminate functions and features that aren’t relevant and which help us to Create Website design more functional.

Thus, a user-friendly, intuitive design is not just beneficial for the users, but also for your business. Taking care of this on a regular basis can save you time, effort, and tons of money throughout the later stages.

5.     Higher customer satisfaction

Last but not least, the best user interface will lead to a better user experience. The user will be able to get to the things he or she needs faster, which will increase satisfaction and decrease the search time.

As a dedicated designer, it is your duty to make it easier for the user to find the product or service, take some kind of action, or find the information they are looking for.

Fulfilling the needs of users rapidly and efficiently improves customer loyalty, increases sales volume, and minimizes all kinds of resources and costs.

In A Nutshell

There are many benefits to a good user interface. This is the designer’s greatest tool in attracting and converting customers.

Once your job is completed and you’ve created an interface that is functional, simple, and enjoyable for the users, you can reap the great results that come from it.

However, keep in mind that all this is a work in progress. You need to maintain the quality of your design to keep the bounce rates low and conversion rates high. Perform thorough testing at different stages, follow the trends, and tweak the interface to keep it impressive for the user.

We at Codersera are passionate about keeping our audience updated at all times. Keep reading and keep gaining knowledge around it.


How UX/UI is helpful?

UI design is the connection between a website or design and its user. It includes every design element that has to be present for people to navigate through the site and take some actions.

How UX/UI is playing a part in customer satisfaction?

Fulfilling the needs of users rapidly and efficiently improves customer loyalty, increases sales volume, and minimizes all kinds of resources and costs.

In case you need a professional Web Design with optimized functions from interface to operation, InApps is ready to assist.

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