Healthcare app ideas refer to one domain where apps have enhanced patient convenience and engagement. Healthcare apps help transform how medical services are provided regarding treatment, prescriptions, consultations, etc. The technology used on these apps can improve the overall healthcare system by improving efficiency, communication, costs, and quality of healthcare services. That’s why more people and more people have been using healthcare app users over the last few years.

Healthcare App Annual Users

One major part of healthcare apps is mHealth apps. Mobile health or mHealth refers to medicine and public health services through smartphone and wearables use. The convenience and ubiquity of smartphones, especially in developed countries, enable healthcare to be more accessible through mHealth. Top mHealth apps in the market are currently Apple Health, MyfitnessPal, Fitbit, ….to name just a few.


US mHealth App Market Size. Source: Grandviewresearch

In this article, we will discuss the top lucrative healthcare app ideas that have huge potential for the future, so entrepreneurs should watch out!

1. Top healthcare app ideas for convenience

1.1 On-demand Doctor App

Since the advent of COVID-19, the on-demand doctor app idea has gained massive popularity. This app is a brilliant health application idea to connect patients with qualified doctors for virtual consultations immediately. Via this medical app, patients book online consultations and get in touch with the correct healthcare specialist via video calls or instant chat.

healthcare app ideas

Users can also take advantage of medical services from the comfort of their homes and discuss their ailments and medical issues to receive immediate assistance. This will reduce wait times and improve access to healthcare for ill people.

An on-demand doctor’s app is an exciting healthcare app idea that can perform exceptionally well in the healthcare industry.  However, as personalization is becoming the norm, it is important to use innovative technologies such as AI.ML, Big Data to offer a personalized experience to end-users.

Check out a few on-demand doctor apps:

1.2 Pharmacy Delivery App

If anybody is sick or old, they prefer to get the medicines delivered to their home, instead of going out to buy them themselves. This tendency has increased exponentially since the spread of COVID-19.


Medicine delivery medical app


People are not allowing their near and dear ones to purchase medicines due to the higher risk of infection. Pharmacy delivery applications have addressed this concern and become highly popular among people in a very short time. This trend will only grow further in the following years, making it beneficial for any startup to develop these healthcare applications. So if you’re looking for healthcare app ideas that address people’s concerns, medicine delivery applications could be the one.

Besides a friendly user interface and delivery logistics, make sure you have reliable partnerships with licensed pharmacies. This is to ensure a wide range of authentic medicines and timely delivery to vulnerable people.

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1.3 Telehealth platform for specialists

Receiving care from a specialist can be challenging for patients living in remote or rural areas. These patients often face the burden of long-distance travel, which is time-consuming and costly. A telehealth platform eliminates these geographical barriers, enabling patients to consult with specialists from the comfort of their homes.

medical app teleplatform

For example, a patient with a rare neurological condition in a rural area can receive ongoing care from a neurologist based in a major medical center without the need for arduous travel. This not only expands the reach of specialized medical care to a broader population but also ensures that these patients receive the best treatment for their specific conditions.

As a business owner, your medical apps must handle personal health information properly and protect patient data. By implementing robust measures, like HIPAA in the United States, you safeguard patient information during both storage and transmission.

HIPAA, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, is a United States legislation that provides data privacy and security provisions for safeguarding medical information. It sets the standard for protecting sensitive patient health information from being disclosed without the patient’s consent or knowledge.

2. Top healthcare app ideas for general well-being

2.1 Mental Health Apps

People are experiencing mental issues due to an increasingly stressful and busy lifestyle. Many people suffer from depression, panic attacks, anxiety, and other mental ailments. However, people are becoming more aware of these issues. Gradually, it has become their priority to have better mental health.

mental healthcare apps

Mental health applications help users consult and discuss their mental health issues with experts without hesitation or fear. In a survey from the third quarter of 2022, 63% of U.S. users knew about mindfulness and meditation, the highest rate during the survey period. Also, more people wanted to use these apps from early 2019 to late 2022, with 20% using them in the last part of the survey.

App developers are trying to match their ever-increasing demands by developing mental health applications. Some popular mental health apps are BetterHelp, Calm, Headspace, …etc.

2.2 Women’s Well-being App

There is no doubt that women have different healthcare challenges and demands. Their menstrual cycle is pivotal in their well-being, as most healthcare issues are directly linked to this phenomenon.

women wellbeing apps

Women’s well-being apps can provide information about menopause or women-specific diseases, such as breast cancer and PCOD. These medical care apps can also offer support and important information during pregnancy or connect patients with gynecologists.

These health application ideas for women are increasing in popularity, making them a worthwhile project for tech startups.

2.3 Wellness Tracker and Workout App

A wellness tracker app comprises various sensors and functions that can help individuals monitor their wellness levels. These healthcare apps enable users to monitor their heartbeat pattern, oxygen levels, circulatory strain, etc. Some apps even include pre-recorded exercise sessions and several other activities to help individuals train and stay fit without going to the gym.

workout-tracker app

By incorporating innovative technology such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Augmented Reality, and IoT, developers offer a convenient app interface that can be used with wearable gadgets and trackers.

2.4 Diet Planning App

Undoubtedly, nutrition plays an important role in maintaining an individual’s health. A well-planned diet can help individuals to reach their wellness goals, reduce body fat, and stay healthy and fit.

diet planning app

Diet planning apps allow users to input their diet type, wellness objectives, and workout pattern, and the app can immediately offer them a diet plan to complement their intended results and help them achieve their well-being targets.

2.5 Medicine Price Comparison App

The medicine market is complex, and dominated by several big brands. The cost is a big factor here; everyone wants medicine that can fulfill the purpose without exceeding exorbitant costs.

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medicine comparison app

To help users get the best medicine, we have medicine price comparison applications that allow people to view alternate prescribed medicine, its components, and their prices in different stores. These apps are getting highly popular as users can use them to get vital details in real-time and make their medicine purchase decisions accordingly.

A user has to input the name of the medicine and the app will instantly display the composition and price of the drug at different stores; this helps the end-users save a considerable amount of money.

2.6 Personal Medical Records App

Medical record apps can help patients store their health records and share them with healthcare professionals before an appointment. This app lets doctors and physicians get a deeper insight into the patient’s health history, prescribed treatments, existing healthcare issues, and other important aspects. The information comes in handy to doctors when they prescribe the best-suited medicines and further procedures to patients.

Personal Medical Records App

Developers can utilize Blockchain technology to create apps that allow patients and doctors to access medical records everywhere.

2.7 Medical Translation App

This is one of the unconventional health app project ideas, but important for doctors and other healthcare practitioners.

As healthcare apps are gaining momentum worldwide, your potential customers could be from foreign countries who may not understand the language of their host country. These people may have difficulty explaining their condition due to the language barrier, and this is where the medical translation app comes to the rescue.

Medical Translation App

Physicians can utilize these medical translation apps to understand users’ issues and prescribe the best medication to cater to their requirements.

Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing (NLP) can be used to enhance the understanding of the language and gestures of patients to offer them an adequate prescription.

2.8 Health Reminder Apps

Health reminder apps help users by reminding them to perform certain activities to meet their healthcare objectives. Such applications can remind users to take medicines, raise an alert about the dosage, or remind them to exercise or walk.

healthcare apps

It is important to have such an app, as compliance with medication ensures the drug’s effectiveness, decreasing the risk of adverse measures. Health reminder applications enable users to plan their medical appointments and provide quick tips to maintain their health adequately.

Developers can even add features like reminders to drink water which can help users increase their water intake. Such apps could be developed to be accessed via smartphone, smartwatch, or tablet, allowing users ease of access and will help them keep track of and automate their reminders.

2.9 Plant Health Apps

Plant health apps

Last but not least, this next healthcare app is perfect for plant enthusiasts who have taken immense joy from growing plants in their homes. Introduce plant healthcare apps!

Plant health apps are carving out a niche in the healthcare app market, offering a unique blend of technology and nature care. These apps, created to monitor and enhance the health of plants, are a boon for garden enthusiasts and agricultural professionals alike. They utilize sensors and data analysis to provide real-time insights into soil quality, hydration levels, and sunlight exposure.

More importantly, the ability to design plant health apps that give tailored care advice and early disease detection is revolutionizing plant care. This integration of technology with botany not only simplifies plant maintenance but also nurtures a deeper connection with our natural surroundings.

3. Top medical app ideas for chronic diseases

3.1 Remote patient monitoring app

App ideas for healthcare, like remote patient monitoring apps, help enable patients with chronic conditions (e.g., diabetes, heart disease) to monitor vitals and symptoms remotely. Hence, medical professionals can intervene in time.

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Remote patient monitoring app - medical app ideas

People also often ignore the constant monitoring of their health situation due to a stressful lifestyle, which can only worsen their condition. Chronic and lifestyle diseases like obesity, high blood pressure, or kidney ailments require regular medical attention and frequent checkups. This is where lifestyle disease applications come to their rescue. These medical apps offer a list of healthcare specialists for specialized diseases who can be consulted around the clock.

Apps can easily be pushed to the next level by integrating AI and IoT technologies. This will help doctors monitor their patients remotely and pay immediate attention if any vital parameter changes drastically.

Developing an application to manage lifestyle or chronic diseases is one of the worthwhile healthcare app ideas. If you’re looking for a brilliant business proposition, this health app idea can be the one.

3.2 Medication adherence app

If you work in the healthcare industry, you know one major issue is patients not taking their medications as prescribed. This can worsen diseases, and lead to increased healthcare costs, and higher rates of hospitalizations.

Medication adherence app

Medication adherence apps offer medication reminders, refill notifications, and educational resources to support medication adherence for chronic conditions. By ensuring patients follow their medication schedules accurately, these apps contribute to better treatment effectiveness and improved health outcomes.

Medication adherence apps should have key features like timely reminders for medication intake, tools for managing prescriptions, tracking refill dates and dosages, and monitoring adherence rates. Additionally, they should offer an extensive database of medication information, and the capability to interact with healthcare providers. This integration facilitates improved monitoring and management of patient care.

3.3 Health application ideas for disease-specific support groups 

For many dealing with specific diseases, especially rare or stigmatized ones, finding someone to relate to can be challenging. Disease-specific support groups create a safe space for patients with specific chronic conditions to connect, share experiences, and find emotional support.

Huddle Support Group Medical App

Health application ideas like this provide a platform for individuals to connect with others facing similar health challenges. On this platform, patients can share experiences, tips, and information about specific diseases, which can be invaluable in managing their condition and feeling empowered.

4. Top healthcare app ideas using emerging technologies

4.1 AR/VR-Based Medical Training App

These applications use AR/VR (augmented reality/virtual reality) technologies to train healthcare experts on different medical procedures without performing them.

We don’t need a human body to perform surgeries and other procedures, as AR/VR technologies can virtually deliver a similar training experience. Such innovative health app project ideas are becoming popular among healthcare service providers, as they can save costs and resources in training new medical personnel.

4.2 AI-powered diagnostics and treatment support app

AI-powered diagnostic medical apps significantly improve the precision of medical diagnoses. These applications utilize advanced AI algorithms to analyze complex medical data swiftly and accurately. This technological prowess is especially critical in early disease detection, where timely and precise diagnosis can substantially impact the effectiveness of subsequent treatments, thereby improving patient outcomes.

Adda AI-powered medical apps

One successful health app project idea using AI is Ada Health. Ada is a popular healthcare mobile app that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to help people understand their symptoms and get medical advice. It is available on both iOS and Android devices. 

However, if you think about developing AI-powered medical apps, make sure your apps comply with healthcare regulations, such as FDA approvals in the U.S., to ensure their reliability and safety.

Which healthcare app ideas will be successful?

Healthcare apps, medical apps, or mHealth solutions are becoming more present on the market. These apps are growing along with the global increase in high-speed internet and smartphone usage. As the market of healthcare apps is growing, it is a beneficial proposition for any startup to transform an innovative idea into a fully-fledged application.

We hope these healthcare app ideas will help you understand the healthcare industry’s paradigm shift and inspire you to create a much-needed application.


If you want to develop an app based on the above ideas or have a unique idea you want to see transformed into a reality, please get in touch with us. InApps is a leading healthcare application development organization with extensive experience in offering healthcare solutions to clients across the globe.

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