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Responsiveness is no longer a mere additional feature but a necessity for websites. Responsive design means that the website will render on all devices, irrespective of the screen size. We discuss 5 things to remember while opting for responsive web development services in India.

Google loves it and rewards responsive websites

In 2011, Google introduced the smartphone Googlebot-mobile spider to crawl web results. Google recommends the “mobile-friendly” design for a website as opposed to creating a separate mobile website.

As of 2016, mobile internet penetration stands at 46.1% and as per a study by Comscore in Dec. 2014, smartphone usage had risen by 394% while tablet use had risen by 1721%. The study further revealed that the two new platforms account for 60% of the digital media time spent.

Google with its stakes high in mobile internet perpetuation (being the parent of Android platform and Google search engine), is doing pushing hard for ensuring businesses embrace mobile-friendly through responsiveness.

Marking the content that matters

On the mobile platform, content has to be concise and answer the query for it to get more than a glance. The advantage of designing a responsive website at the outset is that what is irrelevant to the mobile users, is irrelevant to desktop users too, and hence can be pruned altogether from the website.

Menus, sidebars and graphics

Ergonomic navigation is essential on mobile devices mainly due to the space constraint. The mobile user experience has to be a priority and what must be visible to the visitor when they first load the website.

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The menu must be thought through to ensure that all the items are visible without too much scrolling. A sticky menu is a feasible option as it must be visible at all times at the top of the page. Similarly, the sidebars must be placed in such a manner that the content is not pushed down on narrow screens.

The graphic alters on diverse criteria based on HD or Non-HD display and accordingly the icons and logos will have to be recreated from a larger source file.

Alacrity of response

The problem with mobile devices is the varying network connection and the poor site speed. As per a study, 74% mobile users leave after waiting 5 seconds for a page to load. It is better to use a small amount of multimedia content for the mobile version of the website.

Multiple testing on multiple platforms and devices

Testing becomes more complex as you have to test the website across multiple platforms, native browsers and different screen resolutions. The web app development company has a host of software; key among them is Google Analytics that speeds the testing process.

Web development services across India are designed keeping the latest developments in mobile technology and responsiveness is a key feature that is offered.

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