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Facebook – The name of this social network alone produces mixed reactions among small business owners. It was once praised as one the best online marketing tools for small businesses. By posting one update, you had the potential of reaching at least 100 users even on a slow day. With the newest algorithm update, however, reaching both current and potential customers isn’t so simple anymore.

What does the new algorithm change mean for your business? It means that the content you produce for your fans is unlikely to reach the majority of those who have liked your page. Facebook claims this new update reduces the amount of spam in a user’s feed, but it’s really a subtle way to encourage businesses to pay for ads.

Don’t have the money for ads in your budget? Here are 5 ways to combat Facebook’s new algorithm.

1) Step Your Game Up

Who is your customer? No, who are they really? People love to share content they find valuable. Whether it has an emotional tie or makes them laugh, people are more likely to engage with content that’s not just another promotion. Find ways to create stronger and more relevant content for your audience. This may mean posting less, but remember- quality over quantity. Also, test your content and analyze the results. Run an A/B test on several posts, study the results and alter your strategy.

2) Ask and You Shall Receive

Believe it or not, when you ask customers to share your content they are much more likely to do so. Sharing helps make your content rank higher in Facebook’s algorithm. It also puts your content in front of your follower’s followers. However, we’d like to redirect you back to our first point for a minute. If you create content that is sharable in the first place, you won’t even have to ask.

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3) Grow Your Email List

Let’s say Facebook starts requiring ads in order to have a business page or your top Google PPC term is ridiculously expensive, you can start leveraging your email list instead. Start pushing it more! Offer a discount for signing up or an exclusive deal. Keep a sign up widget on your Facebook page and regularly remind customers that they’re missing out if they’re not on the list.

4) Explore Other Options

You don’t have to be exclusive with Facebook. Using other social networks in conjunction with Facebook will help get your content seen!  Platforms such as Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest don’t have algorithms that  dictate if your content shows up or not. Instead, a user’s feed is determined by the time a post is published, with the most recent content first. It’s that simple. These social networks also allow you to reach out to people without getting that coveted first “like.”

5) Create a Contest

People love offers and incentives. When you run a Facebook contest, you’re essentially offering fans something of value in exchange for engagement. Whether fans have to submit a photo, share your content, or like your page, they’re much more likely to do it if there’s something in it for them. Keep in mind though: contests will often only produce temporary results. Find a way to work in an email sign up with your contest.

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