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Monarch, better known as iOS 9 is the latest mobile operating system for Apple devices. Launched in June, 2015, the latest update brings with it a more intelligent Siri, transit directions in Maps, a new Wallet app with loyalty cards and store, and the split-screen and slide-over modes for iPad among a host of other very useful changes. The new platform will support all iOS 8 devices, on which it continues to build apps and features.

iOS 9 Going further with iWatch:

In a bid to continue their promotion of the iWatch, a widget is displayed to tell if you are connected and the battery power remaining in it.


This shows a greater push towards wearable application development and seamless integration of the same with the iPhone and iPad. The iOS 9 app development is supported by the new and highly useful Swift 2 and the Xcode 7 development language.

So, there is a more flexible ecosystem for app development for both, iWatch and iPhone. Our iPhone app developers are enthusiastically exploring the various potentials for app development on iWatch and we have 5 apps to our credit already!

Swift 2 and Xcode 7:

Xcode 7 brings with it the ability for rapid swift application development and enables anyone who has some training in the Apple Developer Program can now download Xcode 7 from the App Store and create a completely customized application for their device! Swift 2 provides a more stable development platform, which is fully adept for development with the new iOS 9 features.

3D Touch Feature:

The 3D Touch feature is just now available only for iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, however, it will soon be pushed to other iOS 9 devices too. With this feature users can perform Peek and Pop actions to preview content and work with it without opening the app.

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For future app development, this feature will play an extensive role as users can use the application without actually opening all its features.


The 3D Touch feature also opens up remarkable new possibilities for working with the iWatch as applications can be accessed hands-free with the iWatch without actually opening it on iPhone or iPad.

We are excited about many new features that have been brought with iOS 9 and this is just a glimpse of all that is. Our developers are currently working on developing 9 new applications for the iOS 9 platform along with its new device features for better app functions. To know more about our projects and to share your app idea, get in touch with us.

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