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Every year the search engine giant Google comes up with the latest version of Android OS and opens the new horizons for Android app development domain. This year, we have recently got an Android P or Android 9 version as a Developer Preview. However, the Android fanboys have to wait a little longer as the final rollout of the newest version will be available between May to August, most likely during the Google I/O 2018 event in August. Also, after the public release, the users of Pixel smartphones will get it first. But yes, we have a sneak peek of Android P here:

What does ‘P’ stand for?

It all started with Android 1.6 when the company gave it the name Donut. Since then, all the Android updates are being given the name of sweet treats. What’s more, all the names are in alphabetical order. The tradition has remained intact till the release of Android 8 or Oreo. And there is no reason to think that Google will end it soon. Now the question arises: What is P in Android 9? Some say the name could be Android Pie, Android Pecan Pie or Android Pineapple Cake. However, internally Google calls the upcoming version as an Android Pistachio Ice Cream.

What is your take on it?

Whatever the name could be, the main thing is features. Let’s have a glimpse of a few noteworthy characteristics of Android 9.

What’s new in Android P?

‘Notch’ is a new norm- Apple is a torchbearer when it comes to implementing innovative changes. If you remember, the Cupertino Company has introduced a ‘notch’ feature at the top of the display of iPhone X last year. Now, the trend becomes a norm with the arrival of Android P. The version comes with support to notches of all sizes. Android app developers can optimize their apps for smartphones with notch with the help of Android P.

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Improved Notifications- There will be no more “person has sent an attachment” message in messenger. Yes, Google is going to introduce image attachments and stickers in the notification. It means that you will have a glimpse of attachment in messaging, but then, it will occupy more space in the notification drop-down. This new notification style enables developers to add the feature of quick replies similar to Google Allo.However, it is yet to see how much control Google has given over quick replies to the developers.

Enhanced Privacy- Android developers relentlessly work on improving security and privacy of the user’s data. As a result, every newer version comes with enhanced privacy features. Talking about Android P, the tech giant introduces a new restriction system for sensors, cameras, and other communication tools when the app remains idle. The system will restrict these tools to provide reports to the app in its idle mode, thereby preventing the malicious apps spying on you while running in the background. We can also expect an encryption for backups with the beta versions of Android P.

Extended Support for Camera- Here is a great news for photo freaks! Google is going to add an API for developers to make it possible to use multiple cameras (front and rear) at once. These days, several Android phones come with multiple cameras on both the sides. This API enables users to explore various possibilities ranging from depth-sensing magic to live Portrait mode by using multiple cameras at the same time. Google is also extending support for camera apps to use image stabilization and display-based flash. This feature is available only in the primary camera app on the phone to date.

Minor Changes Major Impact

Have you seen the Pixel XL or Pixel 2 XL phone with Oreo software in it? The phone has a date and day of the week displayed underneath the time in Ambient Display. The Android P comes with the overhauling of Ambient Display, and you cannot see the date and day below the time. But, app notification icons will be displayed as it is in the newest version. More updates to Ambient Display are also likely in the beta versions.

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Google has done another minor change at the screen’s bottom. You can see the battery percentage at the bottom so that there is no need to wake your phone just to know how much juice is left.

Wrapping Up

Let us wait until May when we get the public beta version of Android P. But, it is fair to mention that every newer version of Android narrows down the gap with its Apple counterpart.

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