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According to eMarketer estimates, in 2021, mobile e-commerce could rake in some $3.5 trillion and make up almost three-quarters (72.9%) of e-commerce sales. 

We all love shopping, and in 2020, online shopping incredibly raises its market share. However, in-house IT costs, which are already high, also rise, reducing the profitability of e-commerce. Besides, hiring a good e-commerce developer with deep experience and domain knowledge is not easy.

What does it take to build an E-commerce development team from zero to hero?

E-commerce has revolutionized retail, and it’s time for your organization to start an e-commerce website/application. After many years of experience in developing an e-commerce platform, we realize that for this huge plan, your in-house e-commerce team needs to gain 3 abilities to drive your e-commerce success:


– Ability to write plugins, extensions, themes follow framework best practices, testable, easy to maintain

– Ability to deploy and manage high-traffic e-commerce website, or millions of products


Can give the best option, analyze the results of features, make an e-commerce plan to market it, track progress towards goals, and adjust the plan as conditions change.


– Follow Agile, Scrum

– Active communication between team members and with the Client

Unfortunately, it is difficult for any company to find and develop such an outstanding e-commerce team like this. Not only it takes a ton of time but it also make your company spend a lot of money to get the right one in their place.


Besides, to complete your contenders, your team also needs to build the e-commerce platform in an optimal timeframe; update it when the customer’s tastes change, and receive customer feedback to meet their expectations…


During the Covid-19 pandemic, if you have a limited budget to solve all these things, then absolutely hiring an Offshore Development Center is what you need now.

InApps Offshore Team is here to launch your E-commerce to its best version


We are InApps Technology Company – The World’s Top 50+ Mobile App Development Company In 2020. Our Offshore Software Center is helping many international clients turn their ideas into lucrative products, especially e-commerce, and increase their software development capacity with cost-effectiveness and low attrition.

With skillful Magento trainers, Prestashop Experts & Woocommerce senior developers, we support many international e-commerce companies behind the scenes.

Our experience in developing & designing retail, e-commerce applications, or e-wallet app…had impressed and satisfied our clients for 10+ years.

Furthermore, with a deep understanding of e-commerce web/app development and excellent at analysis, troubleshooting, and tech solution brainstorming, we ensure that your offshore team will help your projects take off successfully.

Why InApps?

Owning a Tech Talent Hub with 5–10 year-experienced developers and engineers, InApps Technology is proud to give 100% satisfaction and trust to clients on their projects.

For the best e-commerce solutions, you must rely on InApps. The following are the reasons why:

  • Get a broad selection of software developers: With InApps, you can access a considerable pool of offshore developers with great skills and talent.
  • Every engineer is vetted: Vetting is a necessary procedure that we follow to ensure that only the best engineers are chosen. There is a multi-stage screening process that helps in handpicking agencies.
  • Ability to scale the team: With these offshore teams, you will enjoy the flexibility of scaling them according to your startup project.

For more samples of the e-commerce work of InAppsclick here.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, there has been an increase in online shoppers. That, in turn, has increased e-commerce sales, which has triggered the need for effective e-commerce solutions. Custom e-commerce website development has numerous benefits, especially when you hire the right offshore team.

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To get the best website developers to work for you, connect with InApps.

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I am Tam, Founder & CEO of InApps Technology, ranked 1st in Vietnam and 5th in Southeast Asia in Application Development and Custom Software Development. We build a team with a people-centered culture that serves our customers with the WOW experience. I have helped hundreds of startups and brands to succeed with our robust technology solution. Besides, I have 5,000+ connections with C-Levels on LinkedIn and 10,000+ other professionals in communities. I hope to bring BIG VALUES to our right partners and customers. What I can help: – World-class software development service. – Building a dedicated talent team for only 30% of your local vendors’ cost. – Consulting tech startup solutions comprehensively and systematically. – Growth-hacking marketing solution. If you read here, don’t hesitate to contact me for further advice.

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