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The healthcare industry witnesses multiple challenges in this pandemic age. Even in the post-COVID-19 era, the challenges of this highly regulated sector like the aging global population and the rise in the number of chronic diseases will remain far from over. While facing these challenges, the cost of healthcare services is also increasing rapidly that keeps them beyond the reach of many people. 

But, the situation is not all doom and gloom. An IoT app development company comes to our rescue with evolving technology that can make healthcare services more accessible and cost-effective. 

There is no exaggeration in mentioning that diagnosis takes a large chunk of hospital bills. Healthcare mobility solutions can transform the routine of medical checkups or diagnosis from hospital-centric to home-centric. 

Here, IoT comes into the picture with extensive applicability and a wider scope for diagnosis and treatment. Let’s go through the key benefits of IoT technology in the healthcare sector. All these benefits can be leveraged effectively with the help of advanced healthcare app development.

Key Benefits of IoT in the Healthcare Sector 

IoT is useful for the thriving healthcare sector in multiple ways. Let’s dig deep into its key benefits. 

End-to-end Connectivity

IoT can bring automation in patient care services with the help of a customized healthcare mobility solution and other new technologies. IoT brings interoperability, facilitates M2M communication, and collects data. It is possible to get end-to-end connectivity and complete control using an IoT-powered healthcare app. 

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An IoT app development company can also integrate features based on other emerging technologies like AI and AR to enhance functionality and offer great features. 


Real-time Tracking and Alerts

On-time alerts remain critical in the healthcare sector during life-threatening circumstances. IoMT (Internet of Medical Things) concept is designed to fetch vital data and transmit the same to doctors in real-time. 

These reports and notifications can give a firm opinion about the patient’s condition irrespective of place, time, and other aspects. On-time treatment and meaningful decisions can be taken thanks to real-time tracking and alerts. 

Telehealth and Remote Assistance

Remote patients can get treatment in the comfort of their homes thanks to the telehealth concept. Also, IoT technology facilitates patients to consult a doctor from remote places in case of an emergency. Reputed mobile app development companies can integrate features for remote assistance in IoT-powered apps and enable users or patients to consult physicians with ease.

Telehealth and Remote Assistance

Some healthcare delivery chains plan to build machines that can distribute drugs based on the patient’s prescription and ailment-related data available through connected devices. Though these features can significantly increase the IoT app development cost, healthcare organizations look for such features to improve the patient’s care. 

IoT can also be used in healthcare for research and development (R&D). It is because IoT can easily collect a massive amount of data about the patient’s illness that cannot be collected manually even after spending a lot of time. In a way, IoT can save a lot of time and money while facilitating research. IoT can make the course of treatment more patient-centric and improve the quality of patient care services. 

Let’s understand the challenges of IoT, which prevent this revolutionary technology to take the healthcare sector to a new level. 

Challenges of IoT App Development for Healthcare Sector

IoT technology is thriving but it has several limitations for every sector and the healthcare sector is also no exception. 

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Data Security and Privacy Protection

It all starts with data security. The IoT-powered devices have to deal with a plethora of data every day. When it comes to the healthcare sector, patient’s vital parameters and other crucial data should be given the utmost security, and to achieve this objective, it is necessary to safeguard every connected device and server. 

Data Security and Privacy Protection

There is no exaggeration in mentioning that most IoT devices do not follow data protocols and standards. It is one of the reasons why cybercriminals hack into the system and compromise PHI (Personal Health Information) with ease.

Cybercriminals can easily misuse the patient’s data to buy drugs or medical equipment on behalf of those patients. The IoT app development companies are aware of this risk and therefore, they make apps more powerful by following all security protocols. 

Data Overload and Accuracy

Data aggregation becomes difficult for multiple devices while using multiple communication protocols and standards. IoT devices can hold a ton of data and offer vital insights to healthcare organizations.

Healthcare app development company can make the app robust enough to address data overload and maintain accuracy. However, this can be more challenging with an increasing number of connected devices. It is necessary to address this challenge so that doctors can make real-time decisions effectively. 

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IoT App Development Cost

This is one of the major challenges in the way of the healthcare organization. IoT app development cost remains high because the IoT technology is still costly to implement. Also, wearable app development is costlier for healthcare service providers and such apps need wearable devices that are still out of reach for many patients. 

IoT App Development Cost

It is fair to mention that cost consideration weighs high in the healthcare sector when it comes to developing an IoT-powered app. It is, therefore, necessary for stakeholders to remain cost-effective for making the most of IoT app development. 

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Scope of IoT App Development in Healthcare Sector

A lot of opportunities are present in the healthcare sector for IoT technology. Major types of healthcare apps are-

  • Tracking patients, healthcare staff, and equipment
  • Improving diagnoses and drug management
  • Ensuring availability of the necessary instrument
  • Reducing waiting time for emergency room and OR

IoT has many scopes in wearable app development. By integrating this concept, wearables and devices can make the patient’s life more comfortable.  

Concluding Lines

In a nutshell, IoT changes the way healthcare organizations offer patient care services. On one hand, this technology enhances the reach of the telehealth concept, and on the other hand, it can make diagnoses and treatment more convenient for doctors and patients alike. 

Solution Analysts is a leading healthcare app development company. We integrate advancements of IoT and other emerging technologies while developing advanced, HIPAA-compliant apps with necessary features and seamless functionality. 



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