Your knowledge and experience are improved through project-based learning. When you implement everything you have learned to practical use, you solidify your learning. This methodology is good for novices in programming skills, but it is not confined to them.

Before we get started with Python Projects for Beginners article, let’s address the most pressing topic on your mind: why should you work on building Python projects?

It is essential for budding software engineers to work on their own projects when pursuing a career in the field. The best method to sharpen your talents and turn your theoretical knowledge into practical experience is to work on real-world projects.

How Python Project can help you?

There are many ways that python can help you apart from increasing your knowledge base and giving you more practical experience. Let’s have a look at what some of those could be.

  1. To Build Confidence- As you engage with genuine methods and features, you’ll gain strong determination towards your skills while also recognizing your weaknesses.
  2. To Explore- While operating on a python project, you will have to familiarise yourself with emerging technologies. The more you understand about brand new and advanced development tools, environments, and libraries, the more you’ll be able to try out new things with your projects. You will get more information as you explore new Python project ideas for beginners.
  3. To understand the SDLC- You’ll have a better knowledge of how the software development life cycle works if you build a project from the ground up. With time, you’ll be able to prepare ahead of time before creating code, run code, handle the testing process, resolve bugs, deploy code, and periodically upgrade your software product.
  4. Mastering the fundamentals of programming- One of the most significant advantages of working on real-world projects is that you will grasp the principles and techniques of programming in several languages with continued practice.

This article for Python project ideas for beginners in 2021 is intended for beginners and people who are just getting started with Python or Data Science in general. These Python project ideas will provide you with all of the practical knowledge you’ll need to thrive as a Python developer. So, without wasting more time, let’s get started on some Python project ideas that will help you build your foundation and progress up the ranks.

Top 20 Python Projects for Beginners

1. Random Number Generator

This is one of the pretty easiest Python projects with a lot of potentials. In this, you have to create a program in which the system selects a number at random from 1 to 100, 1 to 1000, or any other range. After that, provide users a clue to help them figure out the number. When a user guesses incorrectly, they are given another hint and his score is lowered. Multiples, divisible, greater or smaller, or a mix of all of these can be used as a hint.

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In this Python project, you’ll also need functions for comparing the entered number with the estimated number, estimate the difference between the two, and verify if an actual number was entered.

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2. Guessing The Number

This may be an exciting Python project for organisations or occasions that require a random generator. It can be used for lotteries, board games, or simply guessing a random number between participants. Skills that will be necessary here will be the random function, variables, integers, print, if/else, and while loops.

3. MadLibs Generator

Do you recall the game we used to enjoy when we were kids? We used to play a game in which we would fill in blanks with stupid words and then giggle uncontrollably when it was read back to us? You can recreate those humorous times with a Mad Libs generator. This generator enables you to practice a variety of Python skills. Knowledge of strings, variables, concatenation, and print will come in handy.

4. Phone Book Storage

A phone book is used by everybody to store contact information such as name, address, phone number, and even email address. It is a command-line application in which you will create a contact book application for people to save and find contact information. Users should be able to change contact information, delete contacts, and view a list of saved contacts in the app. The SQLite database is useful for storing contact information.

5. Dice Roller

Creating a die roller could be used to play games, akin to the “Guess the Number” game mentioned above. You may even construct one that looks like a Magic 8-Ball to get answers to your deepest questions! Random library, print, and while loops will be used to develop this.

Dice roller

6. A Text-based Game

This Python Projects is a basic quest game in which the user walks through many chambers and receives descriptions for each. You’ll decide how far characters can go, in which direction they can walk, and how to monitor their location. Variables, strings, input/output, if/else, print, and the list will be made to use here.

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7. Alarm Clock

Making an alarm clock is a fun way to show off your programming abilities. It gives you the ability to create anything that sends you a certain notification at a certain time. Make your alarm clock more sophisticated by programming it to play music or a clip at the appropriate time.

8. Tic-Tac-Toe

It’s time to move on to the next level of python game development. Although tic-tac-toe is a straightforward game to play, it is not so simple to program. For this particular project, the Pygame library comes in handy. It includes all of the required sound and graphics modules.

9. YouTube Video Downloader

Building a YouTube video downloader is among the finest ways to get started with your hands-on Python Projects For Beginners. Every month, almost a billion people watch YouTube. We occasionally like to download videos too to keep them with us forever. Although YouTube does not provide this option, you can design an app with a user-friendly interface that allows you to download YouTube videos in a variety of formats and video quality. This project seems difficult at first, but it is simple once you get started.

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10. Random Password Generator

Choosing and memorizing a secure password is a difficult process. You can create a program that accepts the user’s input and produces a random password based on those keywords. With the assistance of the words is used as input, the user can memorize the password.


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11. Wikipedia Article Display

This is a sophisticated but easy-to-understand application. The program will run a Wikipedia search and pulls up a random article. The user is then asked whether or not he needs to read the article. If yes, the content is displayed; else, another random document is displayed.

12. Secret Cipher

Steganography is the art of disguising a secret communication in another type of media, such as a secret code hidden in an image or video. You can write a program to safeguard messages contained within images for you.

13. Currency Converter

This is a simple graphical user interface (GUI) application that you may make with Python. As the name implies, you’ll create a currency converter that can convert currencies from one unit to another, such as the Indian rupee to the pound or euro. This application’s design will be simple; the major focus should be on the core purpose, which is to convert monetary units from one to another. Tkinter, the standard Python interface to the Tk GUI toolkit distributed with Python, can be used.

14. Rock, paper, scissors

This application is created for when you don’t have anyone to play with or are alone. This program necessitates the use of a number of functions. To produce rock, paper, or scissors, use a random function. Use the valid function to ensure that the move is valid. The winner of the round is declared using the result function. Scorekeeper to keep track of the score.

Before it makes a move, the program requires the user to make the first move. The input, which could be a string or an alphabet, is assessed once the move is validated. The result function determines a winner after processing the input string, and the scorekeeper fun updates the round’s score.

15. Website Blocker

We are all aware that while accessing the web, a slew of undesirable websites come up to divert our attention. This is one of the beginner Python projects that may come in handy in such situations because it can be set up to prevent particular websites from loading. People who are easily distracted and flip to social media sites while working on anything serious can benefit from the software.

website blocker

16. Binary Search Algorithm

The name alone is sufficient to provide an outline of the project. The application needs you to construct a list of numbers ranging from 0 to whatever range you like, with each subsequent number differing by two.

When a user enters a random number to be searched, the program divides the list into two half to begin its search. If the required number is found in the first half, the other half is dismissed, and vice versa. The search continues until the subarray size reaches zero or the number is discovered. This Python Projects for Beginners could also assist you in writing a program that searches a list for a certain element.

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17. Content Compiler

Websites, articles, and data can be found almost everywhere on the internet. It’s difficult to sift through all of them while we’re looking for something. You can make a content collector for this purpose that automatically scans prominent websites for appropriate information, compiles it all, and afterward lets the user select the right content they want. It’s similar to Google, but without the prejudice.

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18. Web Crawler

A web crawler is a programming script that automatically navigates the web and saves the information of a specific webpage. For such an application, you’ll need to use the multi-thread idea. To create the crawler bot, you can utilize Python’s request module or Scrapy. It’s an open-source web crawling Python Framework that’s specifically developed for web scraping and data extraction via APIs.

19. Expense Tracker

An expense tracker is an app that allows you to keep track of your spending and even analyze it. Expense tracker is a popular Python project that will be capable of performing statistical analysis to provide users with reliable information about their expenditure so that they may better strategy their spending. The UI for this application can be created with PySimpleGUI, and Python modules like Pandas and Matplotlib can also be useful.

19. Instagram Photo Downloader

An app that will help you to download all of your friends’ Instagram photos in an automatic manner. Because Instagram is becoming more popular every day, this is a helpful python project. It works similarly to the preceding command-line tool in that it uses your information to open your account and then searches for your friend’s ID to download their photos. When users wish to erase pages and save only the photographs, this program will come in handy.

20. Hangman

Variables, random, integer, strings, char, input and output, and boolean are the key ideas you’ll need to employ while working on this project. Users must input word guesses into the game, and all the users will be confined to a certain number of guesses. You can make a pre-organized list of terms from which users can choose words. You must also provide special routines to verify whether a user has entered a single letter or if the input letter is in the concealed word, to determine if the user has truly submitted a single letter, and to output the right results (letters).

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In A Nutshell…

Which project do you want to work on the most? Or have you already constructed a few of them? What are your thoughts on these projects? Share your thoughts with us; we’d love to hear from you and encourage other Python developers.

You may gain valuable Python experience while working towards your dream profession by using these enjoyable Python Projects for Beginners. Begin with a small project and work your way up. Finally, choose a project that you believe you can do right now and continue to practice with other tasks to expand your understanding.

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