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Let’s talk about a weird yet innovative combination- blockchain and the fitness industry. You may ask- how this technology that empowers cryptocurrencies can relate to the fitness sector? These days, blockchain technology has penetrated every industry sector, and the health & fitness sector is also no exception. Let’s dig deep into the role of blockchain in fitness industry. 

As more people become more health-conscious and want to stay fit by following a healthy way of living, we witness a surge in the activities of the fitness sector. 

Fitness app development companies can integrate innovative features into the app based on various emerging technologies like AI and AR. AI can bring transformation in fitness apps and the sector. 

Here we explain what blockchain technology can do in the sector from the perspective of a fitness app development company. Before we start, here are some interesting facts about the blockchain technology. 

Interesting Blockchain-based Facts

  • 24% of companies expect to invest between 5-10 million USD in blockchain in 2021
  • Over 20 countries have either adopted or researched the concept of cryptocurrency
  • 74% of tech-savvy executives believe that there is huge business potential in blockchain
  • By the end of 2024, it is expected that corporations will spend over $20 billion per year on blockchain

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Big Benefits of Blockchain in Fitness Industry

Social distancing and indefinite lockdowns have shaken the world in this pandemic age. People are compelled to stay at home amid restricted outside movements and the fear of infection. 

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This changed lifestyle has put regular visits to gyms or fitness clubs at a halt. In such a situation, there is a need for bringing digital transformation in fitness industry. 

Blockchain technology is implemented in the customized fitness apps for enhancing security and reliability with the benefits for users including-

Improved Data Privacy 

The blockchain app development company makes the fitness app hackproof. Thanks to this technology,  it is impossible to tamper with the user’s data. If the data is stored on a centralized system, it remains a soft target for hackers. 

Blockchain has encryption algorithms that have immutable structures to ensure complete data privacy and security. As this technology has a decentralized model, users can remain free from any worries related to hacking or theft.  

Brings Gamification

Fitness apps can engage and retain more people with gamification. The fitness app development company can integrate a blockchain-based gamification feature. It can motivate action and enable users to accomplish workouts and exercise sessions. 

Brings Gamification

Be it a reward system or gaming activities, blockchain adds value to the fitness app by making the process more transparent and user-friendly.  

Eliminate Middlemen

Gone are the days when we had to depend on middlemen or agents for buying services or products. Today, fitness tracking apps enable users to get online fitness services, and the blockchain-based feature can give users the same experience they would get in the gym by connecting them with a trainer. 

Smart contracts can enable fitness enthusiasts to get an access to tips adn fitness lessons from their trainer after settling the payment. 

A reputed blockchain app development company can make an app that accepts cryptocurrency payment in bitcoins or ether. These days, we witness a rise in cryptocurrencies and as a fitness club or gym owner you can start the tradition of accepting crypto payments with a blockchain-powered app.

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Let’s go through some of the important applications of blockchain in fitness industry. 

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Use Cases of Blockchain for Fitness Industry

Blockchain can assist you to bring digital transformation in fitness industry by offering the major benefits including- 

Enhanced Training Management

Conducting group sessions, maintaining diet charts, and taking individual classes online are cumbersome for fitness clubs. With hundreds of customers or users online, it is difficult for gyms to take care of every aspect online. 

Enhanced Training Management

Scheduling automated smart contracts and instructor changes can be taken care of effectively by a blockchain-powered platform. What’s more, automation can reduce a lot of manual tasks in the fitness app.  

Better Data Analytics

Blockchain plays a vital role in generating analytics and real-time reports. You can make insightful decisions for your fitness club or gym based on these reports. 

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Customers or app user-related information like feedback, requirements, payment details, and service requirements can be stored and analyzed securely using blockchain technology. Better data analytics can take your fitness club to the next level.

eCommerce Advantage

Blockchain is a blessing of technology for the eCommerce platform. Today, many gyms and fitness clubs also sell merchandise and various products for fitness. They also offer services like customized diet charts and exercise regimes. 

eCommerce Advantage

Now, blockchain can make the payment gateways in the fitness app more secure. The fitness app development company can use a blockchain-based feature while integrating multiple payment methods.

Real-time Notifications

Blockchain in fitness industry is useful for generating real-time alerts and notifications for area-specific audiences. You can send alerts related to fitness services, new schemes, and health and fitness awareness. 

These notifications can help gyms and fitness clubs to promote business and online services among a huge audience with a personalized experience. The fitness industry can benefit largely with the help of this feature. 

This is not all. As the technology will evolve, we will have various use cases for blockchain in fitness industry. If you want to transform various processes to provide an excellent experience to customers online along with a personalized touch, blockchain technology can work wonders and meet this objective effectively. 

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Concluding Lines

In a nutshell, blockchain technology offers many benefits to the thriving fitness industry. Be it data privacy or transparency, security or swift sharing- blockchain in fitness industry has a huge scope. 

This is a reason why many fitness clubs and gyms tend to come up with innovative fitness apps that have blockchain-driven features. It is fair to mention that soon blockchain technology will bring transformational changes to the fitness industry. 

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