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In this edition of InApps Makers podcast, we catch up with what is happening in cloud integration. We spoke with Chris McNabb, CEO of one of the pioneering companies in this space, Dell Boomi. Back in 2000, Rick Nucci founded the company, anticipating that cloud integration would require a different approach than what the middleware software offered at the time. A decade later, Dell purchased Boomi. Now, the company now has over 6,000 enterprise customers, who utilize the service to bridge their systems with any of the public clouds available.

“An individual can integrate with Amazon very rapidly. But at scale, it starts to present very different problems,” McNabb said.

The platform has been expanded to additional uses, such as master data management, API management, and low-code application development. A sales associate could change a billing address in the cloud CRN system, but would the finance company want that? “It is not an integration problem, it is a data management problem. If you approve the changes, you have to execute all those layers of governance and policy around that and we have those capabilities as well,” McNabb said.

Listen in to the conversation here:

Dell Boomi CEO Chris McNabb on Integration as a Service

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1:00: The primary needs of those in the cloud ecosystem that drove Boomi’s foundation and growth.
3:30: Benefits of services such as Boomi versus the challenges enterprises face when integrating directly with cloud services.
6:11: How Boomi approaches standardization of cloud services and integration.
11:53: Boomi’s continuous integration and continuous deployment practices.
13:44: How Boomi helps its clients using low code development practices and environments.
15:25: Meeting the demand for businesses to adopt cloud, mobile, and productivity based strategies and policies.

Feature image of Chris McNabb courtesy of Boomi.


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