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Developing a web app for your enterprise is a daunting task especially when it comes to choosing the right web app development technology. These days, many frameworks and technologies are available that make the selection process as difficult as finding a needle in a haystack. Whether you are an entrepreneur or a startup owner, when it comes to web app development, you need to consider the efficiency or capability of the platform.

Higher efficiency of the platform results in reduced development time and you need to pay less for the business web app. In other words, if your app project takes more time, it will cost you more. In this blog, we attempt to narrow down your search and selection by mentioning a robust, open-source, cross-platform framework, Node.js. It is one of the most efficient JavaScript rundown environments that can be used for developing highly scalable REST APIs, desktop, and mobile applications.

Let’s start from scratch. Here is a brief introduction to the Node.js platform.

Node.js- Runtime Environment based on V8 Chrome Engine

Technically speaking, Node.js is neither a library nor a framework. It is a runtime environment based on the V8 JavaScript Chrome engine that enables developers the JavaScript code on the server-side. The major reasons for choosing Node.js for application development include its support of JavaScript and inherent rich features. As per the survey, 43% of developers use Node.js for developing enterprise apps and 85% of them use it for web app development.

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With the real-time, two-way, seamless communication between both the client-side and server-side, Node.js can divide the workload between them with ease. What’s more, Node.js works on a single-threaded event-based loop for building non-blocking apps.

Talking about your business applications, Node.js development is capable of building a tailored solution that meets various business objectives cost-effectively. Node.js has a wide scope in the domains of web and application development.

Scope of Node.js

Node.js is utilized for software projects that involve JavaScript on their front-end and back-end. Common areas for Node.js include-

• Command-line Application Development
• Automation and Scripting
• Microservices
• Web App Development
• Static File Server
• Real-time Chat Application Development
• Single-page App Development
• Data Streaming App Development

Since its initial release on May 27, 2009, Node.js has experienced a bumpy ride, but the thriving community of Node.js developers has made it one of the best available runtime environments to date.

Let’s dig deep into the major reasons why you should consider Node.js for your next web project.

Why Node.js is Right Choice for Your Next Project

Facilitates sharing

Node.js facilitates easy sharing by powering nearness of NPM (Node Package Manager). With the inbuilt storehouse of over 50,000 bundles, designers can readily make necessary provisions before initiating the project. With Node.js, sharing, and reusing the code become an easy and effortless task.

Creates real-time web apps

You can hire Node.js developers to build a real-time application. Gaming and messenger apps are such real-time apps that are based on event-based and non-blocking servers. Node.js is the best choice for creating real-time web applications.

Requires single code base

Node.js can send data between the client and server by establishing an effective synchronization. It makes complete sense to use Node.js for your next web project because it enables developers to write similar code on both the client and server-side. This single codebase can save a lot of time and effort.

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Fast-paced environment

Node.js is powered by the Chrome V8 engine and compiles JavaScript into a native machine code rapidly. It can speed up the entire web application development process. Enterprises that want to accomplish their projects quickly can hire dedicated developers who are well-versed in using Node.js. Also, the apps powered by Node.js have a quick response time with high flexibility of handling requests.

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Simplifies hosting

Node.js keeps on adding new features and functionality to support web projects. What’s more, Node.js supports vendors involved in providing Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) services and enables organizations to eliminate the requirement of finding hosting platforms.

Boosts productivity

Node.js has a compile-time error handling facility that makes Node.js developers highly productive in Java. Also, effective and real-time communication between the client and server sides makes the development process quicker and easier. It increases the productivity of developers and speeds up the process.


This is one of the biggest benefits of Node.js. Web app development cannot miss the SEO perspective, and entrepreneurs want to stay ahead of the curve by winning the SEO game. There, Node.js lends a helping hand by giving the website more visibility on search engines. It is possible because of the backend rendering. Also, high speed and seamless performance contribute to improving SEO effort by providing an excellent user experience.

Growing community

Node.js has a comprehensive library and hundreds of thousands of active independent contributors. Also, it has an ever-increasing helping community of dedicated developers. Dynamic presence and extensive corporate support make Node.js a highly reliable platform. If Node.js developers are stuck somewhere, the community can easily resolve their issues.

Easy deployment

This is another important advantage for entrepreneurs. When we say Node.js is business-friendly, we consider a simplified development process, dynamic ecosystem, and easy deployment of apps. Node.js offers comparable solutions for various application development projects in a dynamic environment.

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Minimal development work

As compared to other platforms, Node.js makes it easy for developers to work on the web project with a range of libraries and cool features. Node.js development services also make customization or modification of web applications easy. The web development company can create a pool of Node.js-based resources for future usage. Such reusable utility classes can save a lot of time for developers as they do not need to make them for new projects.

Some of the top brands like PayPal, Netflix, LinkedIn, eBay, and Uber have put trust in Node.js. Globally, many popular internet applications are also powered by Node.js.

Node.js simplifies the task of data extractions from a website, and developers need not create a new SQL for this purpose. It not only saves the developer’s time and effort but also saves a lot of money for entrepreneurs.

Concluding Lines

All these reasons make Node.js an effective alternative for building high-end web applications for business. It is a preferred option for developing scalable and feature-rich network applications.

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