Cybersecurity issues in 2020

Cybersecurity is a very important issue in 2020 and the risk can exceed the alarm from the end of last year. Here’s a look at the experts who also warned and provided information to remind every user.

The old threat is still dangerous

Many long-standing threats will continue to pose real problems in 2020. Among them are phishing attacks.

Over the past 20 years, many cyber scams have originated in Nigeria. Therefore, experts say that fraud originating from this country will continue and greedy people will be deceived. Email scams are still common and never diminished. They are trustworthy unless you look closely, which most people don’t.

Another cybersecurity threat is not an attack, but a problem due to the overwork of software engineers but underpaid. This can lead to software bugs and that can lead to criminals targeting the exploit. This means that developers will have to address security issues in their code, both new and old.

Threat from inside

One often overlooked area of ​​cybersecurity is people who have legal access to the data of companies and organizations. In 2018, Apple had to fire an employee for leaking details about the company’s software roadmap. In 2019, Yahoo also acknowledged its employees illegally invading thousands of user email accounts.

Internal threats can be many other ways, for example, an employee on leave may transfer confidential data to outsiders or a disgruntled employee can download customer records for malicious purposes. These are serious data breaches.

This problem can be made worse when network security and privacy personnel are increasingly in short supply. And whether it’s intentional or accidental, the impact of these threats is considered very devastating.


Not only are computer networks at risk by 2020, but experts also say mobile device security is a hot issue for the year.

Mobile phones have become the gateway to exploiting everyone’s most sensitive personal information, but providing a free app still receives millions of downloads and downloads without even thinking about it. safe. Malware is using sketchy apps that are very popular in app stores. It’s an infection mechanism that can be considered legitimate for devices that every user could be affected.


Another major concern for 2020 may not affect data directly, but it is also a warning for everyone. It’s the rise of Deepfake with fake videos and audio, which are created and used to spread false and damaging information in a variety of ways.

Today, powerful computers and artificial intelligence are making it too easy to create fake videos. The danger is that they can be used along with fake news on mobile platforms and make misinformation convincing.

Fake videos and audio of this kind may be released to discredit individuals or organizations. This form will appear much this year or next year, experts predict.

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