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DevOps, Kubernetes and More – InApps Technology is an article under the topic Devops Many of you are most interested in today !! Today, let’s InApps.net learn DevOps, Kubernetes and More – InApps Technology in today’s post !

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Brian McClain

Brian is a staff technologist on the Developer Engagement team at VMware. Prior to VMware and Pivotal, Brian worked on both the development and operations of software in many industries. He loves learning and experimenting with new technologies, and more importantly, sharing the lessons learned along the way.

SpringOne is once again upon us, and once again it’s virtual. While we wish we could see each one of you, the silver lining is that we are again offering SpringOne to all attendees for free. That’s two days full of sessions by industry experts eager to share with you the lessons they’ve learned, wherever you are.

There are so many great sessions to choose from at SpringOne 2021 that it can be a challenge to whittle those choices down. No matter if you’re neck-deep in code 24/7, focusing on operations and security or somewhere in between, we have a lot of great talks lined up. You can view the full schedule here.

In this post, however, I want to highlight some sessions that should speak to anyone interested in cloud native technologies, architectures and practices, whatever your experience level.

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A Developer’s Introduction to Containers

Chances are, you’ve dealt with containers in some capacity. Maybe you’ve spun up a quick database using Docker Desktop on your laptop, or you’ve deployed hundreds or thousands of containers to your production Kubernetes environment. This is a session that I’m particularly looking forward to even as someone who’s worked with containers fairly extensively. Make sure to check this session out, as Nigel Brown gives us a look under the hood at containers and orchestration as well as gives a better understanding of how and when to use these tools.

Packaging and Distributing Applications for Kubernetes

Rarely does containerizing your application mean a quick “docker build” and calling it a day. Between building the container with all of your dependencies, ensuring it’s in the proper repository and configuring your deployment, there is a lot of room for uncertainty. This session by Ian Zink and Nitasha Verma covers the Carvel toolset, one of my favorite suites of solutions for building, configuring and deploying applications to Kubernetes.

Deploy Code into Production Faster on Kubernetes

Speaking of deploying to Kubernetes, Valentina Alaria has a great session to discuss what an application platform built on top of Kubernetes should handle for developers and operators alike. From the first line of code to serving traffic in production, an application platform should empower your team every step of the way. Your platform should be both ubiquitous from production all the way down to your development environment and IDE, but should also make sure that you don’t need a PhD to deploy to production. Make sure to mark this one on your calendar to see how we’re building these principles and more into the next-generation application platform for Kubernetes with VMware Tanzu.

Next-Generation Cloud Native Apps with Spring Cloud and Kubernetes

Developing modern, cloud native applications isn’t just limited to how you run them, of course. Spring developers have long enjoyed the power of Spring Cloud, offering functionality such as service discovery, client-side load balancing, tracing and more. As the platforms that these applications evolve, so too must Spring Cloud evolve. In this session, Ryan Baxter shows us how Spring Cloud continues to grow and how it can help you build your applications even better as you transition them to Kubernetes and other cutting-edge platforms.

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Resilient, Adaptable Systems with Cloud Native APIs

If building cloud native APIs is of interest to you, this one sounds like a can’t-miss talk. Join Olga Maciaszek-Sharma and Spencer Gibb as they show us what it means to build cloud native APIs and discuss the patterns and protocols that help connect your applications and the APIs powering them. This talk will be jam-packed with lessons, from API gateways and discoverability to RSocket and GraphQL.

Security as Code: A DevSecOps Approach

Security is an often overlooked component of building applications, but it’s something that really should be considered before you even write your first line of code. In this talk by Alvaro Muñoz and Tony Torralba of GitHub, they will discuss the concept of security-as-code (SaC), the idea of codifying security tests, scans and policies. Much like you write your unit tests to ensure that your code does what you think it does, SaC suggests writing tests to ensure that your security policies and logic work the way you think they do. These tests then are run directly in your CI/CD pipeline, to automatically and continuously detect security vulnerabilities. I’m particularly excited for Alvaro and Tony’s demo showing how we can code queries for Spring-specific vulnerabilities and misconfigurations.

Register for Free Now

There are way too many sessions this year to call out one by one, so make sure to check out the schedule for yourself and see what catches your eye. Between the lineup of keynote speakers, the breakout sessions and the hands-on workshops, this year’s SpringOne is shaping up to be another great one. If you haven’t already, register for free, and I hope you’ll join us Sept. 1-2 for another memorable SpringOne.

InApps Technology is a wholly owned subsidiary of Insight Partners, an investor in the following companies mentioned in this article: Docker.

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