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Instant messaging has become a major tool in internal communication and is widely used across organisations for sending messages, sharing files which may be audio-visual, documents or even PDFs.

Laravel has a simple Larasocial extension that can be integrated with the CMS or ERP system to communicate data instantly.

What is Larasocial?

Larasocial is a simple social networking platform that is built on Laravel. As an open source project with a rich code foundation, Larasocial can be integrated for extending instant communication using features such as send/ receive friend request, chat, private messaging, group messaging etc.

It is an open source platform that can be used by a Laravel web developers to extend the functionalities of the application.

Laravel 5.2 and Social Networking

Laravel’s version 5.2 has enhanced features that will extend the functionalities of the internal web application being used by the business for business activities. Laravel’s PHP infrastructure is perfectly designed to match the needs of enterprises as the application is not very complex and is easily integrated with PHP-based web applications.

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Laravel Size Restraint

Laravel is a simple framework and can be used extensively for building lightweight applications. Businesses without complex communication channel needs, but seeking instant communication tool will benefit greatly from this extension.

It can be used for team collaborations or sending push notifications within the workspace. On a full-fledged Laravel enterprise web application, the social networking extension can facilitate easy multimedia sharing and communicating ideas.

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Web to Mobile

Mobility is a crucial aspect of corporate communication as a sizeable amount of communications happen over internet-based instant messaging services rather than telephonic conversations. This saves time and gives the user space to think and communicate even from a crowded public transport.

Since Laravel is PHP-based, it can be easily integrated with all mobile systems and a cross-platform social media app can be designed for web and mobile platform to ensure perfect synchronization and seamless communication.

Laravel Framework for Social Media App

Laravel is the most active PHP framework currently and it is one of the 27 PHP frameworks that are fully supported by HHVM.

The Laracasts on Laravel has hundreds of screen-casts from which Laravel developers can learn about new techniques that can be applied for designing a comprehensive solution, completely aligned to the business needs.

Laravel is simple, fast and well-structured. It is ideal for designing social media solutions and the packages the come with the framework can be used to design fully customized web application development solutions.

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